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  1. Been wondering the same for a while. Sad to see he’s no longer around
  2. So many calories under today and I didn’t even get in an intense workout. Can’t believe how easy it is to eat healthy when you’re conscious about what’s going in. I actually measure out my snack using a measuring cup . And this is on a Friday!
  3. Did a 30 minute HIIT last night. She ended the workout with 3 sets of 40 second crunch jumping jacks (what kind of horrible human being would do that?). I was ~ 100 calories under. I've only been in the red 3 times this month (all 3 on a weekend). I wonder if there is a trend developing. ETA - I meant to say burpee jumping jacks
  4. Haven’t really been posting much in here this month because I haven’t been religiously tracking calories. Based on the first 10ish days of tracking, I have a really good sense of where I’m at given the types of food I eat. Although not tracking, I know my eating habits have significantly improved. Today for my afternoon snack I had a clementine. The old me would have gone for the cookie that I gave my kids. I didn’t finish up the food that kids didn’t eat at dinner. I stopped eating after my predetermined amount. I rarely eat anything after dinner.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right thread but I'll give it a shot. I have a ceiling fan and light controlled by a single switch and remote (no pull chains). Recently all 3 bulbs flickered and turned off. The fan still works fine. I checked the bulbs and they work fine. I checked the wiring on the light kit and the single pin connectors and that doesn't appear to be the issue. The bulbs are all within the maximum wattage allowed. Any thoughts?
  6. Haven’t really been updating much in here but I’ve been staying under (all but one day this month). Trying to now focus my efforts to correct my running form in hopes that it solves my knee pain issue. It’s Friday so I suspect today might be a cheat day.
  7. BTW I ran for the first time today since my failed 10 mile attempt (about a week and.a half). I really tried to follow the form/technique in these videos that you shared. I was only able to get in 2 miles today but I felt really good. I'm going to gradually ramp up the distance (feel like I'm starting from ground zero again) using these techniques. Thanks again for sharing.
  8. The 2 biggest changes I've made with the May challenge is smaller lunches and fewer snacks. I haven't really had to sacrifice on breakfast, dinner or drinking to remain within my overall calorie goal.
  9. Yup F that. I’m a decent, winning poker player but I’m not good enough to win 4 handed. Nice knowing you, poker!
  10. Gonna be well under again today mainly because I ate well. Didn’t exercise at all and it felt good. Purposely took the day off today as I plan to go for a run tomorrow morning for the first time in a while (I think since my failed 10 mile attempt last weekend). So far I’ve been under every single day except for Friday.