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  1. Somewhere, in places we don't like to think about, there are people who would pay good money for videos of AB's feet.
  2. The things that worry me about Kamara are unnecessary injury through: (a) the highlight reel hurdles and getting drilled on the way down, or (b) pulling up to quickly and being defenseless when he crosses the goal line Otherwise nobody seems to get regular clean shots on him and if he produces like year 1 and year 2, then its all good.
  3. Harder to say Randy Moss took over from Cris Carter as it seems Randy was the #1 guy his rookie year JuJu has the goods and Ben wings it, love to have him if scenario plays out
  4. This may go too far back or I'm mis-remembering...Sterling Sharpe/Robert Brooks ?
  5. Seems rigorous at first, but its early, some inevitable cheaper opportunity risks will present themselves. Hopefully not to an extent that they are unanimous picks or other high percent though, although what many subsequently do with the savings will likely differ.
  6. Fair point on catch % but Kamara has far exceeded Murray in usage in that area and his elusiveness and creativity lend themselves to the Saints offense. I'm sure Murray can get his if Brees trusts him and has shown good hands and doesn't have many drops, but Kamara is tailor-made for the majority of receiving back duties in this offense in addition to the rushing he'll provide. Have to see how it plays out until we know what we know.
  7. It boils down to risk tolerance and when you are drafting, before pre-season, during or after. In this game, depending on format, its better to be too early than too late to the party. He can only improve and certainly has some pedigree to suggest that it is possible.....the real question is how much leash he will have to do it on while in Tampa. Maybe the new coaching staff doesn't like what they see in Barber for all we know and that is why they are pumping RoJo to get him in a mindset to progress. Not likely he gets cut given his draft investment but someone else would surely sign him at least once and see what's up.
  8. Big change, looks good Maybe he's slimming down to play faster for all we know....he'll be back at some point I suspect
  9. From 2018.......after Bucs drafted Jones.....“It’s something that’s definitely needed and I know Dirk is excited to have him. A player like that will help the entire offense,” Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer said of his signing. Very few team owners are hands-off nowadays.
  10. Aikman had great success within the system of a truly dominant team. He could make the throws, did what he needed to and was a great leader. Guy was a warrior too out there, tough as they come, despite the beatings he took. And he hasn't come back to sue the NFL for it. That Cowboys era team was certainly full of fame type players, that's what the hall is about, not just 5,000 yard passing seasons.
  11. I think ownership is concerned with their assets and their return on investment, many of these owners are businessmen to varying degrees. The team invested high in R Jones regardless of who made the call on draft night and have gotten little return in year one and likely would have to sell him at a big loss right now if they tried. So there may be ownership support for the guy or a "you owe us to get out there and run like a beast" after we invested in you or we are going to say all the right things about you so someone is willing to trade for you.
  12. Seems this kind of argument rarely holds up well, whether it be for Dak or any other player. Most everyone has dud games and we can cherry pick the best. For where you can get him Dak still has upside too with Amari and him clicking, Witten back and Cobb on board....not to mention his rushing.
  13. As we know from watching games and playing DFS, etc., there are probably 15 QBs who can be top 5 any given week. One way to consider it might be the ones with the most top 5 weekly finishes over the course of the season. We all know who has the look on paper and who we'd want on any given Sunday, but doesn't always play out that way obviously.
  14. Kamara is also a witch at elusiveness and avoiding contact........except for that one play (likely a hurdle) per game where he exposes himself to career ending injury.