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  1. Should be crispy, not break your tooth hard.
  2. Only if I make twice baked, or potato skins. Don't like em if it's just a baked potato.
  3. I started playing with food when I was about 10. One of my favorites to cook was a burger with oyster sauce.
  4. A couple of week ago a friend brought over a 69 Pinot from Portugal. Very interesting finish.
  5. Four: Family room master bdr daughter's bdr guest room
  6. we started doing online (vs live) about 4-5 years ago an love it....still do the trip to vegas and draft in someone's room instead
  7. Even before Covid, we were talking about moving the trip to New Orleans. Now we are not sure what we all want to do. Most are west coast with one in DC
  8. jar jar binks introducing aliens to Indiana Jones
  9. i used to go smooth or rustic. these days more rustic (use a potato masher). I go a little heavier than most on cilatro and lime. prefer serranos to jalapenos. I used to put out an "asian" guac and chips... a little soy, sesame oil, wasabi powder with won ton skins.
  10. I love my current car (05 convertible M3), but itching for something newer.... need to wait a little bit as I am taking a temporary hit in salary.
  11. One dealership or multiple? In the past I have sent emails to multiple nearby dealerships nearby with the specs I was looking for "I am looking for bids on XX car with ABC options and will go with the best offer. What is the best you can do?"