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  1. We should've known it was there for a reason.
  2. He could have used Mussolini, but was probably saving that for Bloomberg.
  3. It's good to have goals. Just not sure about this one.
  4. This one could read my mind.
  5. "MacKenzie becomes the 15th player in Jeopardy! history to win at least $200,000 in regular play."
  6. He has an acting job waiting for him after politics. "Concerned Man in Background"
  7. Poor guy probably thought he had the judge in his pocket.
  8. Sounds like a good way to save us all money. Should pay off going forward.
  9. Canadian hockey players have been known to have the flu.
  10. There used to be small paperback books you could buy in case a certain video game was too much to conquer. I will admit to buying one for a game I liked at the time.
  11. Interview questions are the best. "Have you ever felt extreme anger in a work situation?" . Um no, not until right now.
  12. Never too late to start hiding "surprises" in ceiling tiles.