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  1. Mkha2240

    Massive Trade - Help! WHIR

    First off, thanks everyone for replying - I had the notion of rejecting the offer but always like to see what others say/what others say to counter with. Appreciate it! Thanks! It's so hard to trade away Gurley especially with how dominant and consistent he's been; however that trade does seem even though I doubt he'll take the offer - literally said that Sanu is currently better than Cooks (with the one game he was out and last game) and wants to offer 4 for my 5. I just laughed at him. But if it comes down to the wire, I'll definitely counter him with that - thanks again!
  2. Mkha2240

    Wr for Wr Trade Offer

    BIG yes to that trade. Edelman may be good, but AJ Green has been playing really well. And on top of that, it'll be a shoot out next week against Kansas.
  3. Mkha2240

    Massive Trade - Help! WHIR

    10 Team - 1 Pt PPR - QB / 3 WR / 2 RB / 1 TE / 1 Flex / 1 Dst / 1 K / 6 Bench Offered by another guy who is 3-3 (I am as well 3-3) after Week 6 of football: Send (5): Gurley, Cooks, Boyd, Hines, Thompson Receive (5): Kamara, Diggs, Hyde, Sanu, AP My Team: QB: Netwon | WR: Cooks, Boyd, D Thomas, Shepard, Fuller, Jordy | RB: Gurley, D Freeman, Hines, Thompson, Foreman | TE: Ebron | K: Parkey | DST: Minnesota, Carolina His Team: QB: Brady, Brees | WR: Diggs, Sanders, Watkins, Sanu, Cobb, D Jackson | RB: Kamara, Hyde, AP, Lewis TE: Gronk, Uzomah | K: Crosby | DST: New England This guy has lost his last two, I've won my last two. The way I see it is Gurley > Kamara (Kamara is now in a committee), Boyd is equally putting numbers as Diggs (30-40 yards fewer & 1 TD less than AJ Green, more yardage & 1 TD more than Diggs - yes I know, Diggs ceiling is higher but Boyd has been performing equally as well and consistently), Cooks > Sanu, Hyde > Hines (Hines is a great receiving back but with Mack in, it seems shaky. Hyde has hit his floor the last two games, but its still Hyde). AP > Thompson (solely because Thompson has been injured but AP also has that shoulder strain so that's a big iffy for me). I personally don't believe I should accept this trade but I would like some outside opinions. Leave a link and I'll reply to your question!
  4. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    That makes sense, thanks for all your help! Definitely going with trade 2 and holding off on trade 1 because I do value Mixon a lot.
  5. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    That is a good point. So far, the only worthy quarterbacks on WW are Winston, Tannehill and Flacco. I forgot to mention this is a 12-team league and everyone is holding onto 2 QB's each (with the exception of a team from Trade 1 that's holding onto Rivers, Brady, Cousins - no idea why other than possible trading power). Also, do you think Michael Thomas isn't an upgrade compared to JJ? Or is the lose of Mixon much greater than gaining Thomas and its more stability/sense to trade away RB2/WR3 material for JJ.
  6. Mkha2240

    What should I do with Bell?

    Yeah, it's tough. Bell is supposedly coming back Week 8 but there's still no news about him signing the tag and still rumors of possible trades for him. If you can, definitely go for Green/Cooks/Diggs etc. I don't think you can fetch a top 3-5 WRs (Thielen/Thomas/Hopkins). Then again, it'll be hard to get those high profile players because of the cloud around Bell so far. But definitely move him since you're set at RB. Just watch the waivers for bye week replacements.
  7. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    What do you think about the first trade? Any thoughts?
  8. Mkha2240

    PPR RB - Pick 2 - Collins, Ekeler, Smallwood, Chubb WHIR

    I would go with Ekeler & Smallwood. Ekeler continues to strive even with Melvin Gordon as their starting RB since he benefits as a receiving back & he's receiving TD's - 3 out of 5 weeks (even better). So no doubt he'll continue this against Cleveland. Smallwood seems to be the starting RB in the heavily hit Philly RB committee, so he's bound to get multiple touches and seems to receive some looks down the field too which is a bonus. Collins is, in my opinion, flat lining into the flex spot and Tennessee's defense looks like it'll keep Collins doing better. Nick Chubb I wouldn't trust even playing, that one week is basically an outlier. Carlos Hyde clearly is their back and Duke Johnson is seeing more time than Chubb is overall.
  9. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    12 team, Non PPR. Current team: QB: Russell Wilson RB: Mixon, Lynch, Ingram, Adrian Peterson, Alex Collins, Aaron Jones WR: Antonio Brown, Kenny Stills, Keelan Cole, Robby Anderson I have 2 trade proposals made to me. First trade : TRADE AWAY: Mixon and Kenny Stills | RECEIVE: Michael Thomas and Kirk Cousins. Second trade: TRADE AWAY Adrian Peterson and Keelan Cole | RECEIVE: Julio Jones. I can do one of those trades or both. Leaning towards doing the first one so that I have another QB rather than scouring the waivers when needed. Debating doing the second one as well. Drop a link for help - Thanks!
  10. Mkha2240

