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  1. Russell Okung rumored to be back soon, possibly as early as this week. How happy should we be?
  2. Gun to my head I’d guess sit through the bye.
  3. “WR AJ Green says he wont practice again today doesnt know status for Sunday. Says no setback but plan was to give him week off although Zac Taylor said yesterday he expected him to practice. I believe he is out thru bye week“ -Cincy Twitter dude.
  4. 18/85/1 Ground 7/69/0 Air. The Cards like to play fast so we’re looking at a lot of possessions. The O/U of 50.5 is tied for the second highest of the week. Giddyup.
  5. You’d think the Bengals would have been enough aware of that to have IR-ed him then.
  6. Insert next best option then no fun guy!
  7. You boys seeing all these trades today? How lit is this place gonna be when we get that BREAKING: AJ Green traded to the Green Packers alert...
  8. Haha damn I’ve given away how not up with the times I am. We don’t still lust over them?
  9. Yessir right with you. Want to see him used in the passing game next. Would be curious to hear what defensive personnel the Niners used when he was in.
  10. Need him back. The Cards inability to cover TEs has been well documented. Big blow up opportunity if he’s healthy.
  11. Cobbler1 hopes to bang Megan Fox and Kate Upton in the next few weeks as well...
  12. There’s just not enough volume and Kirk isn’t good. The 5 tds this year are great but he’s getting targeted more like the end of last year vs his hot streak to begin it. I sold him in dynasty and have been shopping hard without luck in redraft.