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  1. Actually, the offensive line was pretty terrible.
  2. Not only did he extend his arm but he extended his hand to get even more separation. Before the extension they were about a foot apart. After they were about two feet. Seems pretty textbook OPI.
  3. Drake was on the injury list earlier last week. He was taken off but it's possible that his shoulder wasn't fully healed. It's the only reason I can see that the "starting" running back only gets one carry in the game, especially when 1B gets injured. That said, I'm done with Drake. I'm in a keeper league and kept him over Cousins and Watkins. He won't be kept this year even if I have no others (we keep 4-6 players). He's had some big games and is currently the #17 running back in my league but that's not worth much in a keeper league. At this point I'd rather have Gus Edwards despite being in a PPR league.
  4. I don't think I can alter it enough. I had Allen, Hill, Kelce, and Mahommes. Still have Elliot, Edwards, Drake, Seattle, and Dustin Hopkins. I also have Stills, Gabriel, Goodwin, and D Thomas but other than Stills none have broken 20 points even one time. Still has gotten to 30 twice but he's going against the Vikings (as is Drake). Edwards is going against the Bucs but doesn't catch passes and hasn't broken 20 either. I think his ceiling is about 100 yards and a td which isn't quite 20 points in my league (but I think his floor is 15 against the bucs). I may grab Zay Jones. He's had two games of 20+ points in my league and is going against the Lions. Humphries would be the one to get but he's going against Baltimore. C Samuel is facing the Saints but he has yet to crack 20 points. J Samuels is available but currently the buzz is that Conner might play. My only player going Saturday is Hopkins. I don't plan on putting D Thomas in). He's got Chubb and Njoku so I i'm going to wait until Sunday morning to decide. If they have a good games I'll stick with current players. If not I'll spend the $ on a free agent (pickups in my $50 entry league are $10) and roll with Jones over Drake. I'll probably stick with Edwards even though Drake has a higher ceiling.
  5. As a Chargers fan, that was a great comeback. As a fantasy player with Hill, Mahomes, Kelce, and Allen, it looks like it's the end of my season. I have to really put my hopes on Elliot, Drake, Seattle, Gus Edwards, and Hopkins and hope that half of my opponents team gets suspended (or at least Fournette).
  6. Dr. Brew, I didn't realize that the Packers had moved to Green Bay from another city. I thought they'd always been there. I'm sure the people of Green Bay, being the polite northerners they are, would not mind at all if the team moved to Madison. Certainly, the people who own restaurants and shops near the stadium would just close up shop and move with them. Moving a multi-million dollar business out of the city has a much larger affect than people just having to drive further to attend a game. Many people make their living serving the people who go to those games. They weren't just the Chargers. They were the San Diego Chargers. There are many teams in California. It's not like Wisconsin where there is only one pro football team that everyone in the state roots for. They weren't the California Chargers. The sense of 'our team' is no longer there when they move to LA. Now, they are LA's team. LA has a much different feel to it. I'm not from San DIego (or even California) but the move still changes the way I feel about the team. They aren't a small venue team now. They're a large venue team in a city that I would have no desire to visit. That is coming from someone who lives halfway across the country at a time when the team hasn't rebranded. If they change the team name and colors they will lose a lot of whatever fan base they have left. While I don't wish the team ill I don't know if I'll continue to root for them either. It's likely I won't and if they rebrand I definitely won't. I don't blame Spanos or the city for not getting a deal made but I wish they'd come to some sort of agreement to keep the team where they belong.
  7. I just traded to get him. QBs are scarce in my league and my options are pretty thin. I have Romo and my waiver priority wasn't high enough to get Kitna. With Alex Smith being uncertain this week and my only other options being Kerry Collins, Jason Campbell, David Carr, and Matt Hasselbeck I was feeling the pressure. It cost me Percy Harvin to get him. I'm ripe with WRs so Harvin is actually a backup for me but it still hurts. Fitzpatrick has been averaging more than Romo since he started. I feel that he'll continue putting up the numbers because the defense is so bad and they really don't have much else.