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  1. And doing it after 2 weeks into the season is just weird.
  2. The last thing I'll say in this thread is that Hue doesn't deserve this ####.
  3. So the Browns haven't won in 2 years and they actually play the # 1 overall pick for a half and suddenly they win? Go figure.
  4. Game set match. Congrats Browns fans!
  5. What does Wentz have to do with the conversation lol? We know you're an Eagles fan but we're talking about rookie QBs here.
  6. I know. I'm actually hoping that Hue makes the right decision and my concern has nothing to do with football.
  7. You might be onto something here
  8. Can you imagine if Tyrod is named the starter next week?
  9. Mayfield > Darnold
  10. Why throw the ball away there?
  11. No chance. If he tries to pull that stunt, I would worry about his well being.
  12. This has to be it.
  13. As a Steelers fan, I have no idea why I'm rooting for the Browns. I know I shouldn't be. But I'm rooting hard for them to pull this one out tonight.
  14. God I hope he's turned into an RB1.
  15. They shouldn't be coaching. That's how.