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  1. Hey @gianmarco have you noticed a change in your gait when trying to do the MAF? looks like I'm more of a heal striker when I'm running slow. or anyone else...
  2. If you're in the market the Bose Soundsport free "Truly wireless" is part of the prime day stuff...$139 for an exclusive colorway.
  3. Holy cow ya bunch of jabber jaws... really hard to follow along with y’all. Back home from vacation... couple of days MTB at the Kingdom Trails followed by 7 days in the Whites climbed up Mt. Washington to spread my fathers ashes with family. Tons of waterfalls, rock hopping and forest bathing... Hiked a 4K peak in 92% humidity yesterday and then got in a car for 8 hours. Every joint in my body is crusty especially my knees and ankles.