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  1. TD challenge or not he needs to get better about his drops. FTR I didn't think it was a TD.
  2. with all the QB changes it'll be interesting to play with for sure!
  3. Being they just signed him, I don't see Howard being moved... It'd take the craziest deal yet.
  4. Yes I believe he is. He’ll know the system and he’ll be cheap enough. Unless of course someone offers decent picks. If this is the true Patriots model they’ll trade him or get a compensatory pick for him.
  5. IT'S ROSEN TIME! (earlier than I thought, but hey... can't get worse!) and TACO Thursday! Taco Charlton come on down!
  6. my ankle is NFG.... if I don't run on the literal crown of the road every step is stabby. It's really disappointing and borderline depressing. It's SLOWLY getting better. Thanks for checking in @MAC_32 means the world.
  7. never underestimate the power of a race bib and lots of carrots to catch.
  8. Nice report @JAA wicked good job kid, now heal up! Spent my honeymoon at Tremblant...super fun place for sure.
  9. you know on yahoo where you can see the opponents and they're color coded for matchups... this is broken down and ranked by L R and slot defense and shows the matchup. TBH the raw data is what I really want. Please talk to me about PFF Edge. Also to bring it back on topic Clay says Preston lines up on the left.. Dal is ranked 21st easiest against the LWR WAS is 7th easiest. PIT is the worst against the slot which is why they ponied up a first etc... for Minkah.
  10. had a gift card so this is my first time with the plus... CB/WR matchup sheet is the only thing I'll really miss... their website is atrocious.
  11. Based on Clay's matchup cheatsheet... Williams will have a easier time against the LAC and after then the bye he could go HAM against WAS.
  12. pretty neat. can't select more than one week by WR, can that change?