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  1. 40 new teams this year so far. $50 and $100 are about 2/3s full, $80 Superflex and $200 are about 1/3 full
  2. I am looking for more people to join this 16 team league $200 entry via leaguesafe PPR, 6 pts per Passing TD No Kickers Settings: Payouts are: 1st - $1500 2nd - $800 3rd - $400 4th - $200 Most 'Points For' in regular season - $300 email to join check here to see other leagues I have open see this link to join as well.
  3. anyone else? up to 18 new people to add on to the returnees from last year
  4. 14 new people this year, anyone else?
  5. filling up decent so far. $50 and $100 leagues are half full and still over 100 people from last year haven't responded yet. More people are wanting to do more than one league this year. Might have to end up doing another (5th) full 96 team league, $$$ amount yet to be determined.
  6. anyone else? revision to above, I meant 'You CAN'T Leave' - you can only pick the same player 8 times all year long (you CAN'T leave, say LeVeon Bell in your lineup all year long this way, make us think a bit)