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  1. I think a beat the score at 125 could be interesting.
  2. About 2000 teams didn’t make the cut in the 100pt $3 contest. It paid $2.80 to those that out scored 100pts.
  3. That is how I playedit: Brady and Foles, then added around them the best I could.
  4. No White or Davis for me. So nothing back yesterday. A couple decent opportunities with my Saturday-Sunday lineups still out there.
  5. Heavy Pats for me. All Brady, all the time. Everyone has been picking at Brady and Leadership in general there. I think they make a big statement today. And that week off did nothing but help. I love Lewis and all the touches he will get. I also like Henry (value) and Bell for the volume. I am also using Fournette. I have no clue at WR, but since I used Gronk — let’s just say I am looking for value at WR. Also, using Atlanta D and Sucoop. Hate how greedy ### companies (FanDuel) take adavatage of their customers with splitting the main slate! Boo! Boo! Good luck. Let’s all split today’s top payout since it’s a two game slate!
  6. I did put together one Russell and one Brady lineup, but went without Elliott in both. In general, I am all in on Cam!
  7. I have been busy with work and kids, so not much time this week. A few quick notes, on the main slate, may be all I have time for this week. I am not using Wilson or Brady this week. I just like the cheaper options better. I think the RB pool is very deep this week. Gordon, Elliott, and McCoy are my favorite three RB options this week. I think Lewis and Howard are both under valued. I also think if you need savings Theo and Mixon are both reasonable options. I am not using Fournette. I see a lot of value at WR. I like Hill, Cooks, Gordon, Baldwin, and few others around $7200. My favorite play at WR is Marvin Jones Jr, coming back to Cincy, and torching an injury depleted defense that has completely mailed it in. I am spreading my TE options, depending on the money I have left. I made eight lineups and used 8 TEs, ranging from 5100-8400. I may narrow it more, but I did not use Engram or Graham. Mixed and matched my defense too and didn't use anyone all that unique. I settled on the $4800 set of kickers. Good luck to everyone and have a Merry Christmas.
  8. Not very good. 22 in and 7 out. I played one lineup in the main and one after hours, last night. Neither lineup broke 280pts.
  9. After hours slate. 22 in and 25 out. One decent lineup and one not so much.
  10. I want in on the overlay for these tickets. Nice work spotting them.
  11. 25 in and 33 out. Played six contests in the main slate and half cashed. My 315pt lineup got nothing! Played three contests in the late night slate and my 303pts cashed, but did not hit the board in the big GPP.
  12. My Thu-Mon lineup got to 165pts. I had it in 8 contests and it cashed in all. But, I can not help but think about what it could have been had that lineup not gotten 3.1pts from Westbrook and 3.4pts from Brown. I had one of my better weeks in a long time, so no complaining and time to start preparing for the upcoming weekend.
  13. 168 was my best. Up about 50 for the week. I have 137 with Freeman left in the Thu-Mon contests. Overall one of my better weeks recently.
  14. PF position killed me tonight. Young and Crowder. 12 in and 4 out.