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  1. I'm beginning to question how serious he is about playing football anymore. You have interest from the absolute ideal scenario getting to play with Brady and possibly contending for a superbowl (not to mention getting to play the team that just cut you twice a year.) He'd likely be the lead back in a committee. Like, how much money is he trying to hold out for? No one's signing him to a 6 or 7 mil contract at this point.
  2. I gave Jonnu Smith tonight for a 2021 2nd and 2021 4th. PPR, TE premium. I actually think there’s a decent chance Jonnu has somewhat of a breakout this year, but I’m not sure the volume is going to be there consistently enough in that offense. I’m left with Kittle and Dawson Knox. Before the trade, I only had one pick in 2021, that being a 4th.
  3. My top two backs in my dynasty league. Hopefully they'll come through for us again this year.
  4. I’m with you. And if I’m any bit of a team that believes I can complete for a championship in the next two years, I may not would even move him for the 1.02.
  5. As a dynasty owner of Freeman, Tampa would be the absolute best possible spot he could go in my opinion.
  6. I think we should see a full season with Tannehill as the starter before we go declaring Henry just had his career year at age 25. I believe he was RB2 on the season once Tanny took over. I think it’s much more likely that Henry repeats as the rushing champion than it is Fournette catches anything close to 80 balls again, which was a complete anomaly. I doubt there’s too many Henry owners who are out there offering him for the 1.06 or 1.07 to draft Swift or Akers, but maybe I’m wrong.
  7. I like Breida, but I see this as a win for the team getting Jones. Jones>Melvin, Breida>Williams and Jonnu>Herndon.
  8. Makes sense for both. Good trade. I like Breida in Miami.
  9. Seems a little light for Mixon honestly, and I also like Kirk and Goedert so I would take that side. I’m not too big on Montgomery.
  10. I can't wrap my head around King Henry only being one spot ahead of Guice, and behind Fournette and Drake. Akers and Swift ahead of him too? These guys can easily be in committees for the foreseeable future while Henry piles up another 1500+ yard rushing season. I can understand having some trepidation about his long-term dynasty value and if he'll remain in Tennessee, but that seems extremely low.
  11. DJ doesn’t really need a gunslinger back there, though. He’s going to make his money catching a lot of balls and being a YAC monster. And if there’s one thing Teddy is, it’s accurate. I think he’s a great fit for Moore.
  12. I have Hopkins(5) one spot ahead of Moore(6) in my personal dynasty rankings.
  13. Only offer I've received for him was the 2.07, which wasn't nearly enough to move the needle for me. I may would consider moving him for like the 2.01, but it would have to be at the draft and for a player I really wanted. But I probably wouldn't even do that.
  14. Little dilemma in my eyes, DJ easily. While Julio may outscore him this season(and possibly the next) I don't see it being by much, and Moore literally just turned 23.