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  1. Or just savvy, either way. He’ll likely put up RB1 numbers this week if DJ is out. But if you’re stacked with RB1’s, then bless you.
  2. I’m starting him this week if Kirk sits.
  3. Ugh, I bet he sits again. Unfortunate that he’s missed two potential blow-up games against bad secondaries.
  4. I gave Melvin Gordon for Evan Engram today. Had Dissly as my only TE, and the waiver wire is beyond barren. Leaves me with CMC, Mack, Tevin and Ekeler at running back.
  5. Easily. I would not let him go for that cheap, personally. But if the owner is willing then take that and run.
  6. Nope, no way I’m doing that. And I like Chubb a lot.
  7. Pretty sure coming into this week he was the WR1 in my PPR dynasty league.