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  1. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    Believe it or not, once I found out that Melvin Gordon could be back next week, I shipped out Ekeler and Edwards for Hopkins (he was in bad need for RBs). Then with another team, I traded Luck & Howard for Lindsay & Christian Kirk. I had no need for a 2nd QB and Howard was playing RB2 behind Cohen so far in Nagy's system. Lindsay and Hopkins (at this very moment) are doing better than all the players I have currently traded out. I feel suffice with the trades so far, but thanks for the the help! I was looking at Gus for Woods but it would have been risky running Cooks & Woods.
  2. Mkha2240

    Leveon Bell and next yr 1st. FOR Julio Jones

    Oh easy accept. If Indy picks Bell up, he'll kill it out there - and you get next year's 1st? Win win for you.
  3. Mkha2240

    RB Dixon or one of the Williams?

    Ware, in a sense, is their "proven" back-up RB. Both Williams have their strengths but Ware will for sure see majority of the load - as a receiving back for Damien, he's still going to compete with Ware for touches THEN Hill/Kelce/Conley/Watkins for targets. It's difficult to see now but if you have a deep league, then go ahead and stash him. If not, don't worry about him. And I wouldn't sleep on Edwards, the more Lamar plays the more Edwards thrives - defenses won't be able to cover both + Edwards racked up 200+ yards & 40+ carries in two weeks - that says something. Sure ankle injury but Dixon won't see many targets or attempts since he was out since Week 1. Ware/Edwards > Williams/Dixon
  4. Mkha2240

    Well...who do I drop?

    What Travdogg said, Kerryon would have to go since he's injured & Olsen does have better upside than Brate since TB's pass defense is bad
  5. Mkha2240

    Need my biggest upside lineup this week

    - Luck over Winston, Luck thew Jacksonville for nearly 300 yds and 3 TDs and has been more consistent - I'd also pick Lamar over Davis since Cleveland's defense is (statistically) worse than the Jets (pass AND rush) - Hooper clearly has more general upside but that Baltimore defense though...
  6. Ware (because Oakland rush defense is a joke), Ekeler (since he's going to see a lot of usage), and Adams (8th rush defense for Redskins BUT Michel is against a #5 rush and I personally wouldn't test that).
  7. Mkha2240

    I need help with FLEX - Pick One

    First off here's stats: OAKLAND - Ranks LAST against the rush - Ranks 1st for lowest pass completion (I'm actually amazed) - Ranks 15th in yards allowed per game TAMPA BAY - Ranks 25th for overall pass completions - Ranks 27th for yards allowed per game WASHINGTON - Ranks 8th against the rush - Ranks 22nd for overall pass completions - Ranks 23rd in yards allowed per game With that, Spencer Ware is a beautiful choice against Oakland,. Moore has seen a nice 15 receptions over last two games. Adams saw a HUGE jump in attempts last game and could be used slightly used as a receiving back like he (somewhat) was against the Saints, BUT I personally would say either Moore against a troubling pass defense or Ware against the worst rush defense. My hunch is Ware as well but Moore is super tempting.
  8. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    We have two conferences among the 10 teams and we're in opposite sides however with how the other players he's fighting are far superior and checking his schedule before playoffs, I don't think he stands a chance . He's also projected to loss by a huge margin this week as well. On my side, I've tied with two other teams at 6-6 and a team ahead that's 8-4. Including this week, we have a total of 3 remaining games before playoffs (two top teams, two wild card). With that, would you still attempt a trade or just keep with this current team?
  9. Mkha2240

    Trade Help!

    Oh wow, my bad. I didn't realize I didn't include a flex spot, my bad!
  10. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    10-Team Standard | 1 QB | 2 WR | 2 RB | 1 TE | 1 Flex | 1 DST | 1 K | 7 Bench My Team 6-6 (competition for playoff spot still) QB: Goff, Luck | WR: Hilton, Cook, Funchess | RB: DJ, Gordon (out), Howard, Ekeler, Edwards, Thompson, Murray TE: Olsen, Engram | DST: Chargers | K: Zurlein Other Team 6-6 (competition as well but just lost Kareem Hunt) QB: Wentz | WR: Hopkins, Thielen, Woods, Robinson, Amendola | RB: Hunt (removed from team), Blue, Crowell TE: Brate | DST: Steelers, Dolphins | K: Lutz, Bryant We've been in trade talks for a while however the other team is severely thin on running backs and just lost his main running back (Kareem Hunt) today. He has some top receivers and he's interested in Gus Edwards. Think I can swap Gus + 1 for Thielen or Hopkins? It would be a stellar set-up for Hopkins/Thielen, Hilton, Cook, DJ, Ekeler/Gordon (if he comes back for our late playoffs). Thanks
  11. Mkha2240

    Trade Help!

    Thanks everyone. I'll package him something however with how Hilton and Cooks have been playing, Thomas could work as a nifty flex option (obviously swappable with the other two) - but I may start looking into another TE because the Olsen hasn't done much the last three weeks. But I'm just trying to ship Howard so if I were to make the trade, I'd probably add a bit more than depleting my RBs for a position that's set. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Mkha2240

    Trade Help!

    10-Team Standard ESPN - 1 QB | 2 RB | 2 WR | 1 TE | 1 Def | 1 K | 7 Bench My team (6-6 after this week) QB: Luck, Goff WR: Hilton, Cooks, Funchess, Smith (dropping once waivers open) RB: DJ, Howard, Edwards, Ekeler, Murray TE: Olsen, Engram Def: Chargers K: Zuerlein, Rosas (bye-week cover) Other Team (5-7 after this week) QB: Rivers, Brady, Cousins WR: Thomas, Golladay, DJ Moore, Mike Williams RB: Ingram, Collins, Allen TE: Hooper, Rudolph, Gates K: Tucker, Succop I'm still in a race to make playoffs (a few of my players decided to be duds this week, otherwise would have sat on a nice 7-5 in a playoff spot). I want to trade for this guy's Michael Thomas and sees he needs RBs. Should I offer Howard & Edwards/Howard & Ekeler for M Thomas?
  13. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    Thanks for your help. The second offer didn't budge and wanted Boyd so I declined him overall. I ended up doing Gurley + Njoku for McCaffrey, KJ, Robinson and Hilton. Needed some sort of help at the RB position and this was the only one - attempting to pull Lindsey from someone as well so that'll bolster up the position more + I got some decent WRs.
  14. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    Got offered from the second team OBJ and Mixon for Gurley + 1 (he's been looking for a TE so I can drop in Njoku but is that trade deemed worthy?) Or Obj, Mixon, Collins for Gurley, Boyd
  15. Mkha2240

    Trade Help! WHIR

    Sorry, that's what I meant. Upgrading Robinson to a better WR he has.