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  1. No soup for you Mike Leake (you horrendous pitcher). No soup for you!
  2. Mike Leake perfect through 6 (on 55 pitches). Glad my opponent has him tonight.
  3. Smyly seems like just a warm body, right? I guess it bolsters the bullpen but probably hurts the rotation a little?
  4. Streaming Logan Allen doesn't seem like it will ever end well. He's been horrific for about 4 starts now. I can't believe he hasn't been sent down. However, didn't expect that from Poncedeleon. Pitching in general this year (outside of maybe 10 guys) seems like a complete crap shoot. Gotta love juiced balls.
  5. If the Contreras injury is serious, that could put a damper on that trade.
  6. I wonder if the Pirates could get anything in return for Archer. They need to be sellers.
  7. They just have to add pitching before the deadline or this is going to get ugly soon. Nola is starting to pitch like an ace again but man is it ugly after him (and that includes the bullpen).
  8. It’s sad that I have Sale and Snell in a keep 8 league and I’m taking a wait and see approach for the rest of the year as to whether or not I keep them
  9. Phils signed the wrong guy to a long term deal. I know it's so early to make this statement but I'm convinced that Harper is one of the most overrated players in baseball. Machado is tearing it up.
  10. I’m in a keeper league so I’m holding. He’s filthy and just needs to figure things out again. However, I’ve pretty much cut my losses for this season.
  11. Yup that’s why I was stumped. I was hearing something about his spin rate on the curve being gone which essentially makes him a 2 pitch pitcher. I’m sure he’ll figure it out at some point but man he’s killing owners right now.
  12. But 4 out of his last 5 starts have been one of those games. This doesn’t feel like just an outlier anymore. Something is legitimately wrong with this guy.
  13. What is wrong with Blake Snell? Any reason at all to believe that he might turn things around? He has such elite talent but I'm wondering if he just has a 2 cent brain. Over the past month he might literally be the worst pitcher in all of baseball. That just doesn't make sense given what he did last year.
  14. Blake Snell at it again. Unstartable for the foreseeable future.
  15. Ultimately it's going to come down to how much their defense has improved. If no improvement, expect more of the same. Also, will their kicker still come in with the yips? I don't have many concerns about the offense.