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  1. I don't drink as much as I used to. I'll load up on Bai, Hint, Vitamin water Zero.
  2. We have been members for decades but for a good five years or so haven't gone much. started going back for proteins (carnitas, iqf shrimp, tri-tip, chicken thighs, a few prepped meals)...some of these fresh, some frozen, beverages, and items we know we are going to use throughout the year. working out well.
  3. Nice offer. I am celebrating my 50th that weekend and that would have worked out well. Ended up booking something else. At our age, coordinating schedules for 5 couples with kids was herding cats.
  4. ... and on where the rest of the FA land as well.... which combos will we get, where? we'll see what the bigger pull is- keeping a historic dynasty together or winning one where he is the clear #1 on a team.
  5. so.... if Klay, Green, and KD leave (or two out of three) how do you believe it will impact the league and playoffs?
  6. never as a meal 3-4x/wk with a meal minimal dressing depends on mood and need to mix it up, but i could more frequently do varieties of vinaigrettes
  7. I ask for well done fries at both in-n-out and 5 guys
  8. "Well, if we offer some low cost entertainment that saves you the cost a of a baby-sitter, and provide you with good beer and food...maybe you come with a group of friends and stay for a while."
  9. Many around us are getting more and more family friendly (more activities).... changing to market demands. edit: and almost all offer food.
  10. Depends. Not my first choice, but if the “restaurant” area is full/long wait, and we can get in quickly in the bar area, I’m game. .... would not complain about adult conversation
  11. episode offered a little reminder about tyrion and sansa being married and jon giving arya needle edit: and tryion's kindess to bran