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  1. 147.65 W/CEH -9.80 I have a small losing sweet, would need 20 at least, I knew i was bad so no expiations after week one
  2. I built a ####ty team, 165.5 with zero from TE Kittle and Doyal out Olsen a 0
  3. Week 1 trim to 13,500 teams (all advance if we have fewer entries) Week 2 trim to 10,000 teams Week 3 trim to 6,500 teams Week 4 trim to 4,500 teams Week 5 trim to 3,200 teams Week 6 trim to 2,200 teams Week 7 trim to 1,500 teams Week 8 trim to 1,100 teams Week 9 trim to 750 teams Week 10 trim to 500 teams Week 11 trim to 250 teams I think they have been very transparent and most years if i remember their has been no cut week 1
  4. not going to be easy, no players tonight, Have A Jones and MVS -3.50 and -8.80 also Lions DEF -8 at 136.5 cut line 130
  5. Im the only one with this combo of RB and it will be my key, need 60 or so to advance Bell, Fournette, A Jones. Jacobs on bye
  6. Cut to 5000 next week Now we get to see who put a little time in spreading out bye weeks and bigger rosters should have advantage the next 7 weeks Week 6 Buffalo, Indianapolis, Oakland, Chicago ,Jacobs, Waller and Carlson for me Week 7 Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Winston, Evans, Austin Seibert, and TB DEF Week 8 Dallas, Baltimore, Andrews and Gallup Week 9 Cincinnati, Atlanta, LA Rams, New Orleans , none Week 10 New England, Denver, Philadelphia, Washington, Jacksonville, Houston, Brady, Gordon, Fournette Week 11 Tennessee, Seattle, NY Giants, Green Bay, A.Jones, MVS, Seattle DEF Week 12 Kansas City, LA Chargers, Arizona, Minnesota, Zane Gonzalez and Fitz 7 and 10 are my worst, but feel like im below average of most
  7. line moved 7.4 in a half Id guess similar for rest of game id feel good at 155 ish if below id be sweating
  8. 208.1 and Goodwin -10.9 Its AJones week for me TE had thier worst week, but get Herndon next week and hopes that will help
  9. 181.5 and no players left moving on thanks to Winston, and Fournette After 4 week QB Averaging 36.2 Brady and Winston 2 scores each Donald 0 RB1 21.775 jacobs 1, Jones 2, Fournette 1 RB2 15.775 Bell 2 , Fournette 1. Jones 1 WR 1 26.475 Evans 2, Fitz 1 Goodwin 1 WR 2 17.45 Fitz 2, MVS 1.Gallup 1 TE 26.85 Andrews 2, Waller 2 Flex 1 15.625 Waller 2 Andrews 1 Fitz 1 3 Times TE, 1 Time WR Flex 2 13. 825 Gordon 2 Gallup 1 Jacobs 1 3WR and 1RB DEF 11.25 Sea .5, Det 2 TB 1.5 Tie first week K 12.525 Gonzalez 2 Siebert 2 Average after 4 weeks 197.8625 Im Happpy that all my WR , RB and TE that could count have counted, Herndon is back, Gallup and Donald should be back soon
  10. 215.9 Winston and Evans count for first time Darnold and Herdnon are only 2 not score on 22 man roster
  11. The Raiders have beent the 2nd worst franchise the last 16 years, after Superbowl appearance 5.3 wins a year one playoff birth plus/ minus per years 100 per year minus The only team worse in this time frame is the Browns They could of controlled Antonio Brown for the year and never paid him, and made sure the Patiriots didnt get him either, they got made fools of, like a poor franchise would IM in Vegas and Hate we get the worst Francoise here next year, no way I can support them or even like em