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  1. Sig, too cute benching Jared cook or anthony Miller for Boston Scott? in full ppr w/ bonus at 100yds.
  2. Sig, do I play Powell in full ppr over singletary or AJ Brown? I’m using AJ Brown partly based on his haymaker upside. Jared cook situation is bad isn’t it? NO missing two OLinemen, and matchup is worst in NFL. Am I crazy for going Gesicki here? Thanks. Love ya bye!
  3. He’s got the upside with Edelman, Riggs, Waller, Henry (Chargers TE), Bell, Lindsay, vs my Lockett, Godwin, Chubb, (already played Ridley, singletary, cook) and he had Thomas. I evened the odds after Thursday night from projected for to get an ### kickin. So it’s hard to say if in both flex spots I play it safe with snell or roll with AJ. I think we in agreement Snell is lowest upside in ppr between him and Darrel and AJ?
  4. Sig, thanks for always being patient and giving of your time on Twitter and here. 1.) Pick 2 for ppr: Darrel, Snell, AJ Brown. the fan in me wants to watch Darrel and Brown but logic says Snell has to be the floor pick between to pair with prolly Darrel. Let the fan or logic win? 2.) Might need in week 14: Auden Tate or Hurns in ppr?
  5. 2 questions 1)Playing a guy who had Williams and Nuk on Thursday. start at flex, full ppr, yardage bonus 100: —Brian hill, AJ Brown or N’keal Harry? *caveat is question 2 2) I’m in playoffs, seating could change a lot next two weeks: Brian Hill is probably droppable after this week. So do I start AJ or N’keal and go ahead and drop both hill to make room to stash Tony pollard? Trying to keep high upside guys looking to playoffs, Tim Patrick is also on my bench as an upside stash.
  6. I have some fringe WR option bench guys and I could be starting one next week depending on Lockett. I’m trying to keep guys with upward trajectory/upside. I foolishly played James Washington over Renfrow or Dorsett so I’ll be looking to drop him and pick someone up with my $28 in faab left. But some of these guys I could pick up now for free and drop renfrow or Dorsett. Full ppr, I own: renfrow, dorsett, James Washington (already used him) Possible looking to drop some for: Available FA: Isabella, AJ Brown, Kenny Stills, N’Keal Harry, TreQuan please advise thanks Sig
  7. ‪hey sig, some NE writers are high on the idea that NKeal will get legit burn in the X. Do we find ways 2 hold him thru bye if I have to drop Winston (Ryan owner)or possibly Lazard King or AJ? Talent + opportunity -risk tolerance = Fantasy goodness? 2much risk?‬ big upside is there right, profiled as JJ’s best receiver in draft.
  8. Sig, 1.) My league starts 1,3,2,1,1,1,2. (deep starters), shallow 5 man bench, full PPR. Should I trade the SF defense owner my MVS? This will be my 2nd defense, I own the Pats. Some weeks I start 5 WR, right now I have: Wr=Godwin, Lockett, Stills, AJ Brown, Ridley.. MVS is my 6th. I have N’Keal in my IR spot who I’ll have to activate soon if I keep him (Rbs= chubb, Coleman, White, Edmonds/ TE= Waller, Everett) Im going to have to drop someone for a streaming defense next week, which I refuse to do, but can: (A) stream DEF and not play a kicker and just middling streamers out there or (B) only play a kicker and leave DEF empty (who at least cant get negative points). If I can get (C) SF in that trade, maybe I will hold both, which is yucky, and play the matchups since SF schedule isn’t all gravy. 2.) judging by my roster above, knowing I need 9 skill position starters. How do u like trading edmonds, Everett, MVS or another Wr3 for Amari cooper? 3.) primer shows y’all have Ridley higher than Tevin, Mvs, AJ B, I need one. He was boom bust with Matty ice, now I’m really scared with concerned with Schaub. Is tevin the safest play? I’d love to be a part of AJ or the Monday night game. Are they all about the same for u? thanks sig!
  9. Sig, start two and drop two in full ppr: -duke williams, Marquise Goodwin, chase Edmonds, AJ Brown, Malcolm brown, MVS. -Or pick up DT and drop two of the others. U guys have DT ranked highest but he gonna do anything at 31 vs tough Pats corners? im leaning starting duke williams (Waldman’s guy) and either Marquise Goodwin or dropping Goodwin! SF gotta get air game going don’t they? I can wait for the 1pm game to end to see how Gurley looks and if he survives game then I guess I can feel better moving on or keeping Brown and also see what zay jones does. MVS very frustrating. Or I can role dice On Uber talented AJ and hope titans finally figure it out and start AJ tho I’d like to see Tannehill concertedly target him. Urggghh. thanx Sig, I know u don’t want to read these longs ones but I’m freaking out!
