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  1. 10 Team 1 pt PPR (+100 yd bonus; 50 yd+ TD bonus) Start 2 WR + 1 Flex #1-Hopkins Who For #2 WR and Flex: Lockett, Fitzgerald, Diggs, John Brown (FYI: Starting Josh Allen at QB) (I'm leaning Fitz & Brown)
  2. Yep...same here. Lutz may get more chances (as the season progresses) with the Bridgwater-led offense possible stalling more...but not worth it this week with Lutz...both outdoors, and in the rain. Maher it is,
  3. Hey Sig! 1 pt PPR WR2: Fitz, John Brown or Lockett (leaning Fitz) Flex: One of the above or P Lindsay, Diggs (leaning John Brown) (FYI: I'm starting Buf QB Josh Allen) Thanks in advance!
  4. A couple of people on another FF website's forum said the same thing.
  5. Bolles is pathetic. Bench him Fangio, please!
  6. Hey Sig! (1 pt PPR) Really want to pick-up Scary Terry ROS (though I'm worried about Keenum at QB) To do so, I have to drop one of Fitz, John Brown, Lockett or Diggs. (Nuk=WR1) (Just picked-up John Brown...Diggs in the Kubiak Min offense looks meh...Fitz looks good now, but sustainable ROS?...Lockett in run-first offense this year) Yes or No...if yes...who? Also: 2 QB's ROS: Big Ben, Goff, Rivers, Allen, Stafford (Currently have Ben & Goff) Thanks!
  7. Fournette is toxic. Permanently on my DND list. What a waste of a 1st round pick. NEVER again.
  8. My other option is Cam, and he's been nursing a damaged shoulder all year. Think I gotta roll with Ben, cracked ribs and all.
  9. Throw DC Woods and OC Musgrave in there too.