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  1. Thanks for the input folks! Yeah I've been contemplating trading for a better reciever. There really wasn't any good value at the 21st pick and it was hard to pass up gronk. I think my other receivers have a lot of potential but I don't feel I have many high floor guys. Also gronks injury history makes me nervous about not drafting a backup.
  2. 12 team redraft 1/2 PPR Picked 4th D. Johnson Gronkowski Baldwin Mixon Marvin Jones K. Drake Cobb Jimmy G Crowder Stafford Galladay Rashard Matthew's Ravens D Matt Bryant
  3. I probably wouldn't do it because I don't think Martin is any more reliable than Hyde at this point. Although Hyde is trending the wrong way but is still the #1 Back there.
  4. OB-Wilson RB-Gordon, Hyde, Coleman, Ingram Prosise, Riddick WR-Thomas, K. Allen, Watkins, Garcon TE-Ebron K-Crosby DST-Ravens Ppr 12 team