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  1. Godwin for sure! And fine with Gordon. His holdout leverage is not great.
  2. If you would take Kerryon there then you should protect him in the 6th but I am OK with you protecting Mahomes (per your other post). Agree with Dalvin Cook if you take RB but would prefer Hopkins, Julio or even Kelce. You would then have to take an RB in round 2. I cannot endorse Tyreek over those two WR's. Good luck and please see my thread from last night (Moonfish 10 team keeper question) and note some of the back and forth. Thanks!
  3. Thank you - I really appreciate your help and Kerryon was my original gut pick so now of course I am totally confused. Agree regarding Lockett's efficiency vs. 2018 but he is really good and I like their offense more than Detroit's so it certainly seems like I have a right to be confused! Strategically, I am thinking Kerryon is still a great value in the 6th round and if I protect him I am not hurt as much if I take a stud WR at #8 (all are unprotected). In 10-teamer I should be able to get a Mixon or Cook in early round 2, which helps the Kerryon argument. Thanks again!
  4. When I run Dodd's VBD Excel model to my league's custom settings I get the following overall rankings: Lockett #23, Gollsday #33 and Kerryon #64. I assume this is because we start 3 WR's with no flex and Kerryon's TD projections are not great (due to CJ). Even though I pick 8 of 10 and the top RB's will be gone (including Chubb as a Keeper) I think I have to consider protecting one of the WR's based on these value rankings.
  5. 2 RB, 3 WR lineup (no flex), 1 pt per 25 yds with 1 pt bonus at 100 yds, 6 pt TD's (2 bonus pts for 40+ yd TD's). Keeper deadline is 8/28 at midnight. One keeper (or none) - choices are: Kerryon in 6th Lockett in 10th Golladay in 12th Note using Dodd's VBD generated cheat sheet with custom lineup and scoring per above the results will surprise you.