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  1. Hasbro's The Child Animatronic $60.
  2. If you have Spectrum they have an original series called Manhunt Deadly Games. It is about Richard Jewell and the bombings of the Olympics and other places. I thought it was well done and an easy binge.
  3. You add your work email so that it follows the forwarding rule to invitations.
  4. Just include yourself in the meeting invites so the rule still goes through.
  5. The way I am interpreting this is that you would be ok (or have to be ok) with just seeing your meetings on your phone. Why not just set up a rule to forward your invites to your personal email?
  6. Right. Is outlook on your personal phone with your work credentials?
  7. Maybe I am misunderstanding. If you open your Calendar and choose Calendar you can have multiple calendars showing at the same time. Outlook would first need to download it from the server, but everything will be there.
  10. This is the one I think he should do. Winning a SB without BB would end any debate on who the greatest was. 49ers are so stacked they could still draft a young QB early and not miss a beat.
  12. Gremlins - Darpa Drones