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  1. Probably just a victim of game plan. Eagles secondary is horrible so I’m guessing the Vikings felt the best way to win was through the air.
  2. Now it would have been interesting had that punt been blocked.
  3. Very nice win tonight! I've been a critic of Tomlin but mad props to him tonight. Can't really fault him for anything. Going into the bye, it sure would be nice if we got some good news on Tuitt. ### #### this team has been crippled with bad luck this year.
  4. Does that link take into account that they had 0 timeouts? That's a huge factor IMO.
  5. And what if he doesn't? Isn't the higher probability play to just punt and pin them down to the 10 or 15? Can they drive 85 to 90 yards with no timeouts against a pretty good defense? I think the odds are low.
  6. Yup pinning them at the 1 is rare. But I think even if the Chargers started within their own 10-15, it's extremely unlikely that they win that game (with less than a minute and no timeouts).
  7. I disagree. It's a probability excerise. The odds of the Chargers scoring a TD in a scenario where they have around a minute to go (pinned deep in their end) and no timeouts is pretty rare. If they stuff the steelers on 4th down (with a 3rd string QB and backup RB), they have more than a fighting chance. No reason at all to go for it IMO.
  8. If the Steelers lose this game, people will blame Tomlin (and I'm a big critic of Tomlin). He did a great job today IMO.
  9. If the Steelers somehow lose this game, I'm just gonna chalk this one up as the most unluckiest season ever.
  10. When I made the post, they hadn't scored the TD at that point.