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  1. One thing I haven't seen mentioned... The Gordon signing has new OC Pat Shumur's stamp of approval all over does the trade of FB Andy Janovich to the Browns.
  2. I need 18.95 from him in a 1 PPR league. Yes, he needs to come up large!
  3. Yes they have. And...Scangarello needs to keep the foot on the gas offensively, something he did not do last week against the Chargers (after the 1st qtr).
  4. Lockett to my bench...starting DeVante Parker in his stead. No regrets.
  5. Is Lockett playing? 0 points so far...sheesh.
  6. Hey Sig! 1 PPR Redraft Which 2 WR's to start: D Hopkins (poor history vs. Pats); J Landry (might be tough sledding in PIT); S Diggs (hit or miss lately); T Lockett (over injury?); D Parker (can he keep it up?) 1 @ Flex: One of the above WR's, one of the TE's below... or Melvin Gordon; Phillip Lindsay 1 @ TE: G Kittle (injury concern); H Henry QB-ROS to pair with Josh Allen: S Darnold; B Mayfield; R Tannehill Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks in advance!
  7. Glad I have Mattison...sure hope I don't need him though.
  8. Both the underdog and Henry on choice but to start Kittle.
  9. Same here with Henry on a bye. WW is bare (but Dwelley is available), so will probably wait and see if Kittle is declared Out, move him to my IR spot, and pick-up Dwelley. Rough week as I have 4 players on bye (short 16 player bench), and dealing with Questionable for Lockett and Landry, so that's about all I can do.
  10. What if it was Tom Brady? Serious repercussions, to say the least.