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  1. The Cooks trade would be highway robbery - keep him for sure. The Henry-for-Crabtree offer isn't bad, but you have decent WR depth already and would be thin at RB, so this would only make sense if you have other RB free agents you could restock Wright with. But I wouldn't take either.
  2. Same with me and B.Cooks, and I spent a second round pick on him!
  3. You could if you really want Reed, but be willing to deal with a weekly injury status. Not a huge upgrade to me, and I'd probably choose to roll the dice Howard regains his end-of-2016 stud form as the QB situation gets sorted out in Chicago.
  4. I'd drop AP for almost any of them, but especially Carson (SEA RB) or Nelson, maybe Perine too.Way more upside with those guys.
  5. Foreman? As in D'Onta Foreman Hou - RB? Even if that's him, I'd take the deal. I can't imaging they'd be offering anyone else. Pull the trigger and accept!
  6. I tried to add a poll to make it easy, but kept getting an error.... Would appreciate any thoughts.
  7. I think Hopkins value can only go up. Landry dropped to #2 in MIA behind Cutler's favorite D.Parker. To me, moving up from round 2 to 1 isn't worth the talent+potential difference.
  8. Like the rest said, go with #1. Know Gillislee may not continue his numbers, but he's sure getting the workload. The only other good option is CJ Anderson if you think he can put up RB1 numbers. He looked good this week, but has yet to show any consistency in this league. The other offers won't get you the RB help you need.
  9. Good thinking. Hard to know how either would shake out, but Carson for Mixon would be fair if you'd rather have Mixon. I doubt Riddick would be as enticing.
  10. If I were him, there is nothing you could offer me that would make me do it. Cooks, Snead and Adams are all great buy-low candidates, and I'd hang on to them. And did you see the game Martavis just had?
  11. If OBJ plays you must always start him for sure. Benjamin is clicking nicely now with Newton. Thielen for sure if Bradford plays, but if he doesn't choose Hill or Hogan.
  12. As an AJ owner, I can only hope you bought low on him! He can't get worse. I'm not familiar with the Jags D much, but it's a great WR swap for sure!
  13. I'd get Lynch, who had looked great so far. Unfortunately RB is my main strength, and my WR depth is not great. But we only start 2 WR and Lynch in my Flex spot with Gordon and Hyde could be awesome. But maybe I'm selling too low on Cooks, who has been a bust so far. League: 12-team Redraft .5ppr Start: QB/WR/WR/RB/RB/FLEX/TE Team: RB: M. Gordon, Carlos Hyde, Rob Kelley, Chris Carson, D'Onta Foreman WR: B. Cooks, D.Hopkins, DaVante Parker, Eric Decker, K.Britt (who will be dropped this week) QB: R.Wilson, C.Wentz TE: K.Rudolph
  14. I'd do it. Ajayi can remain in your lineup all the time. Howard and Cohen will be splitting, leaving you with a choice on who to start each week. Dez is the better receiver, but Hopkins has a decent floor and (hopefully) will get steadily improving qb play this year, while Theilen has great PPR value as long as Bradford is playing. Your choice on those two.