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  1. Summary from someone who actually watched the hearing: 1. Mueller was not in charge, he didn't conduct hardly any of the 500 interviews, he did not participate in the writing of the report 2. Mueller is either on Xanax or scared to death, his body language is that of a scared, dishonest, senile old man 3. Mueller has perjured himself half a dozen times 4. Mueller has told Dems repeatedly that Trump did not commit obstruction 5. Mueller told Swallowell that he did not agree with the 1000 lawyers who think that Trump should be indicted 6. Dems are all in on obstruction of a crime that never existed 7. Mueller claims to have no idea who Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS are, or that they paid foreign agents to gather Intel from Russia to influence the election 8. Mueller claims to have no idea that the Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr at the infamous lunch was also a client of Fusion GPS and got her intel from Glen Simpson prior to the lunch 9. Most journalists admit Mueller looks like a buffoon and this was a horrible day for Dems 10. Twitter bots and trolls are still spreading propaganda claiming Mueller knocked it out of the park 11. The brave few posters here who dared to investigate and question the Russian narrative were correct and the majority here were victims of believing and pushing Russian propaganda
  2. Yes, it is an inconvenient truth that the media is avoiding like the plague right now. Docs from FBI vault showing Epstein was a cooperating witness, with orders direct from DC (aka FBI/DOJ...Mueller/Mukasey)) Interesting details about Acosta's involvement
  3. Typical liberal projection. You do not want what is best for America, otherwise you would be demanding to know why a presidential candidate was spied on by the opposing party in office. Based on opposition research provided by the very country, Russia, that he is accused of colluding with. Just like you don't care about racism, as evidenced by the fact that you have a KKK/blackface governor in VA, still in office. Just like you don't care about sexual assault victims, as evidenced by a Lt Governor in VA credibly accused of sexual assault, still in office. Just like you don't care about "children in cages" as you were silent in 2014 when Obama was doing it. Just like you don't care about free speech, as evidenced by the continuous censorship on this very forum by a few angry mods. Just like you don't care about the victims of gun violence, as evidenced by zero stories or discussions about the dozens of blacks killed weekly by guns. All you care about is your ego and feeling intellectually superior to anyone who has a different viewpoint. Speaking of trolling. This entire thread is one giant troll by Russia. They fed disinformation to Democrats who then coordinated with our nation's intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and media, to spread propaganda in an effort to destabilize our government. Mission accomplished. How does it feel to be Putin's puppet?
  4. Any thoughts on the recent revelation that the FBI never actually examined the DNC servers and merely relied on a redacted draft of a report from a contractor (Crowdstrike, which coincidentally was founded by a Russian, you can't make this up) hired by the DNC to conclude that Russia hacked the DNC? Does anyone find it curious that the FBI never actually inspected the servers? Documents from Stone discovery
  5. So how does Hillary paying money to a foreign agent to gather intelligence/disinformation directly from Russians fit into this? No big deal because she paid for it? It is truly amazing how Trump sets the bait and the media and haters run with it every time, making fools of themselves. At least one of you has to be able to comprehend this, even if you don't want to admit it. Tldr: What is your take on Hillary paying foreign agents for disinformation?
  6. What would you call obtaining FISA warrants and literally spying on members of the Trump campaign and those they were in contact with? You and the 8 people who liked your post can't be that dense.
  7. Obama did a pretty fine job. Weaponizing the intelligence community to spy on an opposing party's presidential candidate in order to first prevent him from winning an election then to undermine his presidency will go down as the biggest scandal/disgrace in US history. I know you guys are pot committed to your conspiracy so it is difficult to evaluate actual evidence, but it is not looking good. It will be interesting to look back on this thread a year from now and see who was actually honest with their disdain for Russia collusion and quest for justice, no matter where it led and who was involved, and who just wanted to see Trump taken out no matter what.
  8. Can we get a list of these "high crimes and misdemeanors"? You may want to forward it to Mueller since he was unable to find them even with his $30 million dollar budget, no time limit, no scope limit, FBI predawn SWAT raids, altered 302s and transcripts, hundreds of witness interviews, millions of pages of turned over documents, and cover from a complicit media.
  9. Disbarred and indicted extortionist, fraudster, and embezzler Creepy Porn Lawyer was the hero of the anti-Trump crowd just a few months ago. They are not sending their best.
  10. If regular Americans show up on their own free will then Trump will have a great reception. If the "community organizers" promote it as a "#### Trump" rally and recruit people to show up and scream at the sky then there may be some boos. Honestly, if I were a Trump hating activist I would probably sit this one out. It will not be a good look protesting Independence Day.
  11. Serious question, do you think that the Political Subforum here is representative of the real world? Also, in your hypothetical, is Aaron going to be there kicking out everyone who has a MAGA hat on or cheers for Trump/America?
  12. Considering the Venezuelan government declared Gauido the legitimate president and Maduro still retains power would indicate that the coup was successful.
  13. This thread is a great example of why ARs and other semi automatic weapons should never be banned in the US. Venezuelans are just the latest victims of socialism following its natural course. Remember when the left worshipped Venezuela and claimed they were a model the US should follow? Pepperidge Farms members.
  14. Apparently these people are stuck in the belief that there is a difference between R and D. Once they get to DC they are all on the same team. It is also amusing to see them give credibility to the same people they called racist warhawks just a few short years ago.
  15. No way CNN & MSNBC combine for 33% of American viewers. The irony between this post and your "quit Facebook because of propaganda" is off the charts.