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  1. I'd state it this way, despite what the current head of the GOP thinks, trade is not zero-sum
  2. said he was a national socialist... "you know, like Denmark."
  3. uncredited background singer on Bad Company's Feel Like Making Love
  4. John seems to be upset by his choice.
  5. Why would Howard want to do anything to help Artie or Stuttering John? He doesnt owe them anything. If I burn bridges leaving my job I wouldn't expect my old boss to help me out. Those guys owe Howard not the other way around. At least Artie is funny, but John is talentless.
  6. Its beyond me, why they didn't arrest him right there. At this point, I also don't understand why the government is allowing supplies in and out. Its time to cut them off. Thanks NSA for passing this idea on to the FBI.
  7. IMO, neither, Google or Apple will build a car that is financially successful. The barriers to entry are to difficult to overcome.