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  1. Almost like a kid trying to show his parents he learned something at school today.
  2. The official logo.
  3. Mama's got a squeeze box She wears on her chest And when Daddy comes home He never gets no rest Cause she's playing all night And the music's all right Mama's got a squeeze box Daddy never sleeps at night
  4. Well if the Pot is looking to call someone black, he better hope he's not surrounded by Republicans.
  5. The 3 places could be his basement, his bathroom, and his kitchen.
  6. Right up there with with those people thinking Paw Patrol was canceled. In their defense, it was the White House that reported it.
  7. BTW, I love RCT's schtick.
  8. I don't think you are following.
  9. Biden hasn't even announced who his VP is yet, let's not get too ahead on our calenders.
  10. I always thought there was something wrong with this story. She is right, someone in the nfl totally effed up on this.
  11. Pretty close to the electionbettingodds site that has it at 61.6%.
  12. Since Obama has his own day, it's only fair that Trump has one also. I suggest the day he leaves office.