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  1. Ok cool I emailed you an invite to the leauge
  2. 1st $230 2nd $100 3rd $30 Drafting 8/25 @ 5pm Eastern Payouts will be done through leauge safe majority approval Settings: For invitation email put FF in subject or put your email below Quote Edit
  3. Drafting tonight @ 8:30 est 1st- $175 2nd- $100 3rd - $25
  4. Yea I have it set for tomorrow @ 8:30pm est. I'll send you the link once paid
  5. I don't think I can fill it by tonight so I have it scheduled for tomorrow @ 8:30 est
  6. Drafting tonight 9pm EST or tomorrow @ 8pm EST if it doesn't fill up by tonight. Must pay before joining. Let's fill this up! 1st -$175 2nd -$100 3rd -$25