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  1. Guy doesn’t believe in himself is a red flag
  2. How bad did Vesey screw the pooch not signing with Nashville?
  3. Sure, just highlighting the fact his 2-3 window looks good. the coach/GM could get fired, the line could continue to suck and he ends up a jag RBBC. Definitely in the universe of potential results
  4. Year 0 or year 5 value is value. I look at Lindsay as the feature back in a run heavy scheme with a coach who wants to (and should) get him more passes in space. It will be year 3 of his rookie deal. Following year he will be in a contract year with at least 2x pro bowls possibly 3 in a hopefully ascending offensive situation. Year after that he will be trying to prove he earned his contract. That’s a pretty good 3 year window to invest in. Peak sell probably after his contract year
  5. Thought provoking. If I were to make a general comment, I think rookies are way overvalued across the board. If the hit rates for a WR drafted first or second at his position only has a 40% chance of a WR1 season. And in general besides generational talents are coin flips at best. Basically all rookies are being ranked as if they have already hit. Most wont Someone mentioned Chris Carson as an example. Phillip Lindsay goes for back to back 1k seasons and 2x pro bowls. He hit. That’s what you hope for. You probably have other reasons to rank him 30 DND, but it confuses me a bit i think if you are looking beyond 2-3 years ahead in dynasty you miss the forest for the trees. Things change way too quick. In a lot of situations take the points and run will maintain more team value than the scratch tickets Flip side is the different ways we evaluate risk/reward is what makes FF fun. There is no right way. You are managing variance and expected outcomes weighted in all sorts of different ways. thanks for the effort
  6. How do you figure. WR30. Decent chance he stays in Cle. 7th year coming up. Chance card not community chest. If I had the dyno 1.1 zero chance I trade it for Odell
  7. He was wide open to start the game for a 80+ yd score but Trubisky couldn’t lift it over the beat DB. 7/134/1 and the convo is different offense is terrible. Miller tough to evaluate
  8. Wish I had paid attention to Howard being possibly out before I flexed Hunt.
  9. It was siemien not Rudolph that he cheap shotted. Mistaking my jaggy backup QBs
  10. First time they played Garret cheap shotted him 3x flagged on all 3 and knocked him out of the game. This time he tried to kill him. Guy doesn’t deserve to step foot on a field again. Period. This isn’t hard
  11. They are both looking JAGish right now. ‘20 starter is probably in college right now
  12. high ankle sprain is a legitimate excuse until he’s the same guy when healthy. That TD run is just an anecdote, not proof of anything other than the coaching staff thought he was the best short yardage option there, which has been the story all season
  13. Wish they’d let him heal up rather than the weekend at Bernie’s thing they are doing now
  14. Split the difference between the doomsday preppers and the heads in the sand crew. Volatility way up, ceiling reduced. Floor became a trap door. still an every week start and Mahomes will be back for the FF stretch run. Thems the breaks