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  1. I moved him straight up right after the super bowl for Henry. I may have could’ve got a pick thrown in, but I’m pretty strong still at WR and my only solid rb was Aaron Jones .
  2. I would pass there, personally. I was going to chime in with how I felt about Kupp but meno literally took the words out of my mouth. Terry looked like a legitimate star in the making to me last year. Now, I do have concerns about his QB, because Haskins is going to have to take a huge step forward from last year if he's going to make it long-term. But Terry is talented.
  3. Wow, that kinda blows my mind if Allen went for more than Kyler. I just see him being better than Allen in essentially every way. Maybe I’m just not the biggest Allen fan but if I sat down and made a QB ranking I doubt he’d be in my top 10.
  4. Wow. Don’t tell me he went for more than Kyler?
  5. I'd keep the pick. Even pre-combine and not knowing landing spots, I think I'd have at least three of the 2020 WR's and at least two of the RB's already valued higher.
  6. I’m assuming he’s worried about who’s going to be the qb in Tampa. Regardless, I’m easily on the Godwin side in both those deals.
  7. Agree here for sure. And he's actually still 23, doesn't turn 24 for a couple weeks. Imagine if Rivers goes there? He loves throwing to his running backs more than anybody. I could see Mack getting up to that 40+ reception mark.
  8. Well, right now he’s still on the Titans and he just led the league in rushing. Most “crappy” teams as you say aren’t going to be signing a running back to a long-term deal I’d imagine after seeing the disasters of recent contracts like Bell, Freeman, and David Johnson among others. It would take at least another decent 1st for me to even consider moving Henry for a pick like the 1.06.
  9. The way ours is set up, it won’t immediately alert the league until the Commish approves it on his end. So the rest of the league likely didn’t get the email when he accepted, only you. You’ll get a Trade Accepted email on your end and then when the commish verifies it it will send out a Trade Completed email to the whole league.
  10. I believe that is where he’ll end up as well.
  11. Ugh, I’d rather have Gallup over Thielen straight up so the extra 3rd is just gravy.
  12. I like them both, and landing spot will certainly matter of course, but to me Jeudy looks like he can be great, but Lamb looks like he can be elite. I really hate that I'm not going to be able to obtain him in dynasty because I think he's going to be special.
  13. I'm not really a fan of any of those players, so I'd personally take the pick. I guess if you're a Monty believer it's decent value? Not sure how anyone could be that optimistic about Sony anymore.
  14. The huge one above where he received CMC and the 1.01.