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  1. What was that call?? Didn’t seem like the play clock was an issue
  2. Really really bad showing today. But let’s face it the OL was awful missing block after block and not getting any push against a small Chargers front. And wr group really isn’t intimidating in the least. The schemes seemed really stupid, playing right into the Chargers strengths and not exploiting their weaknesses.
  3. This wasn’t a factor. Coming out in a bunch of 3 and 4 wide sets again a team down LBs and their top defensive tackle was the biggest blunder of the day.
  4. Keep spreading the field against a team of DBs. Makes real ####### sense.
  5. This. It’s been just horrific coaching for the Ravens. And that’s pretty pathetic.
  6. It was a catch. And it was obviously PI. Come on people.
  7. Vander Esch hurt according to game tracker. Way to go moron.
  8. I’d guess QB and by far your best wr would be guys you’d want to rest. As well as your stud LBs.
  9. Why are there any starters in right now? Garrett is legit stupid.
  10. That’s certainly part of it but it’s also because 2017 had Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross taken in the first 9 picks compared to the top wrs of 2018 going much later . So it wasn’t entirely a reaction to the success of the RBs. If there had been a couple top 10 wrs in the 2018 draft then it’s unlikely the top wr would have gone in the late first of rookie drafts.
  11. That throw he made to Lockett on SNF was absolutely tantalizing. So good.
  12. Right but that’s already factored into the decision. If a guy is on the fence about coming back to improve his draft stock or just to continue living like a king with his buddies for another year without the pressure of professional football then a little something something from Saban Claus could be the difference. Anyways my comment was largely tongue in cheek as I’m aware that ‘Bama isn’t the only program that pays guys they’re just the figurehead due to their success on the field and in the recruiting rankings. I appreciate you bringing this guy up. I’m always interested in a dude with his skillset.
  13. A few hundred K in the Christmas stocking helps with that.
  14. Hue is somewhat of a history buff, by shackling Chubb the first few weeks he was just leveling the playing the field. Poor guy, always misconceived!
  15. 149 and 2 it is then, you have a deal!