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  1. I know you’re kidding but just to ensure everyone knows I’m’s Gerald McCoy to DE
  2. Also heard today, Hicks to DT and McCoy to DE....
  3. Fantasy Sharks confirmed it’s coming in the next update.
  4. Their explanation is based on the packages they play, he’s mostly in a DT less base than other 3-4s also to a question above re: Addison, Panthers are running a 3-4 now so Addison will be an OLB, I believe
  5. The they I guess was you saying SLB but I had to assume there was a ‘they’ you were referencing roster says DE for Houston rotoworld says DE as the prior posts says Sharks says DE also footballguys say DE I understand the SLB concern but I’m fairly confident about DE
  6. Who’s saying he’s the SLB? Even their website says DE and that’s after he was traded after being an OLB
  7. Yes, without digging I’d say the same but he was a top 25 per could do way way worse
  8. What was wrong with Bynes? Hodges replaced him after he got hurt
  9. Any thoughts on where to find the defensive scheme % splits? I found that FB Outsiders did it for 2017 but didn’t find one for 2018...and that can be different based on coaching changes...of course while I like the effort Davenport may want to inject into this, seems problematic but hopefully if he move an OLB to DE it’s clear it should happen
  10. Yes free but I clicked the above link to get there, last I looked I couldn’t figure where it was navigation wise from the home page
  11. Agreed on Dee, the Smiths will be in a 3-4 and most likely OLBs, Clay is going to a 3-4 so likely staying as an OLB. Agreed Okafor could be interesting but Golden is going to NYG in a 3-4 likely a OLB
  12. I agree with all except Matakevich should be the other guy for Pit
  13. I think Grant could but I’m not starting him yet
  14. agreed, get him fast, at least in a deep league (i'm in two that start 11 total IDPs)