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  1. Thats...really bad. Now if it were D.J. Moore instead of Samuels, I could get on board with that.
  2. Team A: Devonta Freeman Team B: David Njoku 10 Team PPR, not TE Premium
  3. 1QB league? I'm siding with Cooks here. All he does is throw together 1000 yard seasons every single year.
  4. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I don't hate it. But I love Godwin and still have plenty of hope for Royce. He actually had a pretty solid rookie season but it was (rightfully so) overshadowed by Lindsay. But with Lindsay still recovering from his injury, Royce is going to have plenty of opportunity to impress the new staff, and it wouldn't shock me if he plays his way into the lead back role next year. Royce actually beat Lindsay in both missed tackles forced and yards after contact per attempt last year.
  5. I can say I have Aaron Jones and the Titans are my team, and I would not trade Jones for Davis.
  6. People underestimate how athletic DW is. No, I can't explain away his average production in Miami, only to say that it appears to be a complete black hole for running backs in general. But coming out of college, we're talking about a guy who sported a 4.45 40 time(91st percentile) and a 95th percentile Speed score, and has always profiled as an above-average receiving back when given the opportunity.
  7. That seems like an awfully high number
  8. Yikes. I hate that for the guy who traded for Howard.