    Trade Help - PPR

    Thanks for your help! It's both a redraft and not a dynasty. I was just seeing what others would think but I've declined it. Ridley was the key piece but definitely, the TD regression makes sense. Thanks again!
  11. Mkha2240

    Trade Help - PPR

    12 Team - PPR - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, Dst, K, 6 Bench My Team QB: Big Ben, Mariota RB: D Freeman, Ingram, Collins, Riddick, M Davis WR: Hopkins, D Thomas, Boyd, Watkins, A Wilson TE: Graham, Cook DST: Panthers, Seahawks K: Butker His Team QB: Brees RB: Hunt, Ajayi, Kerryon, Cohen, Burkhead (IR) WR: K Allen, Thielen, Ridley, Baldwin, J Brown, Stills, Grant, Dorsett TE: Njoku DST: Broncos K: Bryant I'm being offered Jay Ajayi, Calvin Ridley, Kenny Stills, and I'm giving away Mark Ingram, Tyler Boyd, Sammy Watkins. Do you think this is a fair trade or what do you think I should counter for? He's heavily targeting Boyd and Ingram from me for two weeks now, starting with trash trades but slowly improving. I feel like saying no to this especially since Ajayi has that back fracture, but Ridley has been performing pretty well lately. Should I decline and counter? Leave a link and I'll answer your question. Thanks!
  12. Non-PPR Standard Scoring, 12 team, QB/2 WR/2 RB/Flex/DST/K MY TEAM: QB: Goff, Luck | RB: Bell, Conner, Howard, Ekeler | WR: Hilton, A Cooper, Fuller, Watkins, Funchess, M Williams | TE: Reed | DST: Chargers | K: Parker TEAM B: QB: Trubisky, Fitzpatrick | RB: Gordon, Coleman, K Johnson, L Murray, J Williama, Sproles | WR: Julio, Kupp, Baldwin, Sanders | DST: Ravens | K: Bailey Story: Fitzmagic is now Fitztragic being benched for Winston. Trubisky is on bye. This man needs a QB and is interested in Andrew Luck. I'm fine shipping Luck off and streaming a QB during the late bye for Goff. Should I make a big move for Gordon throwing in Luck and Howard? Or attempt this another way? Will help in return, drop a link. Thanks!
  13. Mkha2240

    Collins for Boyd trade, I'm DESPERATE, Need Hep!

    Absolutely! Boyd has way more upside than Collins, and your starting RBs are great. Backups are okay - Bernard will take a hit with Mixon back whenever that is, Ekeler is solid since he sees his share even with Gordon. Take the trade, assuming that "Cole" is "Keelan Cole" of JQX, then this is a solid upgrade.
  14. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    He declined Cooper & Funchess for Ingram. Reasoning - Cooper isn't what he used to be and Funchess is "iffy". I also don't have much trust in him since now he's more of a boom-or-bust so far..
  15. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    12-Team Standard Scoring - 1 QB | 2 RB | 2 WR | 1 TE | 1 RB/WR/TE | 1 Defense | 1 K | 7 Bench My Team: QB: Goff, Luck | RB: Howard, Conner, Bell, Cohen, Ekeler | WR: Hilton, Fuller, Cooper, Watkins, Funchess TE: Reed | Defense: Cowboys (going to drop, just a filler for Chargers this week), Chargers | K: Bryant His Team: QB: Wilson | RB: Collins, Lynch, AP, Mixon, Ingram, Jones | WR: Brown, Keelan Cole, Cobb, Davis TE: Gronk | Defense: Vikings, Saints | K: Gostkowski He's offering me Ingram and wants WR's. What do you think is a fair trade to send his way? I personally would love to have Ingram because Saints will definitely use him on top of Kamara (like last season), especially when Brees is on fire. My starting are great, but Ingram in the flex would be even better and/or fill-in for bye weeks/match-ups. Also, I've heard that the Steelers may be in trade talks to ship Bell off, so theoretically (if he is traded AND plays), I'd have four stellar RB's and more trading power. What do you guys think I should get for Ingram?