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  1. Hard. Pass. Told a client this week that I wasn't gonna google a vaginal prep tray...she was going to have to give me a competitors number. we chuckled at that.
  2. Do one google search ok several on beet juice studies and BAM ads everywhere...
  3. anyone else going to this weekend's games? I'll be in Columbia SC this year. Got to see Virginia get beat in Charlotte last year, don't think I'll get a repeat this year.
  4. @gianmarco you should be able to hook up an external HR monitor to your watch now. At least I think you should. IME chest straps have been more accurate than optical, especially optical in a watch.
  5. With Fitz I look for an increased entertainment factor win or lose.
  6. I disagree with this. Stills Wilson and Drake are a good nucleus for a gun slinger, Grant has shown skills and if OShea can figure out not to play Gesicki inline he has the athletic ability to do some things. The OL ergo surviving will be the main issue.
  7. @ckparrot 16h16 hours ago Here are the numbers of teams by win-count over the last 30 years and how many of them got the #1 pick with that record. 6-Win Teams: 0 of 91 5-Win Teams: 0 of 72 4-Win Teams: 1 of 70 3-Win Teams: 6 of 34 2-Win Teams: 12 of 21 1-Win Teams: 9 of 9 0-Win Teams: 2 of 2
  8. FitzMagic. Not sure how I feel about that. They’ll forfeit one of the compensatory picks and likely suck less then perhaps they should. Or perhaps they’ve signed him to mentor a rook.
  9. the Josh Rosen speculation kicking into overdrive. Getting a 4th for Tannehill likely set the market too high for Rosen...
  10. Tannehill to the Titans... now who takes snaps? Miami gets a 2020 4th RD & 7th in 2019. Tenn gets Ryan Tannehill and 6th in 2019.
  11. They're winning FA this year. If you're measuring it by not going over the number they've set for everyone. Years past they'd've gone all in on AB Bell and everyone else... All in all I'm on board with what they've done thus far ... just wondering, like everyone is, about QB. contract is below. if they keep Ryan, his cap hit is real low. YEAR AGE BASE SALARYSIGNINGWORKOUT RESTRUCTURE CAP HIT DEAD CAP 2019 31 $18,725,000 $2,300,000 $25,000 $5,561,666 $26,611,666 $13,423,334 2020 32 $19,497,000 - $25,000 $5,561,668 $25,083,668 $5,561,668