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  1. I make a decent amount of asian and hipanic dishes at home. often a key ingredient. love it.
  2. This is pretty much us with our 13 yr old daughter. There have been certain households we did not want her to spend the night at, and there have been a few very annoying friends we did not love having over, but it is a positive to learn to adapt to different rules. She now has a set of friends where they will rotate. Great to have a night just with the wife. regarding the OP... very tricky with it being family and them wanting to know why. Maybe let them know that you would like more balance for your children to promote more family time together. You can categorize the other sleepover as a special occasion.
  3. I used to make a lot of pasta... favorites were pappardelle, gnocchi, ravioli (many different fillings), agnolotti, and tagliatelle. big fan of boar ragu. mushrooms/marsala or madiera sauces seafood, roasted chicken, or pancetta for ravioli or agnolotti Very rare I make them anymore.
  4. first bill= -$55.07 Still waiting on gift card
  5. A haircut has to be convenient for me. She was very good, but her appearance is a "perk," not a motivating factor. Now, if she included other services I might be persuaded.
  6. Pretty out of the way. Depending on time and is more than 45 min to get there. My schedule varies so I need to be able to pop in quickly when I need a cut.
  7. Up until about a year ago, my barber was a former playboy bunny ... and now shooting with maxim. She actually did a great job cutting hair.... moved to a shop 30 miles away to the OP: every 10-14 days. .5 clipper on sides and back
  8. this day and time, living an '86 lifestyle would be a challenge.
  9. HS class of 87 👨‍🎓, so jr year in 86 drove an 81 datsun 280zx No GF= Free agent great time.... so do I get my current knowledge to take with me