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  1. This was my favorite part I think. Watching Thanos effortlessly out class and out skill hulk. He also had the power stone so he was equally strong, if not stronger (as even without the stone Thanos is incredibly strong, potentially as stong or stronger than Thor).
  2. Also, the Iron Spider suit is a thing.
  3. He's a young hero, his powers haven't fully developed/he hasn't fully realized them. He even says his senses are too powerful for him to handle, and that's why he wears the goofy goggles. You can see in the previews for infinity his arm hairs standing up, he has a burgeoning spider-sense, it's not like they aren't including it.
  4. It's called projecting. He's seeing racism everywhere because of his own deep seeded racism. If "they" are racist too, it makes it ok for him to be. Kind of sad, but expected from that type.
  5. Also, was anyone else outraged about the movie Downfall? I felt the main character was sort of racist, possibly even prejudiced towards people different than him. This offended me, anyone else?
  6. Oh you poor, little snowflake. First: Look up the definition of racist. Second: Man up Third: It's fun to be a victim, at first, but I think you'll find you'll lose any shred of respect you may (or may not) have had.
  7. Probably the ACR from Modern Warfare, either that or the rail gun from Red Faction.