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  1. griffin6687

    Box Safeties

    Everyone's thoughts on Maquise Blair, anyone think he can continue to start over Mcdougal? High draft pick pedigree.
  2. Got offered DJ Moore today, the Sutton offer is no longer an option. I assume much the same he would be worth Moore.
  3. Anyone's thoughts changed on this? Sutton has been playing well. Mosley can't seem to get healthy
  4. WR (start 2) Julio, Tyreek Hill, Marquez Valez-Scantling, John Brown LB (start 3) Kuechly, Mosley, Cunningham, Warner and Rashaan Evans. Fairly standard scoring system. Full keeper league. Been really hurting at WR with the Tyreek injury. Not sure how much longer I can sustain having him out. Very little depth at WR for me.
  5. Just wondering who everything thinks may breakout this year. The next Danielle Hunter maybe. Two guys I'm targeting are Markus Davenport and Derek Barnett. A couple other names I've seen on sites are Sam Hubbard and Charles Harris. What everyone's thoughts on Everson Griffen rebounding?
  6. Landon Collins is the highest paid saftey, hes 5.6 million.. Most the top end guys are around 3-4.5 million.
  7. Sorry I should have been more clear in my post. It's a salary cap league, so drafting Savage i got him on a 3 year deal at 2.5 million. I can red shirt him costing me nothing or keep him active counting 2.5 against my cap.
  8. Pretty balanced scoring, I'm lacking depth at S we have to start a min of 1 and then an additional S or DE. Only other S I have on my roster is Bradley McDougald. I've drafted Savage, wondering if you guys think he will be startable this season or someone to sit on for a year or two?
  9. It's a dynasty league tackle heavy. Lost Mosley and Wagner to FA this year. This is what I'm left with. DE - JJ Watt, Markus Golden LB - Kiko Alonso, Fred Warner, Oren Burks, Rashaan Evans, Rueben Foster DB - Jamal Adams, Bradley MacDougal Starting requirements are 6 D players, 1-3 DE, 2-3 LB, 1-3 DB I usually roll with 1 DE, 3LB and 2 S (last season Watt/Wagner/Moseley/Alonso/Adams/MacDougal) Just curious as to if you think I can get by with this group of LB or should I spend some FA money on a stud. I don't have a lot of cap room. Would love to trade Evans or Foster.
  10. Any thoughts on Rashann Evans making a jump with Tennessee? Also thoughs on Ruben Foster if he stays on the field.
  11. Think this guy is finally back in business? Any views on why he struggled to date? I've been offered him for Fred Warner in a dynasty IDP league, not just looking for advise so put it here instead of assistant coaches forum.
  12. Just got offered Peppers for a 5th round pick (full keeper draft pick is only rookies) Current safeties are Jamal Adams and MacDougald. Thoughts
  13. Thoughts on Earl Thomas or Bradley McDougald compared to the others mentioned?
  14. One guy I missed is Justin Evans, how do you think he comes back from injury?