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  1. irchrisr

    WR2 and Flex Help

    This, Lockett is going to have a great game.
  2. irchrisr

    QB Dilemma

    Big Ben all the way.
  3. irchrisr

    Kenyan Drake or Buck Allen

    Allen, Drake is a bust this week,
  4. irchrisr

    DEF: Chicago or Green Bay

    Chicago, for a while they have a nice schedule and are putting up points like a WR3
  5. irchrisr

    Bench OBJ for Mixon?

    Mixon over Connor.
  6. irchrisr

    Should I start Corey Clement

    I have 4 options Clement, Morris, McCoy, Hines. I need 2 pick 2, I am leaning towards Morris and McCoy. Also you get a 1/2 point for first down receptions.
  7. irchrisr

    Should I pick up Coutee

    Thanks guys!
  8. irchrisr

    Trade M Gordon for a WR?

    I'd consider Hill and Coleman who is your other RB? also check mine out
  9. irchrisr

    Running Back Hell

    Ended up surviving and some how Clements ended up on the waivers this week. My 14th rank on the waivers tells me everyone was asleep at the wheel. Ended up With Morris, Hines, Clement, Mixon, Mccoy, Mack, bell and clement. I guess when it rains it pours just have to decide if I want to trade hines or mack.
  10. irchrisr

    Should I pick up Coutee

    Alright guys I am looking at picking up Coutee. But I am not sure who to drop. It's a 14 man league with .5pt for first down receptions. I just grabbed Clement on the waivers. Not sure who to drop, also may not need to drop anyone if Mack or Goodwin end up out this week as I have another IR. My receiving core is very week. Also if there are any other breakout WR's that might be available I'd love to here some suggestions. QB- A luck WR- Evans, Kirk, Stills, Valdes-Scantling, Goodwin RB- Mixon, Morris, McCoy, Hines, Mack, Clement, Bell(IR) TE- Rudolph K-Fairbane D-Chicago
  11. irchrisr

    Running Back Hell

    Yeah, thats why I was thinking about grabbing Martin since he got bumped up to rb2 at Oakland and Beastmode is an old man. What do you think?
  12. irchrisr

    Running Back Hell

    No I only have to start 2. Hines, Jones II, I. Smith, S. Ware, Juszzyk, Turbin, Foreman, Martin are all available.
  13. irchrisr

    Running Back Hell

    So Mixon, Bell and Burkehead are all out. Was able to trade a WR for Morris and Mccoy looks like he will be coming back. I have Marlon Mack and Ivory on the bench with Doug Martin and a few others on FA. Anyone with any good sleepers for a 14 man league?
  14. irchrisr

    DraftKings Week 3

    Here is what I was thinking Smith- LAC defense is in tatters, this will force the pass from Rivers. I wouldn't expect a shoot out but I would expect a diverse bit of play from KC to get well ahead of Rivers. Elliot- AZ defense is not great and Palmer has not been taking care of the ball. Cowboys will go back to the run throughout the entire game after last weeks disaster. On top of that his work ethic has been challenged. I think mentally this guy has something to prove against an Arizona D that will allow him to prove it. Bell- Against Chicago, easy start.... Against Chicago with banged up LB's, MUST START. Sanu- Volume for the price is grade A, Detroit's secondary will be all over Jones and will allow Sanu to feast. Hill- This one I am iffy about and may change him not a fan of stacking with Smith due to all of his options. Higgens- Price and targets against a terrible Indy. Not only that but every ball that went his way that was catch-able was caught. Watson- Jumped from 1 target to 8 targets and caught all of them. They know they can rely on him now, I would expect the same amount of targets if not more. Gore- The rookie is suffering from a shoulder injury, Gore will have lots of carries against a week Browns team. Ravens- They have been playing grade A ball. Please let me know what all of your thoughts are!
  15. irchrisr

    Which week 2 QB?

    Palmer did not play well at all against Detroit but Indy is a dumpster fire this year... The issue is when the Cards get up by 14 and stop passing the ball. Goff played well but see my previous comment about Indy... JAX is a scary scary defense Dak looked sharp and made adjustments as needed against a pretty stout NYG D not to mention it was a divisional game.\ I would start Dak but if you are concerned about the Denver D then look to Goff... mine