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  1. ajayi is my guy this year...i think he is going to be a top 5 RB...i don't like what buffalo is doing and i don't think mccoy stays healthy....completely understand gordon though...perhaps i will regret that one oh, i understand...14 QBs were off the board before i picked Carr, so i think i was lucky to get him actually... i actually hate my TE more than my QB...hoping that a team drops their QB2 when some hot players emerge on the ww..
  2. i know, but i kinda wanted to start with a RB because when i was mocking, i noticed hopkins, arob and watkins falling so i thought i could get a couple of them and i did + i got baldwin...the RBs get a little cloudy after the top ones...DJ, Bell, Antonio, Freeman, OBJ were gone...i kinda like ajayi, so i took him over gordon and mccoy... the only WRs i considered early were OBJ and Antonio and both were taken...i have a lot of shares of AJG and Julio (other leagues) overdraft for sure...
  3. took a chance on zeke...did my team suffer? 10 team ppr league start 1Q 2R 3W 1T 1Flex K D draft round in ( ) I had pick 6 Carr (12)---waited too long....many teams had 2, i was last to take QB1 Ajayi (1), Zeke (2), Gurley (3), Martin (8), McFadden (9), Kamara (15) Hopkins (4), Baldwin (5), ARob (6), Kelvin (7), Garcon (10), K White (11) Henry (13), Clay (16) kicker and Defense what do you think of the team? i think it turned out okay, but wish i would have taken Big Ben instead of Kevin White...Ertz went in round 8, so i kinda wish i would have taken him instead of martin...
  4. i am new to the site and still trying to learn how to navigate and find content... where will i find the weekly projections? is there a start/sit type information here... thanks, so far i like what i see
  5. i am new to this it one lineup for the entire season...i thought we could change each week i really look forward to it...i agree, it is worth the cost of admission... also look forward to dipping my toe into the DFS games are you ready for some football!