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  1. Great week! My best lineup went for 181-pts (including 3.5-pts from Mr. Mattison) in the MIlly Maker. That was good enough 3265 place out of 804375 participants.
  2. I was looking at the breakdown of the payout schedule of my 'main' lineup this week. It hit 165-pts for $19.44 in and $59 out. Three and Out (3 max) $3 Contest - Placed 243 out of 7936 (top 3%) and it paid back $9. Single Entry $5 Event - Placed 645 out of 26428 (top 3%) and it paid back $20. Flea Flicker (5 max) $7 Contest - Placed 193 out of 5102 (top 4%) and it paid back $20. Milly Maker $4.44 Contest - Placed 16754 out of 804375 (top 2%) and it paid back $10. I just thought I would share how top heavy these events are on FanDuel. It is not a criticism. I choose to play these contests, when I could have invested my money in lots of other contests, platforms, or even other means of entertainment. I also used this lineup in a couple head to head contests this week Honestly, I am still trying to figure out which contests I should play each week, even though I have been playing for years now.
  3. Next week I am going to change the league format. I was hoping to get a consistent 20-people, but that doesn't seem to be possible. I am going drop it down to 10-man each week (first come, first serve) and keep the entry at $5, on the main slate -- winner take all. If anyone has other suggestions or thoughts, please let me know.
  4. 11 out of 15 lineups cashing right now. Looks like I will double up this week, or close to it. Couple of scores around 180-pts, which puts them inside the top 8000 out of 804375
  5. Still need 8. Running out of time. Please share the link to fill the league.
  6. Leaning towards this one: Lamar - Henry/Taylor/Mattison - Jefferson/Hollywood/OBJ - Ebron - Lions
  7. Plenty of room left for week six. Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=Public Contest Invite&utm_content=Link
  8. I am using Brady in one out of ten lineups this week. I originally had Evans and Godwin with him, but I made major changes to it. Going with this instead: Brady-Henry/R Jones/Gaskin-Adams/Golladay/Thielen-Gronk-Lions
  9. I have Brady-Evans-Godwin w/Adams.
  10. Having trouble deciding: Lamar - Henry/Taylor/Robinson - Thielen/M Brown/P Williams - Ebron - NYG OR Lamar - Henry/Taylor/Mattison - Golladay/M Brown/P Williams - Ebron - Lions Probably do fatal flaw!
  11. I just can’t spend up for Tongan, especially with Adams back.
  12. I just don’t trust Montgomery, otherwise I think this is nice GPP. I am attacking the GB/TB with Brady.
  13. If Fournette is out, I am in on Jones too.
  14. Week six random thoughts. I usually play about 6-10 lineups a week, so my player pool is smaller than most. I have been building a few lineups this morning and am starting to notice some trends. I like Henry and Taylor the most at RB. I do not trust Montgomery, but he seems like he will be very popular. I am using Davis, Mattison, Jones, and Gaskin too. I am targeting less than $4K defenses, which all look to be less than 6% owned, such as, Panthers, Giants, Bengals, and Lions. My favorite two stacks are: Tannehill/Henry/Brown w/Fuller and Cousins/Mattison/Jefferson w/Ridley. Using a lot of $6500-$7500 WRs and as usual, I am clueless, so mostly just following the builders. I do think I could be missing out on Ridley and Adams this week, so I may look to fit them in a bit more. As of now, using Golladay and Thielen regularly. I seem to be landing on Ebron at TE, in order to fit other pieces in, and at 1% ownership I can live with that. Also using some Andrews, Gesicki, and Hockerson. I am fading Jonnu, but he will be popular this week. I like Cam and Lamar at QB and I won't be afraid to go naked with them this week, which, in the crazy Covid year is a NO-NO! I like this lineup, but it is injury dependent, so it may change: Lamar - Henry/Taylor/Davis - Jefferson/Zaccheaus/T Johnson - Andrews - Panthers