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  1. Entry 100226 Rank: 124 (Score: 162.05 T Lockett -9.9 Need a big game ,a huge game Janikowski - 3 and he hasn't scored for me this year If somehow I can get into the 180s id be happy,
  2. This week rankings for my players looking for a path to 230 and its hard with my team QBs 4 and 26 Have to have a 40 here to compete with Mahome RBs 1, 3, 5, 31 and 48 Need a 40 a 30 and at least a 20 Might also need a Flex of 15 WR 32, 49, 59, 61 and 88 Need a 20 and a 10 that's all I can hope for TE 9 and 10 Need a 20 and a 15 K 6. 12 and 17 need a 15 DEF 14, 21 and 23 need a 10 That would be it for me there but about 1 percent with not to many other way because My WR Suck and lots of injuries First time to make final 250 and feel great about it
  3. Entry 100226 Rank: 186 (Score: 179.15) Cutoff Rank: 250 (Score: 171.25) Well another monday night sweating the Turk, This is farther than ever so alls good Have Hopkins -23.6 not a chance to move there Redskins -5 could 7 times they have scored 6 or more and even 1 point might help
  4. Entry 100226 Rank: 81 (Score: 179.15) Cutoff Rank: 250 (Score: 156.65) I dont have Conner and it close Conner gets 10 Im in Conner gets 20 its iffy Conner gets 30 Im out
  5. 13th after end half Lockett Helped, good scoring through out, 2 spots under what I consider ok, 2wr and DEF. Have Washington to try and make DEF good but not much at WR
  6. Im 18 and just hanging on i think, not comfortable
  7. Great start for me low scoring and Zek put up a good number, I need Winston to score close to Mahomes and Goff and Conner to have another below average game. Ive been close lots this year starting week 1 and its going to be close again. McCaffrey, Connor and Mahomes are owned by over 300 and Ive only got one, Conner will decide if i can advance, any others over 300?
  8. Jameis Winston 26 Eli Manning 58 Joe Flacco 47 Ezekiel Elliott 38 Saquon Barkley 113 Christian McCaffrey 343 Royce Freeman 189 Peyton Barber 289 Will Fuller 43 Marquise Goodwin 191 Tyler Lockett 93 Paul Richardson 5 John Brown 177 John Ross 190 Cordarrelle Patterson 50 Jimmy Graham 25 O.J. Howard 21 Austin Hooper 73 Dustin Hopkins 46 Sebastian Janikowski 35 Kaimi Fairbairn 140 Chicago Bears 237 Washington Redskins 23 Cleveland Browns 172 Name and number left Bold out Not sure Ive got a path to 250 but made it this far, go Winston and Elliot
  9. 131 Mahomes and Gurley owners and over 100 are going to be out the 31 or so that make it will be tough
  10. Mahomes 694 Goff 214 Gurley 209 Hunt 57 Hill 468 Kelce 142 1,784 More then 70 percent have 2
  11. Did you watch monday night football? the players on bye moved the line by over 40 themselves and most advanced
  12. Scoring up because of QBs,No Goff, No Mahomes, No Trubisky No Smith No Garoppolo and most good teams have one or 2 of those