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  1. ### #### it. FBG had to feature Henry and throw his two monster games in my face again. Owner from the start and was ready to sacrifice my first born for Dion Lewis to go away or Henry to start chaining together solid games which never happened....until those two games. But on season’s end I finally said it! I’m not gonna keep you this year! (Keep 4 league) Now here I am - wondering if the monster I have waited to unleash itself is finally going to happen. I think I’m more concerned about watching him blow up on another team after I have suffered through the growing pains from day one. If he blows up - he’s gonna be on MY team! But at the same I willing to risk him burning me - one. more. time. So painful.
  2. I had him drop to the 4th and 5th. I wasn’t taking a chance waiting any longer.
  3. Ah yes thank you for reminding me!
  4. One thing you are guaranteed every year with the subscriber contest - a tremendous bump in the amount of times “iterations” is used on the board. I’ll say it at least 20 times myself. PS - When does the contest usually roll out?
  5. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere but I could not find anything via search. Simply put - who is the TE to own in New England this year? And what can we reasonably expect? Ben Watson - After some quick stat review I was surprised to see how pedestrian his numbers were. 2010 and 2015 were great years but beside that there isn’t a whole lot to get excited about. This could be WR bias where I’m just looking at his numbers with a WR’s in mind. But Ben was one of those guys that always screamed consistency and reliability to me. He’s 38. He most likely can’t separate from a wet paper towel. But possible red zone target? I just can’t picture TE1 or 2 numbers. Stephen Anderson and Matt LaCosse - Two young guys I really don’t know much at all about. I remember Anderson on the Texans being a fairly mobile and quick TE. LaCosse I have no words. As you can see - my understanding of the players involved in the situation is poor and that’s even a stretch. There are two other guys listed on the roster as well - Ryan Izzo and Andrew Beck. Are they simply placeholders or something to see? I have to imagine Ben is gonna be starting at least for the first half of the season until the young guys are up to speed. Can he put up TE2 numbers? Is one of the younger guys going to take over during the second half of the season? Would love to hear your thoughts.
  6. I feel like Warren has show flashes of brilliance that Washington really hasn’t. And I think on any other team Dougie would be out but Gruden does seem to have a soft spot for the guy. Unless they’re also looking to have somewhat of a mentor for Jacobs. Hard to say. But strictly from an on the field standpoint I can’t see why they wouldn’t find a way to keep Warren.
  7. Good discussion. I’m taking another look at the whole situation. I was all about Jones but valid concerns being brought up.
  8. You know what I didn’t think about that. As a Henry owner last year I am all too familiar with the head scratching week to week in how Henry was used. I thought LaFleur would be a positive but it may the exact opposite. ####. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. Wow that is really surprising. Freeman and Mack even with Jones far behind. I don’t agree with that at all. I am fairly confident Jones will outperform both of them.
  10. So confused with this whole situation as a previous Goodwin owner. Picked him up right when he went odd but will he ever get back to his short term productive self or is he already on his way out? So there is Goodwin, Samuel and Pettis and everyone and their mother is high on Pettis, who could very well be the #1 but I have to think the value is with Goodwin or Samuel.
  11. I don’t know what to do with the wideouts on Arizona. I had Fitz two years ago and the old man killed it. I have loved what I’ve seen from Kirk. And I am admittedly completely oblivious to this rookie class so only know what I’ve heard about Harry. I’ll be honest I def want a part of this offense I’m just not sure who.
  12. 100%. I like Miller if you need a safety net but if you are going upside, which is generally the case in their ADP area Hyde is the play.
  13. I have been looking at these two and Freeman and I have Jones significantly higher than the other two. I think with LaFleur in town he is gonna ride Jones a lot more than they did last year. He has been falling to round 5 in mocks and I think that’s just crazy. I see an easy top 15 finish for him. I’ll be pulling the trigger in round 4 everywhere I can.
  14. Not even considering the guy until this. Loved him in college, and then all of the camp talk last year sounded awful. And his playtime reflected it. I’ll stick with Peyton way down in the basement rounds until I hear something different.