  10. Sig, My league start 1,3,2,1,1,1,2 flex. Only 5 bench (hard to stash). Full ppr. Bonuses at 100 yds. 1.) TRADE: I own Ridley as my Wr3 & a disappointing MVS as my 4 and DeVante Parker as my 5. This league is very Wr centric scoring. Do I trade away James white and MVS for Robert woods who I think could be in for a resurgence?.. FYI White is my 2/3rd (depending on if U think Tevin is better), I need an RB2 next week. also think strong possibility if NE does not upgrade a pass receiver I really see WhitE getting tons of targets as competition gets tougher on schedule. He had 9 on Thursday to the Giants! My rbs behind White are Chase, Malcolm. If u see chase stepping into a nice consistent chunk share then it be easier to let White go for woods. (MVS is almost droppable anyway) 2.) DeVante Parker: what are your thoughts on devante Parker ROS? That Miami schedule is not great but he has flashed in his 3/4th year (not sure) with highest ADOT and all usable ppr scoring game besides Pats game. Couldn’t he just provide A-Rob light garbage games circa Jags 2015 so hold? Or hell no he’s on the Dolphins. Please rank ROS: MVS, Parker, Duke Williams, Dorsett, Pettis, Zay Jones 3.) Best 1pm stash: I like to roster big time handcuffs in kicker spot till I’m forced to choose a kicker if they don’t hit. 1 o clock I have murray cuz of Kamara, hang onto Murray cuz possible that ankle has issues or just roster Mattison for 1pm game? 4.) Dante Pettis: does Pettis still have a heartbeat? If Darrel Williams doesnt get any more work, drop him for Pettis cuz still a chance he’s the man there? 5.) Team DEF: I won’t carry two defenses, NE defense about to see reality after week 7 or 8. What is a team defense or 2 with a good end of the year schedule? Thanks Sig.
  11. Sigmund, am I on the couch kinda? Maybe the love seat. 1.) Start/Sit I’m scared of getting the bad Ju Ju? Dr. Jene has me freaked out about his toe as if offense wasn’t bad enuf. I have to choose between 3 of these: Juju, MVS, Dorsett, Ridley, mecole, Pettis. (Full ppr, bonus at 100yds) I feel better starting MVS, Dorset, Ridley over Ju but it’s close on Ridley, this is perfect game for Ridley to hit his ceiling. I guess I need u to tell me I’m not crazy. For what it’s worth I need ceiling. 2.) Defense Strategy: been riding NE defense since start of the year and it’s been glorious, going to come to a crashing halt soon, any defenses out there good to target with good end of season schedules? 3.) Stashes been rotating thru speculating on backup rbs hoping to hit gold for an RB2 (Currently Starting Tevin unless good news emerges on Darrel). I Picked up Hines, but blah. I’m content with dropping Hines and kicker, to speculate on Ryquell and Chase in 1 pm games. I’ll pick up a kicker later if they don’t hit and pivot one to tony pollard. Is ryquell and chase the best speculation rbs in the 1 pm slate? and would u drop Hines (cuz I can start Tevin) in order to speculate, or hold Hines to speculate on him? he may have ppr value ROS as much as Chase/Ryquell could (Mack injury history)? Thnx, have no idea how u read & answer all these and do live show before kickoff!
  12. Sig, can’t say enough nice things about the way you embrace this community and inject existential sensibility into your content with a dose of Kantian epistemological takes on what we can know and the limitations of our ability to make sense of it from our keyhole perspective. One day they will teach fantasy football theory in college & your authored text would make for a hell of a class... I need to start 1 rb and 2 flex from the following in full ppr, bonus at 100 yds Rb: Rexy, “1 L” Darrel Williams Wr: Godwin, Mecole, Dorsett, Ridley id love to start Godwin & Ridley but between Godwin performance last week & DNPs this week & late start I’m scared of him, he has a big size advantage on Robey-Coleman. I think he could be funneled targets as best receiving options. Waldman feels LA is a paper tiger as far as being a shy-away defense. For what it’s worth I’m playing Demarcus Robinson and Watkins owner (have mecole). And got a healthy 7 points from MVS Thursday night.
  13. Sigmund, As Im typing this its thursday afternoon so a lot will change. Im looking to start 1 RB and 2 flex from these options in 1pt ppr. Rbs: Mostert vs Pitt, Wilkins vs ATL, Darwin vs BAL WR: MVS vs Den, Mecole vs BAL, Ridley vs Ind Im thinking..... Rb: Wilkins (no Mack) or Mostert if Mack Flex: MVS, Ridley (I could chose Mecole over either guy but hes still raw, scares me) Note: dude Im playing has Zeke so I might need some punch but I have a good feeling about MVS Also, what are your thoughts on Will Dissly ROS? he started strong last year then lost for season, hes back and starting strong again, would have had 90 total yards last week but a 40 yarder wiped away on penalty. dude can ball. might should get in early.
  14. Sig, Everyone is poo-pooing Matty Ice for this weekend. This a QB heavy league with bonus yds/6pts. Start 1,2,3,1,1,1,2 & 5 bench. Bench is crucial here & shallow, really only want to roster 1qb. However, Stafford best option on waivers. Strategy move, yay or nay: -drop kicker, pick up Stafford & start him. Wait to see where I stand by Monday night and if I need to pick up kicker from Oak or Denver, but I’d have to drop either Malcom brown or Boykin depending on performances, don’t want to drop either. Would u do this all in an effort to start Stafford instead of Ryan?
  15. Sig, I’m up against the jaugernaut of the league. He has Kelce, zeke, cmc, and maybe Ty in full ppr. - My question is do I play zayJ for upside or Spencer Ware over any of golladay, JustinJax, or Courtland Sutton who I all have starting. also, - im starting Bills over Denver, would u rather keep Denver to use the following week vs Cleveland or drop and just use bills again at home vs Lions? - do i need to find a way to get Damien Williams on my team? U think he could easily steal the job from ware?