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  1. Why hasn't there been an ***official*** response?
  2. I'd state it this way, despite what the current head of the GOP thinks, trade is not zero-sum
  3. said he was a national socialist... "you know, like Denmark."
  4. uncredited background singer on Bad Company's Feel Like Making Love
  5. JB's accountant are in Tennessee they need a bottom line number, not a bunch of pieced together valuations.
  6. Was this the new shtick you've been promising?
  7. Interested in coffee healthier than soda if you have any facts or links. Don't disagree, it's for a side project I never work on. Study Links Daily Coffee Habit to Longevity There was a similar "study" about bacon. and? Turns out daily bacon shortens your life span by 6.2 years.
  8. John seems to be upset by his choice.