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  1. Went to grammar and high school with Nancy Pelosi's son. A neighbor was Robin Williams. Would often see athletes when out and about: Ronnie Lott, Mark McGuire, Will Clark Sammy Hagar Sylvester Stallone Cameron Diaz Cheryl Crow/Lance Armstrong Joe Sakic Todd Helton Very nice conversations on several occasions with jake plummer. Jeff Fisher and several Rams Snoop Dog Dan Aykroyd
  2. I never get tired of Maui. Merriman's is probably my #1
  3. No. I turned it into a seinfeld quote and intentionally misused plural vs possessive.
  4. grabbing and hooking is certainly more egregious than "hand fighting"
  5. I saw the initial contact akin to a defender in basketball putting a hand on an offensive player to get a feel for where the player is. We see this on every pass play.
  6. I saw that a little bit differently than yourself. I thought the initial contact was virtually simultaneous, with the defender immediately starting to grab, slowing down kittle. To me, the grab seemed more egregious than the actions taken by kittle. My bigger point is that I believe this exists with almost every pass play and was a curious time to call it.
  7. Defender started hooking kittle's arm a little earlier in the route. It was marginal and could have gone either way. Because of the contact throughout the play, I'd say no call. A case could be made for defensive holding/DPI as well. We had the two elite TE's facing off. Should we go back and review all of their routes and see how many times we have penalties on their plays? How many other plays should be called back?