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  1. We could also look at it clearly and remember what it was like. I played dodgeball long before anyone put much thought into it. And it was exactly what I said it was. An exercise in trying to further dominate smaller kids. Coaches were fine with that as apparently many of you are. I remember kids sitting out those days because they would invariably be targets. They weren't the big kids. They were the small unathlectic kids. So give the whole dodgeball is a game with redeeming qualities a rest. Anyone willing to be intellectually honest knows better.
  2. Actually only nobility tended to marry young. Even in Roman times average age was in the 20s for non-noble marriage despite a very low age of consent. This stays pretty consistent throughout history.
  3. I love the whole pretending there is some high minded concept to this game, why it's practically 3 dimensional chess. Yeah right.
  4. The law was aimed at curtailing trafficking in young girls. Why are Republicans fine with little girls, and that's what a 15 year old is, marrying full grown adults? We have an age of consent and laws against adults having sex with minors for a reason. And if you are so damn worried about pregnancies then try some sex ed and making birth control readily available.
  5. Well the radical left probably wouldn't claim me but there is a lot to agree with in that paper. As a "game" it is essentially a license to bully, it serves no real purpose. It doesn't teach any of the good lessons sport can teach. It's just a way for the bigger more athletic kids to hit smaller kids in the head with a ball at full speed, that's it.
  6. He's been pretty good even last season. Now he has a better supporting cast, a one year prove it deal and a chip on his shoulder. I think he could definitely have an excellent year here. And I agree that this could be a 12 win team. So much is riding on that shoulder though.
  7. Hardly the first time the MSM has pulled some anti-Bernie stupid out of their butt.
  8. Very fair of them. Sounds like a good plan.
  9. In our party we have backups generated including a back story of why they would step in. So if you die your backup joins the group and they receive all your worldly possessions.
  10. We're rich. I have over 12k gold currently. We own an inn in Neverwinter, we have a keep in Chult that generates trade income and accounts that generate interest income that covers the maintenance costs for the keep. I also own half a store in Neverwinter that sells bows and stuff. If I remember right my monthly take is 2400 gold a month.
  11. Do both. It is past time to stop pretending like we can't raise more revenue. Businesses are enjoying record profits and record low effective tax rates. The money has all been flowing to the top for about 3 decades. Time to get some of that going in the other direction.
  12. Yeah the details are important. Like how will this affect large public/private pension fund investments?