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  1. He was wide open to start the game for a 80+ yd score but Trubisky couldn’t lift it over the beat DB. 7/134/1 and the convo is different offense is terrible. Miller tough to evaluate
  2. Wish I had paid attention to Howard being possibly out before I flexed Hunt.
  3. It was siemien not Rudolph that he cheap shotted. Mistaking my jaggy backup QBs
  4. First time they played Garret cheap shotted him 3x flagged on all 3 and knocked him out of the game. This time he tried to kill him. Guy doesn’t deserve to step foot on a field again. Period. This isn’t hard
  5. They are both looking JAGish right now. ‘20 starter is probably in college right now
  6. high ankle sprain is a legitimate excuse until he’s the same guy when healthy. That TD run is just an anecdote, not proof of anything other than the coaching staff thought he was the best short yardage option there, which has been the story all season
  7. Wish they’d let him heal up rather than the weekend at Bernie’s thing they are doing now
  8. Split the difference between the doomsday preppers and the heads in the sand crew. Volatility way up, ceiling reduced. Floor became a trap door. still an every week start and Mahomes will be back for the FF stretch run. Thems the breaks
  9. From watching him. Enticed by the measurables and using some basic logic that the high draft pedigree guy who goes 5’11 240 will be the future volume back, and the UDFA who is 5’nothing 180 would be relegated to COP. Lindsay is a better interior runner, more explosive outside and a better pass catcher. It didn’t make a lot of sense. Cognitive dissonance takes hold and we use mental strategies to give us peace. First, it was the leg injury excuse last year, then the training camp hype build this year. But he’s the same guy. He’s a finesse runner in a power back body. Doesn’t finish runs, Goes down too easy. why is a 240# guy the 3rd down back, why is the 180# guy the goal line back? also agree 100% on that 2pt conversion call. Play calling abysmal. The whole thing is a mess
  10. Makes no sense at all. The dynamic guy in space gets no targets. Freeman runs as soft as marshmallow. Don’t understand the appeal, another combine workout warrior who doesn’t translate on the field
  11. He finally flashed something, but he lost share last night going forward
  12. My best guess is they move Robinson to X next year after they cut Sammy. No way they can pay Sammy 16m and Tyreek 16m Hardman will play slot. All 3 will be viable redraft they are both probably boom bust flexes so depending on bench sizes
  13. Bummed about the fumbles, optimistic he is ahead of schedule. I figured DET was an opportunity for him to make a statement. Got 12.5 out of him and will likely be patient a week or two before calling his number. Optimistic coach speak may still lead to more managed opportunities
  14. You will be 4 running backs deep regardless what you do 🧐. I agree it’s quite a predicament