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  1. Tamar Braxton may be the most annoying person in BB History.

    Mike and the Mad Dog show (Not Done!)

    Not sure how this guy has a job either. Mike Francesa is highly outraged over Todd Gurley exchanging jerseys with the referee yesterday. During the commercial, Big Mike learned that he got got.
  3. I thought it was an interesting movie. Not knowing all the players makes it a bit tougher, but the role analytics and their manipulation of social media was interesting. I am not sure how different what is going on in Washington and Russia’s meddeling in our elections as Robert Mercer’s was in both Brexit and US votes. Mercer is a billionaire hedge fund guy who supplied his data analytics services to Nigel Farage. Cambridge Analytics and Canadian firm AggregateIQ were also major players in mining the never had voted block and used data to cause social engineering to change the outcome of the vote and democracy forever.

    The Rise and Fall of ESPN 😅

    Climate Change aka Global Warming This is how Co2 could be used to fuel our society.
  6. “Where the F#$% is Dan?!?” Several of the staffers knew the answer to their boss’ question. Word had already spread that the 50-year-old Enos was headed to Miami to become offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach under Manny Diaz. No one in the room wanted to be the one to break that news to Saban, even though Miami was primed to announce it in a couple hours. One staffer scrambled to check if Enos was in his office. It was empty, save for a pencil on the desk. Maybe he’d already moved into [current Maryland head coach and former Alabama offensive coordinator Mike] Locksley’s old office, but that one was empty too.
  7. Brian Kelly..quality guy....treating workers like they are Akeem and Semmi.
  8. Dec. 31: Five-star Oklahoma QB signee Spencer Rattler: "Coach Riley told me he's not taking a transfer quarterback anytime soon," per @SWiltfong247 Jan. 16: Jalen Hurts announces transfer to Oklahoma Oops
  9. The ACC released its complete football schedule today. Here are the weekend slates that Notre Dame’s five ACC opponents will play the week before facing the Irish. Open Date Old Dominion Open Date Open Date Open Date
  10. .@SteveCarell will star in a new workplace comedy series he co-created with #TheOffice’s Greg Daniels about the people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services: the Space Force!
  12. Better yet..steal their phone so they can't get their shoes off
  13. LAUNCH

    White Privilege and Intersectionality
  14. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez✔@AOC Explaining marginal taxes to a far-right former Governor: Imagine if you did chores for abuela & she gave you $10. When you got home, you got to keep it, because it’s only $10. Then we taxed the billionaire in town because he’s making tons of money underpaying the townspeople. "What Walker leaves out of the story," joked Washington Post political reporter Dave Weigel, "is that the student had already made $9,999,990 on house work that year and the extra $10 pushed him into the top bracket." "How is it even possible that you don't know how marginal tax rates work?" the progressive advocacy group Credo Mobile asked Walker. And while the Patriotic Millionaires, a group wealthy individuals which advocates for higher taxes on people in their tax bracket, offered to share their resource materials to Walker so that he might better understand how the marginal rate works, their progressive allies at the Tax March also wanted to help. "Hey Scott Walker, it's clear that you don't understand marginal tax rates and we can't have you mis-informing America's children," the group tweeted. "Check out our newest explainer video, it will get you up to speed." Watch: