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  1. Lots of tears in here. 90-95% of the people didn’t draft CMC. It’s ok.
  2. Broke even this week. Had a couple LU’s flirting with 200 and a couple that #### the bed. Not a single one with Diggs which obviously would have turned the tides. If I had him in my one LU with Cousins/Carson/McLaurin would have pulled $1000 for $3 😞
  3. Ended up my worst lineup, lol.
  4. Prob my favorite lineup for cash: Minshew Cook, Ingram, Flex: Carson Hopkins, Dede, Preston Williams Hooper Falcons
  5. Fuller price went way up of course. Still have him in a couple. Here are the players I’m mostly using: QB: Ryan, Cousins, Lamar RB: Ingram, Elliott, Edmonds, Carson WR: Gallup, Thielen, McLaurin, Julio TE: Hooper, Andrews Def: Ravens, Dolphins 😄 ETA: Only cash plays for me
  6. I like what Tags did on his podcast this week when asked the one person he was right on so far this year and he said no, it’s too early. Sure it’s a bit different for defenses because there’s no one injury that sidelines them but it’s still only week 6.
  7. I’m def riding Fuller again against KC. Will have him and Watson paired in a few for sure. Still looking at the weekend but I like Michel on Thursday with Burkhead banged up. Should hopefully get some targets and I would hope he gets in the end zone at least once. His ceiling isn’t super impressive but he should be a safe floor type for cash.
  8. Can’t say I saw 200 and 3 but I’ll take it, haha.
  9. Didn’t see a thread? So the Vikings have the obvious - Cook and Mattison. And they still have Abdullah. I think the sky is the limit with this kid and really wish he was in a different situation. Do we see him being stuck deep on the depth chart for years to come? Hard to trade him if you don’t showcase his talents. But I certainly see Cook and Mattison being the 1/2 for a long time coming. Would be a travesty if he rotted as a 3rd stringer.
  10. Come on Bill, let’s see what this kid can do. He has to be better than Bolden.
  11. Here’s who I have in lineups this week: QB: Wentz, Ryan, Chase Daniel, Flacco RB: Cook, Kamara (favorite), CMC, Chris Thompson (several), Freeman, Henry WR: Sutton, Fuller, Fitz (favorite), ARIII TE: Ertz, Kittle, Hooper Def: Titans, Bengals
  12. Missed my pick on BB and Collins was auto drafted for me. Awesome. 🤦‍♂️
  13. /pat Kupp is an animal. Had him last year and due to a brain fart I forgot to keep him in the 10th round. Paying for that mistake every week.
  14. He’s Goff’s favorite red zone target. That’s all you need to know to pick him over the other two. Those on Cooks and Woods are living in the past.