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  1. 😅 Seriously, go to bed. You are embarrassing yourself. And for the sake of the FBG PSF, provide a link that he pays people to show up to his rallies. It pains you people to see women and minorities supporting Trump. DEAL WITH IT. (I honestly hope you people think he pays people to show up at his rallies, that means the slaughter in 2020 will be all the more painful for you)
  2. You can mock all you want. Seeing a Trump rally in the blue state of New Mexico filled with women, Hispanics, and blacks would give me pause if I were a "Drumpf is a racist" type of guy.
  3. @Joe Bryant this is Groot level posting. He is calling for the beheading of the president. See you in 2 weeks cosjobs.
  4. Based on your post history of the last 24 hours you may want to take a break. You are lucky to still have an active account.
  5. Just want to point out that one of the Trump Obsessed Guys reported this post to the mods. Joe said that type of derangement is why he is going to shut this place down. ETA: After reading the entire thread it is likely that Fish was the reporter. 🤯
  6. Start at 3:30 Schiff's exact words. To the extremely observant folks here Schiff does say "the essence". To the average American who caught this on CNN or Facebook they see an elected official reciting a phone conversation that never happened.
  7. I assumed you lived on a llama farm and owned a Mexican burger joint.
  8. I hope the left continues to live in their bubble thinking all blacks hate Trump. Same with Hispanics, women, and Democrats. This is what is happening outside the echo chamber.
  9. Black males 34-49 support for Trump grows to 42% 50-64 is at 41% 18-34 is at 29% Despite what our white liberal friends keep saying, Trump's support among blacks continues to rise.
  10. The ol I have a black friend anecdote. Well guess what, I have black friends too and many of them support Trump. Trust me, they largely despise many white Democrats. (Trump at an HBCU event, 47:30 they chant 4 more years)
  11. I encourage those who come to this forum for discussion to ignore the trolls. This topic goes against everything they have obsessed over for 3 years, they will not like it, they will attempt to get this thread off topic or deleted. Just as the left thought Russia Collusion was the biggest scandal in our nation's modern history the right and center believe Spygate is the biggest scandal in our nation's modern history. Let's see if it ends up being anything more than a few process crimes.
  12. In case there is anyone who thinks this criminal inquiry is out of left field, here are a few things that have been on the radar for a while and should be addressed: -FISA abuse used to illegally spy on Trump's campaign (FBI was warned multiple times the dossier was BS) -Illegal Unmaskings -Illegal outsourcing of intel to spy on Trump on foreign soil (Mifsud, Halper, Downer, Tawil) -Illegal use of the NSA 702 database -Illegal leaks to the media (Flynn call to WaPo) -FBI 302s were illegally altered -Comey/Clapper meeting in Trump Tower about the "salacious" parts of the dossier, which was then leaked to CNN -Brennan took unofficial foreign intelligence compiled by contacts, colleagues, and associates—primarily from the UK, but also from other Five Eyes members, such as Australia -Western Intel working with Mifsud to entrap Papa-D -Fusion GPS/Nellie Ohr/Bruce Ohr/Christopher Steele connection -Brennan admitted that his intelligence helped establish the FBI investigation: -Brennan Gang of Eight briefing -2017 ICA assessment -Strzok/Page policy -The set-up of Flynn which dated back to 2014 -Mifsud's mysterious cellphones -Glenn Simpson lying under oath about Bruce Ohr contacts -FBI not following the Wood's Procedures -Steele/Kavalek meeting -State Department leaks/pushing the dossier with Nuland, Winer, Blumenthal -Clinton campaign/DNC funding the RUSSIAN dossier -Perkins Coie lawyer Sussman meeting with James Baker (who was just outed as leaking Flynn's call) to discuss the dossier -Susan Rice CYA letter the morning of the inauguration -FISA warrant was leaked (James Wolfe, Ali Watkins) -Trump Tower meeting set-up (Russian lawyer met with Glenn Simpson before and after the meeting)