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  1. No he’s not. He’s coming across like a child as usual. But he’s still winning the debate because Biden is across the same but stumbling so much that you can’t take him seriously.
  2. I find it highly unlikely that it gets moved to another week. A few teams in baseball were impacted early on (i.e. Marlins and Cardinals) but after that, when a few players/staff tested positive they typically only cancelled the next series (i.e. 3-4 days). Then they were right back on the field. I can see it getting moved to Monday but not week 8. NFL surely has learned from MLB. If anything, this should be an advantage if the Titans are down a few men.
  3. After this challenge, my new goal will be to complete 300 pushups a week but sustain it forever (or at least until I'm physically unable to). If I mix that in with my other workouts, I'll never need to enter a gym again.
  4. You're making things a lot worse by continuing to respond. He will go away if you stop responding. He had gone away until he was tagged back in here.
  5. Well since starting the program, my goal has changed. I'll continue with the program and likely redo Week 4 and then 5 again. Whether or not I'm ultimately able to hit 100, my new goal is to implement pushups as part of my workout regimen going forward. I can't believe the results I've seen physically in just a few weeks of doing this.
  6. Given where I'm at (seemingly starting to hit a wall), do you suggest I repeat week 5 (column 2)? I know you're not a doctor but you've gone through it.
  7. That's pretty awesome. At this point, getting to 40 consecutive (even if it were on set 1) would be a big challenge for me. Meanwhile I was able to knock out 40 good form pushups easily during my initial test.
  8. Just completed Week 5, Day 1 of pushup challenge - 28, 35, 25, 22, 35. I definitely know I'm getting a lot stronger because I can see it in the mirror. However, I feel like the challenge is getting a lot harder now. I don't know if my muscles are just drained. But I'll continue forward for another 2 weeks and see where I'm at. Will finish the night up on the bike watching football.
  9. Did my exhaustion test (without looking at the chart) this evening and was only able to hit 37 pushups. So I now start week 5 tomorrow in column 2 (first time out of column 3). And I'm actually very, very relieved.
  10. This team is night and day compared to last year with Ben back at the helm. I still think Baltimore is the best team in the division by a fair margin but the Steelers are probably top 4 in a loaded AFC this year. Big matchup against Titans next week and hopefully the Steelers can continue dominating against the run.
  11. We got TJ Watt with the 30th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft! Our 2nd round pick in that draft - JuJu. Our 3rd round pick - Conner. That right there is how you a nail a draft.