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  1. Hey guys, so I've started to really dive into draft kings this year. I've played casually in the past. My question and biggest issue is bankroll v lineups. I'm running into the issue of creating too many lineups for my bankroll. I'm not sure if I should limit the spread at a certain position? ie QB or RB or WR? or if I should lower the tourney entry price that I'm getting into and continue my normal lineup spread. If I ended up with 40 lineups, do I enter all 40 in a 5$ tourney...or take 20 and enter in a 9$ tourney? Just kind of confused/flustered on where to start cutting the lineup in this case. Thanks!
  2. 10 Team .5 PPR Got offered RB Elliot for RB Howard and WR Hill or WR JuJu Howard obviously been down but I really think the cold weather mid-late season will help his cause. Hill boom or bust type of player still especially with how much that offense spreads the ball around. JuJu I feel is poised for top 10 WR year. For those reasons I'm leaning Howard and Hill....Am I crazy? Do I even NEED to make the move? Im personally very high on John Brown and Ekeler as every week flex options...Roster below any help appreciated... QB - Watson RB - David Johnson RB - Jordan Howard WR- Tyreek Hill WR - Adam Thielen TE - George Kittle Flex - JuJu Smith Defense - Panthers Bench---- RB - Peyton Barber RB - Chris Carson RB - Austin Ekeler WR - Kenny Stills WR - Tyler Lockett WR - John Brown TE - Kyle Rudolph
  3. You don't think its a problem having WR/TE same team? Also the upside of Kittle isn't higher that Rudolph?
  4. Thanks for your input, this was the direction I was leaning...Any thoughts on FAAB $100 budget bids? Thinking $22 for Kittle $13ish for bears
  5. 10 Team .5 PPR Trying to add TE Kittle and debating to pick up Chicago Bears defense... Need help figuring out who to drop in place. For Kittle I'm leaning towards dropping Garcon. For the D I have to decide if its worth it just to drop the ravens or carry two defenses and drop someone else (Murray?) Im buying the hype around Kittle and I don't like having same team TE/WR considering Thielen is going to be an every week starter most likely. Any hep appreciated my full roster is below. Would love to hear any thoughts and opinions. Thanks! Bonus question FAAB budget at $100, how much to spend on each option? QB - Watson RB - David Johnson RB - Jordan Howard WR- Tyreek Hill WR - Adam Thielen TE - Kyle Rudolph Flex - JuJu Smith Defense - Ravens Bench---- RB - Peyton Barber RB - Chris Carson RB - Latavius Murray WR -Kenny Stills WR - Tyler Lockett WR - John Brown WR - Piere Garcon
  6. Hey everyone, So my keeper you keep in the round you drafted the previous year...My choices at this point are David Johnson Round 1 or Deshaun Watson Round 10 10 team / .5 PPR / I'm in the 5th slot.... Assuming I take Watson my first round available pick will look like below.... RB's that should be available in that slot will be Gordon/Fournette WR's that should be available in that slot will be Jones/Allen/Beckham I'm currently leaning towards Johnson, however I haven't liked how my mocks have turned out. Im wondering if keeping Watson at 10 is enough value to move onto grabbing one of those 5 players I listed in the first round. Any help appreciated, looking for any kind of input to help me make this decision.
  7. David Johnson lose 1st round (1-10) pick random draw or Deshaun Watson lose 10th round pick Standard scoring league 10 team. My debate is I think I'm going to try to get some value for DJ rights while I'm making a playoff run right now. Watson in the 10th rounds seems like good value for what could be top 3 atleast QBs next year. However my other side is telling me what if I get pick 9 or 10 in the league and I'm able to take DJ there Confused on which option has more value.