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  1. Anyone interested in a great new dynasty league. We have done a few last year and this year. And looking to get another going. 32 teams (2 copies of each player) – Real NFL Teams Theme (which is basically 2 different 16 team leagues joined together) 9 out of 32 spots filled Set Lineups $80 Entry – Leaguesafe Draft will have rookie players in it Draft Starts AFTER THE NFL DRAFT (Hopefully May 14th) Active GroupMe chat group Bylaws & Settings: Scoring: Superflex, 2 TE Minimum Starting 12 Starting Roster Spots Tiered PPR, TE Premium Scoring If you are interested in any other leagues, feel free to check out
  2. just 1 more team needed. New England only team left to pick team name from
  3. Anyone looking to take on a team with their favourite NFL team email to join 4 team dispersal - NFL Teams Theme league on $80 entry via leaguesafe plus a $40 deposit (deposit refundable if you leave the league with all your future picks) Superflex, 1 TE, Defense and Kickers Tiered PPR, TE Premium Scoring. 32 team league, 2 conferences of 16 teams (so like 2 different 16 team leagues) Cleveland, Denver, New England & Cincinnati are the 4 teams open Dispersal assets: Scoring: Settings: Feel free to check out any other Orphans or Startups here as well: Orphans: Startups:
  4. The Wild - $200 entry via leaguesafe 24 Team - 2 copies per player Superflex, 2 TE starting spots, Tiered PPR, TE Premium Scoring Scoring: Settings: Team: Bengals - Rookie picks - 1.11, 2.11, 3.11, 4.11, 5.11 (essentially like 1.06 in a regular 1 copy draft)