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  1. It's a dynasty league tackle heavy. Lost Mosley and Wagner to FA this year. This is what I'm left with. DE - JJ Watt, Markus Golden LB - Kiko Alonso, Fred Warner, Oren Burks, Rashaan Evans, Rueben Foster DB - Jamal Adams, Bradley MacDougal Starting requirements are 6 D players, 1-3 DE, 2-3 LB, 1-3 DB I usually roll with 1 DE, 3LB and 2 S (last season Watt/Wagner/Moseley/Alonso/Adams/MacDougal) Just curious as to if you think I can get by with this group of LB or should I spend some FA money on a stud. I don't have a lot of cap room. Would love to trade Evans or Foster.
  2. Any thoughts on Rashann Evans making a jump with Tennessee? Also thoughs on Ruben Foster if he stays on the field.
  3. Think this guy is finally back in business? Any views on why he struggled to date? I've been offered him for Fred Warner in a dynasty IDP league, not just looking for advise so put it here instead of assistant coaches forum.
  4. Just got offered Peppers for a 5th round pick (full keeper draft pick is only rookies) Current safeties are Jamal Adams and MacDougald. Thoughts
  5. Thoughts on Earl Thomas or Bradley McDougald compared to the others mentioned?
  6. One guy I missed is Justin Evans, how do you think he comes back from injury?
  7. Looking to try and get some Safety's on the cheap. Who are some of your favourites. Couple of guys I may target who are free agents Barry Church Morgan Burnett Tony Jefferson Justin Simmons Mathias Farley Xavier Woods (is he starting for Dallas?) Marcus Williams Lemarcus Joyner Adrian Colbert Any of those guys on the list spark your interest?
  8. What's everyone's thoughts on Kaquiski Tartt this season? Seems a bit lower on most rankings than where he could finish.
  9. Which S do you feel will get some time at LB. My leagues tackle heavy and thought it might be a good idea to get a list of Safeties who will get some snaps at LB.
  10. I currently have 1.03, I've been told by the guy with pick 1.02 he's taking Guice. I've been offered 1.07 and 2.09 for 1.03. I'm thinking I'm going to pull the trigger. 2.09 I should be able to grab say Roquan Smith? Active Roster (not listing all bench depth) QB - Wentz, Watson RB - Kamara, Hunt, Burkhead WR - Julio, AJ Green, Adam Thielen, Dez Bryant, Mike Wallace TE - Jimmy Graham, ASF So I pick up a second round pick for moving down from 1.03-1.07. I think I'm going to accept, after Guice I think the next RB is a drop off and I'll take whichever of Penny,Jones, Michel, Chubb, Freeman is available at 1.07
  11. Pretty standard tackle dependant league I have to start 3 LB, I lost Shazier and now need some help at LB I have the following Wagner - 4.9 million Rueben Foster - 2.5 Brandon Marshall -1.0 100 million salary cap per team, tough question to answer but I need LB help. Was thinking of letting Foster go as I can drop him for free and try to re-sign him for minimun 1m via FA. Or I can just keep him at 2.5. Trying to gauge what on earth to do with him. Part of me says cut the 2.5 and pursue some FA. But man the kid is talented and could be a beast. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks, didnt see those posts.
  13. Looks like he's listed as DE on My Fantasy league. Anyone think he stays there?
  14. I know Lavonte his his first name, my bad on the posting. Scoring is 2 points a tackle but well rewarded for a sack. Here's a look at what the Fa's in my league scored. Sorry, was trying to embed the image but link is above.