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  1. 10 team, 1/2 PPR, Redraft Luck or Roeth Hopkins and Keenan Saquon, Chubb, and Cohen Ertz Zuerlein Bears
  2. Keep him as a potential replacement in the championship if Saquon goes down or just handcuff Saquon?
  3. I’m in the same situation. Plus I have the Rams vs Foles. Thinking of holding Jags long enough that they can’t be scooped up by another team before Sunday. Can’t trust them.
  4. I’m thinking of cutting him. Rather grab a defense for next week. I’ll hold Wilson for now. They play the Bears in 16 anyways.
  5. Wondering about week 15: Bears vs Packers Rams vs Eagles Jags vs Redskins I’m thinking Jags.
  6. I’m starting the Broncos in one and enjoying my bye in the other. I am wondering about week 15 vs the Packers. Would the Rams vs Eagles or Jags vs Redskins be better? For some reason I’m not loving the Broncos against the Browns in 15.
  7. Weeks 14 and 15 Bills vs Jets, vs Lions Broncos vs Giants, at Jags Trying to decide if the Bills are trustworthy for fantasy playoffs.
  8. Hi Sig, * Cohen or Howard this week 1/2 PPR? * Mike Williams, C Godwin, or A Miller this week in 1/2 PPR? * TY or MVS this week?
  9. I was pretty high on him until this week. Is he a good buy low or is he too boom or bust to trust? His schedule certainly looks favorable.
  10. Anybody else considering the Raiders D tonight if Beathard sits? It would be a leap of faith. I currently have the Jets. Points against is a major scoring factor. Any thoughts? And I agree with all of the Redskins recommendations. Wish I had them.
  11. So we’re keeping him? Kind of feels like a drop to me. Roster spots are valuable.
  12. I’m debating: Dallas D @ Redskins Cards D vs Broncos TNF The Cowboys allow few points or yards. Don’t love the road game, but how scary is Washington? I’m most interested in points allowed. Probably should just trot out AZ.
  13. What about starting the Giants D? Low scoring game?