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  1. Sounds consistent with the allegations about refusing to pay from other vendors. Probably tried to pay with a couple signed gloves and a live rendition of Whole Lotta Money.
  2. Not a great sign for his intelligence/maturity that after all the damage he did to his image with his prior incidents he chose to imitate a dog taking a piss on the field during intros. He had a whole week to choose what he wanted to do! Somehow pissing on the field like a dog won out. Remarkable.
  3. Remember when that one guy said he was never gonna score again
  4. Simmons is a punk. Cheap shot on Lamar. Allegedly spat in the faces of a couple linemen. Talked the talk about learning and growing from his off-field incident in college. Well the early returns suggest he’s got a lot more growing left to do. Really good player though.
  5. Not 100% on how to interpret that but I would think the -.42 is showing that the Titans expected points is .42 on the drive starting at their 18 after the stop (-.42 from the Ravens perspective). The change of -3.19 indicates the expected points on 4th and 1 at the 18 was 2.77. That’s my interpretation of what you’ve posted. I don’t know if you can input situations on numberfire but if so input what the Ravens expected points would be had they gotten the first down. Probably a number close to 4.4. Now calculate the odds of a 4th and inches converting. It’s a very high%. You kick a fg from 35 yards you’re expected 2.57 points. Probably play that number up some for Tucker. Again 4.4 times Qb sneak conversion rate > 2.whatever.
  6. Ok then you take a crack at it. What circumstances last night do you think were in play that would override a difference in expected points of roughly 1.6? Or do you disagree with that 1.6 number. If so why?
  7. The gap is large enough that I don’t need to quantify the minute details that may move the expected points up or down a couple tenths. Although I suspect as an extremely efficient rushing offense anything unique to the particular teams in this situation would move the odds in the favor of going for it. Choosing to kick gets you somewhere close to 3 expected points. The PFF win probability calculator cites 4.4 expected points from 1st and 10 at the 17. You’d have to fail about 35% of the time going for it to come out behind in this calculation. 4th and inches is converted at a much higher % than 65%.
  8. Their win probability was undoubtedly higher by going for it there on 4th and inches.
  9. Heck of a regular season. Despite the idiot troll in every thread, there’s no reason to think what worked for 12 straight dominating wins won’t make this team formidable against next year. The schedule looks light on paper for whatever that’s worth at this point. Need help at LB. Josh Bynes and LJ Fort just doesn’t inspire any fear. Could use wr help and interior OL too especially if Yanda hangs it up. We have money to spend and a young offense with room for improvement.
  10. Nothing that you stated is a fact and you’re literally arguing against math by saying it’s better to kick a fg on 4th and inches deep in your opponents territory down by 8.
  11. These are jokes right? No one actually thought he should have kicked a fg on 4th and inches down by 8.