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  1. Having this guy in a 2QB dynasty league feels like a cheat code.
  2. Hasty looks sensational out there. Glad I stashed him last week.
  3. I don’t think Ervin’s practiced all week.
  4. Meh, could be much worse. Sounds like a one week injury at the most. Jamaal should see a massive workload if he does indeed miss the game.
  5. Could’ve been way, way worse for you. That last TD was like nearly +9 points for Scott. Imagine if Fulgham had caught it.
  6. I personally love this for you. If I were a MT owner, this is the exact kind of deal I’d be looking to get for him. I think Lamb can be the overall dynasty WR1 in a year or two.
  7. I just dropped a defense in dynasty and picked him up. Do I expect anything to come of this? No I do not. But in the cursed year of 2020, I imagine just about anything is possible.
  8. I'm having trouble deciding which one to roll with this week, Boston Scott VS the Giants or Chark VS the Chargers. Full PPR. Thanks!
  9. Exactly. And yep, he’s QB6 right now in fantasy, a couple points behind Rodgers.
  10. I think if I didn’t already own him in dynasty I’d be hoping the current owner felt this way. I think he’s only scratching the surface, personally.