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  1. I don't think this is an every week option but considering the weather and the new QB in GB today, I don't think it's a bad choice to start them both.
  2. Trelocke


    Ryan, don't over think it.
  3. Yeah, I'm saying Dalton too. He's been pretty good since the OC change.
  4. Had Henry as my RB2 choice all week but I saw the Fournette news this morning and was amazed to see Ivory on the wire. Grabbed him quick because I'm playing the Fournette owner but it looks like he specifically chose not to grab Ivory as he already adjusted his lineup and is staring Duke Johnson instead. So now I'm questioning if I should put him in place of Henry. Last time Murray was questionable and Henry was slated for a bigger role that didn't work out too well.
  5. I think I go Montgomery as your second choice. It's raining in GB and they don't have Rodgers. Lots of running/short passes should give him plenty of opportunities.
  6. "Better" is sort of subjective. Can "neither" be a choice? lol Eifert would be my hold. He's at least shown he produces when he's on the field. I think we've seen all we're ever gonna see from least until he goes somewhere else. Then who knows?
  7. Good god, that is an ugly mess to have as your options this week. I think I agree with travdogg, roll with Hundley. He's an unknown, but he's actually a pretty good talent and GB made the likes of Matt Flynn look like an undiscovered superstar in the making. Not only can you just not trust Ben anymore, but even his "at home" starts haven't been very good (his 0TD 5INT game was at home). Not to mention Cincy has made every QB they faced not named Aaron Rodgers look awful. I honestly don't think any of the other guys are even worth mentioning. I'd go with the unknown but well-coached, well-supported option this week in your case.
  8. This is the same team that made Matt Flynn look like the second coming and Hundley is a much better talent than Flynn. Nelson will be fine. That GB offense will be fine. Not Aaron Rodgers fine, but close enough to not matter much in fantasy football.
  9. Considering it's dynasty have you considered seeing what you could get for OBJ? He's one of the best in the game but he's also had injury issues and is kind of a pain in the ### off the field too. I don't necessarily envy you that headache going forward. I'm wondering if you couldn't pilfer one of the losing teams in your league of a worthwhile WR for OBJ and a pick instead. In my opinion a 1st for Fitz is just too steep. Sanders will recover so you will have essentially traded for two aging WRs and dealt away some of your rebuilding power.
  10. I think we are seeing the real Todd Gurley. Rough road ahead or not (and it's not that rough), he's just not facing stacked boxes anymore because Goff can beat you. That said, you're getting the best WR in football, fantasy or otherwise. It's hard to pass that up. Personally I'd be interested in what you could get for Ingram + Hilton/Baldwin and keep your double stud RB1s but that's your call. Gurley for Brown is not only a good trade but helps your team.