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  1. Yeah I totally understand. I’ve been awol. I’ll be active
  2. Seems like forever since I created this thread 😭 this year has flown by
  3. River Plate +0.5 asian handicap @ 1.81 Paraguay division professional, 12.30am Last game of the season. Olimpia asuncion are resting 9 starting XI players in this game because they have a huge Copa Libertadores game in 4 days which is their priority. League has already been won by Cerro so there is no motivation for them in this game. Even a couple first teamers who will start will want to avoid an injury so won't give their 100%. River coming here off the back of 2 wins in a row and morale is very high. Will look to end the season on a winning note against a big team by getting a good result at home. In Paraguay points are added for 3 seasons and an aggregated table is formed so River will definitely be looking to get a good result here and adding points.
  4. are any of the 80-100$ knob creeks any good?
  5. Yeah i found a hidden liquor store that nobody touches bourbon wise. So I’m always walking with blantons and trace. They have some expensive knob creek not sure if they’re any good. Like $80 a bottle
  6. if i wanted to take out 50k for an investment on a 2nd property. what is my best route to take? heloc? conventional loan? refi cash out?
  7. regular blantons are selling for about 250 there
  8. joined a local fb group that has lotteries. pretty good variety to choose from