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  1. Leroy Hoard

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    Just to state the obvious, Fox had to love Obama.
  2. Leroy Hoard

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    Sounds like a fair trade to me.
  3. Leroy Hoard

    ***Official 2018 Michigan Football***

    Cheap shot too.
  4. Leroy Hoard

    Hunting witches is easier than ever

    As long as mine is named Samantha.
  5. Leroy Hoard

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    Respond to some moron in the political forum? 😠
  6. Leroy Hoard

    ***Official 2018 Michigan Football***

    Not exactly an inspiring tuneup, but I'm sure the osu fans were not thrilled with their game either. Important thing is they won and that should set up for a pretty good game.
  7. Leroy Hoard

    Fictitious Cereals that require an ID to buy

  8. Leroy Hoard

    Fictitious Cereals that require an ID to buy

    Great work in here today. 👍
  9. Welcome to Detroit. There are still people that somehow blame Barry Freaking Sanders for the lions being losers.
  10. There have been a lot of years where his best was not enough. My point is not to have tunnel vision on one position, no matter how important it may be perceived.
  11. Rodgers is a certified first ballot hof qb. Yet here they sit at 4-5. Just shows how even one of the best qbs of all time is not enough to make a team a winner.
  12. Leroy Hoard

    Kashmir. The greatest song ever?

    Anything involving Billy Gibbons is a huge plus. A Har Har Har.
  13. One of my first jobs as a teenager involved cleaning all the bathrooms in a grocery store. Those women were freaking filthy, even compared to the men's room.
  14. I wanted to take exception to your awful comments about our illustrious leader. But no I am lying.
  15. Leroy Hoard

    Official Joe Mixon - Bengals RB

    Love them both but one is still a number one and the other is not.