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  1. I guess if you are ok with Winston being a possible 0-9 weekly point scorer where you have 20-30 points from Lamar. I wouldn’t do the deal.
  2. I’d keep Kelce for sure. Jones is streaky and no guarantees on Herndon and even more so since Darnold looks like crap with the rest of the O
  3. .5 PPR where you have 3 WR start league . Give Sony Michel & Receive A Robinson Rest of roster is: RB - Kamara, Jacobs, D Henry, T Coleman & JHill and WR - KAllen, Diggs, Godwin, Sutton, Dionte Johnson & P Campbell. Do the deal? Good value for Michel?
  4. A first is hard to give up for Carson. I'd see if the other guy would take a 2nd for sure, but your RBs do need a little boost as outside Henry it's rough. Thoughts on this trade, .5 PPR: Carson & Anderson or Henry & KAllen?
  5. I think keeping Thomas is the way to go, especially if you feel that the other top players are going to be taken. He's a stud and it's hard to not even want to keep him.
  6. .5 PPR Keeper, no penalties C Carson & R Anderson or D Henry & K Allen. Who ya got?
  7. Good points here as well. Jackson has been moving up my list. Coutee too; hope he gets and stays healthy. Ballage is making a heck of a push; hopefully it stays. Prob going to go RB with 1st pick in our rookie/leftover draft so that will add more depth there. WR depth is always important when starting 3, so Sutton has been high on my list. Lots of talent; concern about his QB is there though.
  8. Good point on the trade. Keke was high on my list, I'd like to keep Duke too, Ballage is tearing it up right now in Miami with Drake out. Have thought about Jackson too, especially with Wentz health concerns; just hate to take up 2 spots with QBs when WR depth would help. I have the 1st pick in our rookie/leftover draft, so I'm sure Montgomery or Jacobs will be added
  9. As much as I'd say keep Kelce, having a 2nd round price on him is tough when comparing that to an 11th Round price on Mahomes.
  10. 12 team 1/2 PPR Keeper league with no penalties for keeping players. Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Fl and D/ST. I have the 9 of my keepers set, but I have 3 spots left with these to choose from and I keep flipping on my decisions: Duke Johnson, Kalen Ballage, Keke Coutee, Courtland Sutton, Lamar Jackson & Chicago D/ST. Who would you keep? Already keeping: Wentz, Kamara, C Carson, S Michel, Diggs, BCooks, CGodwin, RAnderson and Kittle
  11. Must win (and have 1 of 2 teams lose) to get in the playoffs. Who do you have for WR3 in a .5 PPR: Demaryius, Tre’Quan, Godwin or Sutton?
  12. I'm 4th overall in total points for the year and have had a couple of bad beats......lost to the 2 worst teams in the league by far during weeks I've scored in the 80s and then had highs in the team has been very boom bust and fallen at bad times, but seems to be the way the last few years have gone. Got your point on the older guys; Unfortunately our trade deadline has past for the year, but maybe if I look into trading some of these picks leading up to the keeper lock date i may be able to secure some. I may be retooling more everything year than I'd like. I chose to pull the trigger on a trade for Michel recently by giving up Ridley, as i was suffering at RB2 with Carson injured a lot. I actually acquired Duke in a trade in getting rid of Lamar Miller, who did have 2 good games this year after I traded the bum lol. I had hoped Thomas was going to be a useful older receiver for me since I had so many young ones, but he was awful in Denver and worse in Houston so far. One more year of attempting to make a winner out of this group. I wish it would have started out as a larger keeper league when it began many years ago, but it has morphed quite a lot. I'm just getting burnt out one spending so much time trying to build a winner and seeing it fall apart that the fun is being lost in all of it. Thanks for the info
  13. So, going to miss the playoffs yet again in a 12 team, .5 PPR Keeper (11) league and I'm honestly at a loss. Keep trying to build up this team with youth, but keeps failing and maybe I just need to stick to redraft and get out of the keeper game as I just seem to be dealing with the same result each year. Thoughts on the team and where I've maybe misjudged talent level. QB: Wentz & Lamar Jackson RB: Kamara, Michel (recently traded for), Duke, Carson, Richard, McGuire WR: Diggs, Cooks, Sutton, Tre'Quan, Demaryius, Godwin TE: Kittle, Olsen Chicago & Houston D/ST. Assuming I stay for 2019, the keepers I would choose are: Wentz (at one point thought he was a FF franchise QB), Kamara, Michel, Carson, Diggs, Cooks, Sutton, Tre'Quan, Godwin (if they move some WRs as he's not getting targets), Kittle and either Duke or Chicago D/ST.....hate to keep a D/ST, but Duke isn't doing much for me either other than the random pop up game that you can never predict Thanks for an input
  14. 10-4. Thanks for the input. I pulled the trigger as I am hoping for a big end of season for Michel. We shall see.