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  1. Seems pretty standard not to rule him out 9 days in advance of the next game. I’d take him missing practice all week and being ruled out Friday as an indication his status is very much in doubt for next week.
  2. There’s certainly nothing to indicate he’s out 6 weeks but I haven’t seen anything to indicate he’ll be back next week. Are you referring to Taylor saying something along the lines of him only being ruled out for this week?
  3. Williams is not splitting 50/50 with Jones currently.....
  4. Certainly some targets to be had with Sanders also out. I’m starting him in a league out of desperation.
  5. It would be the Jamaal show I think with Dillon giving him a breather. Really nice play if Jones is out.
  6. Ervin missed last week and didn’t practice today. He may be broken as well.
  7. I didn’t notice any additional misjudged ones outside of the end zone one unless you mean that wild cross field throw by Wentz where I think he did well to contest it and not have it end up picked. I thought he ran a poor route before his other end zone target which wasn’t really close to him as a result. Looked pretty good all around to me.
  8. I’d rather have Fant rest of season. Seems like he’s option 1 there. Cook is 3 or 4 in NO. Granted it’s higher volume. Can understand Cook this week though with Thomas out and the weather in Denver. I’d roster Fant though.
  9. Expand on this litany of bad techniques outside of the missed td. Thanks.
  10. High ankle sprain for D-Jax MRI to see if surgery is needed. Sounds like 4-6 at minimum. Fulgham’s role is entirely safe if there was any doubt.
  11. Looks really good. 100%. Didn’t expect that at all after getting hurt so early in the year after no preseason and the rumors he might not even be activated tonight. He’s going to play a ton and probably lead the team in targets from this point on.