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  1. It does when you type "Conner" from the main SP index. Make sure you have "this forum" selected in the drop down box.
  2. Please provide any links you would like to see added, there are way too many players for a limited few of us to go research them all.
  3. Has been added to the official thread index, please use that one for further discussions.
  4. Added or fixed team links for Broncos, Chiefs, Cowboys, Redskins, and Titans. Added a 2016 link for Colts, couldn't find a current one.
  5. @bumpman I have added thread to the Player Index thread, please edit title with "Official" in the title. /hm
  6. This is going to take a lot more help from the community since there's nothing already compiled. Please provide a link to the player thread as well as the player page. /HM