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  1. McCoy out- Dam.Williams over Derrick Henry? PPR
  2. ppr QB pick 1: Winston vs az or Mahomes at tn RB - Drake at tb, Henry vs kc or Dam.Williams at tn D - Pitt D vs lar or Indy D vs mia
  3. ppr RB - Drake at tb, L.Murray vs atl , Dam.Williams at tn, M.Gordon at oak
  4. Go Ravens help
  5. ppr NE D on a bye. Can add Saints, Colts, Bills or Pitt. I do need to drop one RB to make room. My RBs in 10 teams are Jacobs, 4nett, Henry, MG111, Drake, Damien Williams and Lat.Murray. Which RB do I drop?
  6. Especially in 8-10 team league - with high power O's upcoming on Pats schedule, the playoff schedule of week 15 / 16 gives pause to dropping.
  7. ppr WR pick 1: Edelman at cle or Diggs at kc QB pick 1: Winston at sea, Carr vs det, Tannehill at car or J.Allen vs was Drop one player (bench players) to pick up QB since Mahomes out: TY Hilton (inj) - ind, L.Murray - no, K.Drake - az or MG111 - sd D : NE D at bal or BILLS D vs was
  8. ppr league #1: pick 1: Lat Murray (Kamara Q??) vs Az, Henry vs tb, Jacobs (Q??) at hou league #2: Edelman vs cle or J.Brown vs phl
  9. ppr —start 1 QB: Allen vs phl , Winston at ten, Bridgewater vs az, Brissett vs den —start 1 WR: Hilton vs den, John Brown vs phl or Edelman vs cle —start 1 RB: Henry vs tb, Chase Edmonds (DJ out??) at no, L.Murray (Kamara out??) vs az, Josh Jacobs (inj,no practice all week) at hou or MG111 at chi —start 1 FLEX: pick 1 RB or WR above not picked
  10. .25ppr * my Mahomes gave me 10pts before his injury. Need some pts to make up for it . Thanks for your thoughts below... —WR pick 2: Edelman at NYJ TY Hilton vs Hou Fuller at Ind Diggs at Det Gallup vs Phl A.Cooper vs Phl ( less than 100%) —Flex pick 1: WR above not picked, M.Gordon at Tn or Josh Jacobs at GB. —Like to drop 2 WR to ww, which 2? Fuller Diggs Gallup —Due to Mahomes injury which 1 or 2 QB to aim for: Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Jameis Winston, Minshew, Mayfield ??
  11. .25ppr pick 2 Edelman at NYJ TY Hilton vs Hou Gallup vs Phl Fuller at Ind Diggs at Det
  12. 4nett!!! help
  13. Chark help
  14. I would go Gordon , McLaurin and Gallup help
  15. .25ppr -pick 1 FLEX: Will Fuller at KC, Melvin Gordon vs Pitt, chase edmonds(if DJ out) vs atl, Brown (if Gurley out) at sf