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  1. actually took my lab to the emergency vet last night. he had trouble breathing and his back legs are giving out. apparently there's some type of paralysis on his esophagus and will eventually lead to pneumonia. When do you know is the right time to call it?
  2. video on there. So instead of free beer it’s $1000 Siberian kodiak
  3. That #### is good. Thanks. He reminds me of aziz
  4. If you can survive the cage for a couple minutes free beer for the night
  5. Variation of plants are enough to keep the tank safe. Shrimp and other fish to take care of algae
  6. joined a game yesterday and i guess i paired with a group of friends. they called me an elder and too old to play. then i out killed and did more damage than them 🤣 noobs
  7. now that i think about it. i might see if i can freeze my kids credit. not sure if credit begins at age 18 or not
  8. what if i told you there's a water bottle and shower in that link
  9. trying to complete something and struggling with the basics. pretty much trying to create a page where it will be different roles ie dog, cat, mouse etc where the user will click one of those roles, 3 or 4 animated objects will spin (sort of like the price is right wheel) when the wheels stop it will reveal responsibilities for those specific roles the user clicked. click dog, spinners animate, when they stop it will have dog biscuits, chew toys etc click cat etc etc mouse, lazer pointers here's what i have so far. The art work and page design will be taken care of. its the animation and having it activate when i click the appropriate buttons it would display the content for that button
  10. yeah i figure ill keep it frozen forever and just lift it temporarily whenever I need it. peace of mind the lift is almost immediate and you can specify how long until it refreezes
  11. I did a temporary lift. It was all automated over the phone