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  1. Sports broadcaster Chet Coppock dies at 70 Sports broadcaster Chet Coppock, known as "The Godfather of Sports," has died. Coppock was injured in a car accident on April 11 in Savannah, Georgia, according to his former wife, Anna Marie Busalacchi. He died Wednesday due to those injuries, with his family by his side. He was 70 years old.
  3. I don’t understand why waitresses aren’t always visible when someone else brings out the food. It’s annoying that the person who beings out the food has no clue what you ordered and wouldn’t have a clue if it is wrong which, 90% of the time if you ask for something out of the ordinary, they get it wrong or forget anyway.
  4. The Match Made in Heaven Art collides with real-life when the mythical love story between wrestling icons Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth explodes beyond the ring with tragic consequences.
  6. Bleacher Report's Matt Miller pass along that "[m]any (scouts) believe [Ole Miss WR D.K. Metcalf is] a second-round player." Metcalf (6'3/228) took the world by storm with his 40-yard dash at the combine, but evaluators are looking beyond the razzle dazzle of that run, toward aspects of his game such as his agility and his history of injuries. While Miller's nugget is intriguing -- Metcalf has widely been viewed as a first-round player in the draft media -- the analyst writes in the same breath that "general managers can get excited by traits and reach for rare athleticism or speed." The analyst forwards the Bills and Packers as two teams that could overextend their efforts to reach for Metcalf on Day 1
  7. The most downloaded app in Apple Store’s China region, with over 100 million users, awards points for reading articles, taking quizzes, learning about socialist theory and watching videos about President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party. The app, Study the Great Nation, was developed by the public opinion research division of China’s Central Propaganda Department and tech company Alibaba, and it’s being likened to Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book. Users can get points by simply logging in and reading articles, but to really collect a meaningful (read: acceptable by the Party’s terms) score, it requires a concerted effort (or cheating). And it also requires you to stifle any criticism you might have about the app or the government. A journalist who reviewed the app said that when she was prompted to leave a comment about how she felt about the experience, it said that “only valid points of view will be awarded points” and “good comments will be prioritized for display.” “We were told we had to score at least 30 points a day,” a government employee in southern China told the South China Morning Post. “I can make that score just by leaving the phone open with the articles and videos turned on, though I have to adjust the settings to avoid a timeout.” Users can also text, call, and video chat with people within the app—it works with Alibaba’s messaging app DingTalk—meaning the nation’s party has access to some potentially intimate and revealing data. “You cannot divert attention away from it,” Haiqing Yu, a professor who studies Chinese media at RMIT University in Australia, told the New York Times. “It’s a kind of digital surveillance. It brings the digital dictatorship to a new level.”
  8. The other interesting change that caught my attention was their approach to overtime, The idea is to have Team A’s offense on one end of the field vs. Team B’s defense, and then Team B’s offense ready on the other end of the field vs. Team A’s defense. 11+11+11+11=44. Scores by offenses will result in 2-points. In addition to making a whole lot of sense, it’s also very efficient time-wise which was very appealing to Luck and decision makers. “We think it makes a lot of sense. We think it is very fair, as you pointed out, and we also think that we can get these games under three hours. So then, if we do have overtime, and we hope we do because that indicates a close game, that overtime session can get done in four or five minutes, and that cannot happen with a full quarter like the NFL, or like the college system that can go on for six or seven overtimes.” “We plan on doing five opportunities each [team]. So back and forth, kind of like a ping-pong game, but we’re also saying that the defense can score a point with a turnover.”
  9. In the future these levels of privacy invasion we have now will look medieval in comparison.
  10. PSA. Contact me or @MaurkicePouncey or anyone else that you feel comfortable with about anything else next time. I passed this through a few guys still in the locker room and they are ok with this.
  11. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup It is crazy to think of the perfect storm of greed and ineptness that led to the success of this company. Apparently there will be a movie about it starring Jennifer Lawrence based on this book and a Hulu one with Kate McKinnon based The Dropout podcast.
  12. Hawkeye is coming to Disney+. Oh, and so is Hawkeye. Variety is reporting that Disney is making a move to begin developing another Marvel Cinematic Universe-connected show for its incoming streaming platform, Disney+. Like the previously revealed Loki and Scarlet Witch series (and the rumored Winter Soldier/Falcon show), it will feature talent from the Marvel movies—namely, of course, Jeremy Renner as the arrow-flinging former Agent of SHIELD, Hawkeye. But, in an incredibly intriguing twist, Variety reports that Renner’s take on Clint Barton will not be the only avenging archer in it. Kate Bishop, the young woman who took on the Hawkeye mantle when Clint abandoned it to become Ronin, will also appear in the series in a major role.
  13. “It’s the Midwest Fyre Festival, straight up,” said state Rep. Jonathan Brostoff when I met him at a diner in Milwaukee, “all sizzle, no steak.” A pugnacious Democrat with a frizzy mane, the result of refusing to cut his hair until his bill improving sign language translator availability is passed, Brostoff thinks the project is “100 percent a scam,” that state Republicans know it, and that the reason they undermined Evers was so the “ticking time bomb of fiscal irresponsibility” explodes on his watch.
  15. People generally root for individual schools, there has been a long history of social relevance, and the players themselves are not professional. With the hashes and less concentration of talent it is easier to simplify your offenses and still be effective.
  16. Judge clowns on Carton before he sentences him. Craig Carton received a 42-month prison on Friday for his involvement in an illegal ticket-selling scheme “Hello, Mr. Carton. Colleen M. from New York. First time, long time."
  17. I watched a few minutes of the AAF and it's doubtful that I will give the XFL much more. It can work if they get functional QB's and the only way to do that is if they grab them early.
  18. City vs Chelsea Tactics