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  2. import some spiders and cover your house full of web. nobody would enter
  3. eventually that's what's going to happen to stop this madness peaceful protests are long gone - now its a buncha hoodlums terrorizing the cities
  4. so im terrible at growing / keeping plants alive. im a huge thai food fan and cook it pretty often. got tired of buying thai basil so i picked up some of those herb packets you see at the grocery store for $2. prepped them and sat them in water for almost a month - root system is looking legit. i bought some micracle grow vegetable fertiziler stuff and a root promotion powder. will be transferring them from the water treatment into soil for some explosive results. the whole draining holes at the bottom of the flower pots, if im going to reuse a cottage cheese container whats the rule on these holes ? do i need a ton of those holes or just a few. i know basil needs moist soil
  5. was reading an article the looters/rioter people are starting to move to the suburbs . lock your door folks
  6. yeah we did pretty good. hemlock 99 seems to be my for sure lineup now some of those duo teams had a ton of swat team maneuvers. synchronized nades then blitzing in through separate doors. hard to defend that unless you just run away
  7. Just did a thorough cleaning of the vents. We don’t use those sheets though. Running first load now doesn’t seem terribly hot. I was reading those temps on an empty load