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  1. These are my same options..but throw in Brady. Does he take the top spot over Fitzmagic?
  2. Seems like a great match up for Bush if he gets the snap count.
  3. I'm ok with a long yard and a short yard. to me that makes sense.
  4. ^^^ Going with both Walton and Johnson...BECAUSE I HAVE TO!
  5. No Barkey and with both recievers in Minn a bit upset, I see a potential air it out type of game. Tate should be involve.
  6. PPR need 2 DJ Moore Tyrell Williams Golden Tate R. Anderson
  7. Mile Sanders face mask on kick-off...helmet flyng off... no call!
  8. it won't be Miami. You need to be on the field to get sacked
  9. Ummmm when will the dolphins realize drake is the best player they have?
  10. Bloom... Looks like a lot of ZAY love going on for you. Do you see a large amount of passing yards for Allen? 200+ yards only 2x (10 games)