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  1. Actually even Heritage said M4A would save us money over the long term. We pay twice as much as any other developed country perr capita on healthcare and people are dying because they can't afford it. I just got my new insurance offer from my company. I would have to spend, between premiums and copays, over 11k before I was totally covered. It's basically only for catastrophic care. So I guess that's my point.
  2. We already spend over a trillion a year on healthcare so it already does. Well at least the published part.
  3. So we are still waiting for final results. Currently Pete has a slight edge in delegates while Bernie is winning the vote count. Here's the problem for Pete's lead. The rest of the numbers will be mostly coming from largely minority areas. Pete has a problem with POC and Bernie not so much. Given that lack of support it seems unlikely those numbers are going to go his way. And from what is being said the Bernie campaign expects to overtake Pete when all is said and done. That seems to be based on their own numbers from the caucus sites but we'll see.
  4. But please forgive Bernie people for being a bit paranoid. To be fair they've earned the right to be and the DNC keeps making it easy to be.
  5. It should also be remembered Bernie campaigned for and won paper ballots after last time as well. So there is a paper trail. I think this was just abject stupidity in action more than a sinister plot. If it was a plot then we got nothing to worry about because they suck at plotting.
  6. The thing is when Microsoft did some tech for recording caucus totals we knew months ahead of time. This was announced days ago. The whole thing has been a mess. But like I said Bernie has an app for that so we will get the right numbers. And from what I've read Bernie's campaign is meeting with the people running this thing right now.
  7. So huge issue with the app the DNC decided to beta test tonight. Never fear Bernie had an app as well and since Robbue Mook had nothing to do with it, it works. They have every tally from every site. Any discrepancy will be challenged vociferously.
  8. This completely ignores recent history. The Democrats have been pushing this narrative as they lost everything with it. And what moderate Republicans?
  9. I of course disagree. He has a broad base of support. He draws from every demographic, including Republicans. I think there is a narrative that is ignoring the reality of the situation of too many people in this country. Trump got it and rode it to the WH. Then he betrayed it. Bernie can ride it in as well difference is he won't betray it.
  10. Well we were warned that if we forced the election at that time Hamas would be in a good position to win. It was was an avoidable blunder.
  11. Well to be fair to the Palestinians they haven't really had a good partner in this process for a long time.
  12. Just listening to Chuck Rocha talking about Bernie's Latino outreach in Iowa. Over 700,000 mailers, daily in Spanish language newspapers and Spanish language radio. They have put in a lot of outreach and this is another underpolled group based on historical lack of participation. I'm hoping for some big surprises for a lot of analysts.
  13. You know as an aside for a political junkie like me this is already a huge day and combining it with my excitement for what I see happening it's almost too much.