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  1. Yeah that is pretty naive especially in the face of all the evidence that shows that only people who write big checks are getting what they want from our government. There is virtually no correlation between what the public wants and what gets done. And there is a very high correlation to what wealthy donors want and what gets done.
  2. Come on. You dont get that money in a general without strings. If they didn't think she'd play ball you wouldn't have Third Way types talking her up. She is already backsliding on Medicare for All for instance and she hasn't won anything. Whats going to change when she starts getting 100s of millions in legal bribes?The rich and powerful fear exactly one candidate in this race and it isn't Warren.
  3. Yeah big laugh another corrupted politician that won't give a crap what you want because you aren't a bundler. Bribery is something I do mind.
  4. And so? If a donor came to him, said you have to fire Boykin and he did, it doesn't matter if he knew who put them up to it.
  5. She took big donor money to seed her campaign, then she claimed she wouldn't take anymore. Until the general that is and then she will take all the monies. When people show you who they are believe them.
  6. The Bears are fairly happy with their cheap QB. Cam isn't getting traded. And college coaches succeeding at the pro level has a lot of history going against it. Especially if they have no prior pro coaching experience.
  7. See Tim this doesn't surprise me this is how I expect the poles will end up I don't think Biden has any staying power I think Warren is revealing herself to be another Obama I'm going to talk a big Progressive game and then when the time comes I'm going to sell out and I just think Bernie is going to win it I really do
  8. Given that I've yet to see her lead a poll in her own home state I'm going to guess no Kamala will not be the beneficiary
  9. They need to get Cam some runs. He just never really looked into it last night. Slow to get off the knee from the huddle. Just low energy and when Cam is low energy the offense is. He needs that spark a run gives him. And CMC needs him to run as well to help take the pressure off. Whatever the game plan has been they need to trash it.
  10. A thoroughly vetted corporate news guy. The reality is when you look at small dollar donors plenty of folks are still shopping. But that story doesn't fit the Biden is running away with it narrative we are being sold.