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  1. any Bengals fans know how Taylor normally plays injuries? Wondering if he normally plays games?
  2. Chris Kouffman of 5 Reasons Sports/Three Yards Per Carry has been one of my favorite follows for Dolphins related info for more than a decade. (he and fellow cohost Simon Clancy had a draft analysis venture that ended years ago, with it they published bits in the Sun Sentinel) this thread talks about the the OL / DL and some coaching philosophy.
  3. back on Earl Thomas, I'll pass, think the Dolphins will too...being late and or missing meetings won't fly with Flo.
  4. I get why now for Tua. Fitz did nothing bench worthy but I get it. I don't see Miami trading Fitz or him agreeing to a trade.. his wife and 432 kids still live in Tampa he won't wanna leave them. I'm excited for Tua but Fitz has been my absolute favorite QB to watch play
  5. he was literally calling his mom (& dad) so fckn cool
  6. no sad about Bell. It's early, especially when you take into consideration there was no preseason... I imagine Brieda will show more
  7. after 432 tire commercials, I don't feel even a little sorry
  8. Acuna at first and Freeman at the plate seemed to both be bothered by sand in their eyes
  9. according to FO Miami has allowed fewer sacks than the avg. Running is slighty behind the avg. I like what they're doing there. Hard to believe that 3 rookies have started this year. the QB on a rookie/discount deal window is absolutely a thing.. Rogers IIRC was the last QB on a market deal, though I could be wrong on the deal
  10. the two things that really really impressed me and have me excited about the direction of the team. -tua celebrating with Fitz -wilkins running the fumble recovery to Coach Flo. I've said before I really hope Fitz plays his way into 15 starts and Tua starts the last week.
  12. seems to me Byron Jones return made the whole defense better... playing people out of position is never ideal Hunt did pretty well... that makes 3 rookies started on the OL this year and the whole unit is light years ahead of last. with all the changes... welcome to Jets week
  13. IMO It'll keep Tua on the shelf for longer... Hopefully Byron Jones comes back and plays well
  14. indeed I do, MOP. Fitz hasn't played up to the standards he set last year, no one with eyes can dispute that and Fitz agrees...with beat writers and fans are clamoring for Tua I believe Flores played the game and quelled the QB questions in the easiest way he could. If Fitz converts even 2 of those drives into TD's he doesn't get the same volume of QB questions. That said, I'm a believer in Flores... think the OL is better than people give it credit for... that Tua will get time this year and quite frankly I hope Fitz starts converting drives and winning games so the questions don't arise and Tua doesn't end up starting until the last bit of the season.