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  1. How's it going Sig? With the news of Gronk probably being out tomorrow would you roll with J. Gordon over Golladay in PPR or should I just stick with my gut and stay with Golladay? Thx for everything and btw it was a helluva pod On the Couch with Charch this past week.
  2. Whattup Sig? Little worried about Mixon being on a pitch count this week in his 1st game back. Would you roll with Manny Sanders or Lynch in a full ppr for my flex instead? You rock! Thx brotherman!
  3. Thanks for the help! I know that offering an RB2 like Lynch is overpaying but I don't see myself ever starting him vs what I have for my RBs. Don't know why I drafted Lynch honestly. All in all you are right though I think I'm being too much of a fan here and just need to stream DST.
  4. I think I would decline this trade. While I do see SOME regression for Mahomes I do think he'll maintain a high level of play throughout the year. Him tied with Andy Reid is a good combo. Also I read somewhere that Rodgers was chirping for Jones to get some more playing time so he could take over that backfield sooner than most think, his value will increase going forward I believe.
  5. So I'm a Bears homer and want to pry them from another team to be able to watch Mack and the others dominate this year. What would be a fair offer for them? I already tried Lynch straight up and the owner declined. I tried an RB2 cuz that seems to be the weak spot on his team. Also am I just being TOO much of a homer in trying to trade for them? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  6. Hey Bloom! Full ppr flex~~would you roll with T. Coleman/Golladay/Allison? What do you think of maybe playing Michel? Thinking of getting in on his breakout game...gonna happen sooner or later right? And lastly what do you think of trading for the Bears D? Im a homer and wanna root for these guys each week. What would be a fair offer for a top Defense like them? Thx as always brotherman!
  7. Hey Sig! As always thank you for doing this forum. I normally don't like to ask normal start/sit questions but I'm in a conundrum here with who to go with in week 3. It's a full ppr league and I'm having a difficult time figuring out my RB's to start this week. I'm pretty sure I'm going with Odell/Manny Sanders/Golladay as my WR's and flex. Who do you have a good feeling on out of Gio Bernard, Tevin Coleman or Fournette? Need to start 2 of those 3. Would normally always roll with Fournette but a retweak of the hammy in-game is scaring me off quite a bit. I'm 0-2 and could really use this win. Thanks for your insights my friend!
  8. Bloom!! Thx for doing this for us! My 2 Q's that are looking for your 2 cents are...ppr league 1) Hogan or MBryant for my flex 2) Trade of Julio/Eifert for AJ/Ertz who do you think wins?? Thx if you get to one or either of my q's!