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  1. He'll go to the Phins at 3 or 5. *fingers crossed*
  2. Tua and the Dolphins are making googly eyes at each other and I’m here for it.
  3. My guess teams will look at his 18 season examine why his trajectory was altered for last season see all the changes around him losing his OL, targets, & coaches etc... and see a high ceiling. I do think he and Herbert will go in that 10-15 range which combing with the WR class means the Dolphins should be able to marry BPA and need...which would be ideal if they're able to pick up Tua (still my preference if medical checks)
  4. Love will go before 18... Jeremiah mocked him at 13, ahead of Hebert. his mobility has been called a strength.
  5. If the Dolphins get jumped for Tua... someone offers a Ricky Williams or Herschel deal or whatever... I'm on board with moving up from 18 to get Jordan Love and having him sit behind Fitz for a year or 15 games.
  6. I've ordered from Madson of America and have been pleased with both Rx and Non Rx glasses.
  7. That’s pretty cool, sounds like I need to make a trip this year with my kids. I’m on an epic pass so I mainly hit Hunter for day trips and Mount Snow if I stay with a friend in CT. Are you using a Ski3 card?
  8. It's still old school cool and worthy of a trip after fresh snow. Biggest surprise is they take apple pay. Still is true that they don't have as much kid friendly terrain though there was a slew of kids that day. I haven't been to Bellayre in eons.
  9. Took advantage of the SkiNY discovery package.... $24 lift tickets, scored some freshies at Gore on Thur and froze my @$$ at Plattekill on Fri. 85% of my rides up the mountain were solo ... skipped the nonsense this weekend. Hope y'all in the east got to enjoy some...
  10. actually I forgot all about Chad Henne, he's behind Matt Moore... drafted in 2008, Henne started games in 2009.
  11. the only question still to be answered is how many cups of coffee is it gonna take to get through this day?
  12. pretty neat to see him get a sack yesterday...
  13. Yep. That hit by Calais Campbell that tore RT's ACL in week 14 and his subsequent decision to use crystals and essential oils to heal instead of surgery changed the franchise's direction... ironically that year, 2016, was the last year they had a better than average OL. However, no use talking about what ifs... Gase and his poor personnel decisions are the jets problem now.