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  1. If we are going back 30 years, we might as well look at which democrats Trump gave money to in their then campaigns.
  2. True. Speaking of that, the 2020 sets have to be at a much lower production number than recent years due to all that's going on. Good time to buy?
  3. Good points, and why I would go with the betting over the polls, even though the polls right now reflect my vote more than the betting does.
  4. Just like any profession, they need to police themselves better. Otherwise outsiders will have to get involved, and nobody in any profession wants that.
  5. Wow, just when I was saying nice things, he comes up with a song that includes the words pooh & corner.
  6. Maybe we should enforce a system more in line with other services to the public. Maybe tipping?
  7. Good point. All of my posts are under my name. And most are not even in this sub forum. A lot here can't say either of those things.
  8. Believe it or not, I have more faith in the betting than the polls. People will say anything when their own money is not on the line. Still pretty close to a toss up with Biden the slightest of favorites.
  9. Other than it being better than anything Trump has said recently?
  10. You would be wrong making that assumption.
  11. And yet there are those who can't wait to vote him back in. Says way more about them than him.