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  1. He had some off the field issues at Oklahoma IIRC, which ultimately led to him being dismissed and going undrafted.
  2. Even if you take away his three 40+ point weeks, he still had 5 other weeks where he scored 20+. Everybody always wants to say he’s basically just a deep threat and boom/bust because they see all the highlight reel 50+ yard tds, but that’s actually not the case.
  3. Okay, but that's a far cry from 2-35. Also, if that's the measuring stick you're using, Michael Thomas had four games where he scored less than 10 PPR points. Mike Evans had four as well. Thielen had two. JuJu had two, and one where he scored exactly 10 points. I don't really see your point here.
  4. He literally had one game like that last year.
  5. RIP to the folks who moved him in dynasty for second round picks.
  6. This one went down in my league tonight. Team A: Brandin Cooks, Dede Westbrook, 2020 4th Team B: 2020 1st (likely mid), 2020 2nd To me, B won this one. He basically got Dede and the 4th for free IMO.
  7. Guice worries the fire out of me, but I would still pay that for him rather easily.
  8. I’m not sure he would be the Week 1 starter, but I’d wager he’d be the back to own.
  9. How low though? Most owners probably burned the 1.02-1.04 overall pick on him last year, and he still offer elite, tantalizing talent. He just offers so much risk to me.
  10. Andy, my friend. These trades have to sting worse than the beating Bog's and the Sister's put on you at Shawshank!
  11. Neither do I, but as a dynasty owner it’d be a win for me if he could just stay on the field for a full season at this point.
  12. Agreed. Not sure I’d have them particularly close.