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  1. Yeah, fair point, I was thinking of it in a bit of a different context I guess, superbowls and all time NFL scoring leader, etc. Wonder how close Gronk got in that ranking?
  2. I get the whole kicker thing, but Vinatieri had like 3 game winning kicks in the Superbowl for the Patriots and huge part of their historical franchise lore. Guy was as clutch as any kicker ever. Just the first thought that popped into my head reading the list.
  3. I remember the Hannah and Grogan era for New England but how about some Vinatieri kicker love for the Patriots? Probably harder to slot him on the Colts.
  4. I think Malcom Brown shows upside too in his limited work, certainly enough to combine with Henderson as a legit combo without the true workhouse. As mentioned, probably has to be additional incentivizing for some team to trade for Gurley
  5. Love Kittle's fearlessness and desire, but gotta get that shoulder fixed before next contract, no?
  6. Terry's rookie season highlight video is very impressive
  7. So few can play the role of NFL QB in the world that many teams would be happy to have Dak to work their offense with I think. By the time he hits age 30 in a few years, where many QBs blossom and he has more reps, experience, and the game slows down, etc...... If you don't have the patience for that, fine, and someone better may come along as an option, but I think there is plenty to work with here with Dak. Rather have Dak leading the Cowboys than Babe Laufenberg.
  8. I'd root for Tua all day long, but right now its hard for me to see him returning value to a team for the spot he will be taken. But taking stock of the position as a whole, maybe you don't even need value from a top pick at QB, just someone who can legitimately play the position, as so few can.
  9. Interested what, if anything, this might mean for Tony Pollard usage as well.
  10. Hockenson actually looks pretty good out there to me. Sure he went AWOL in the box score after week one, but from what I see he blocks well/gives good effort, gets involved, gets open.......sporadic targets, play calling and QB tunnel vision aren't his fault. I'd love to have him rostered in dynasty/keeper.
  11. Wentz is embarrassing all daywalkers out there
  12. Rivers is aging and playing poorly it seems given the INT level, however, there are so few people on the planet who can even play at the level he's playing at now, much less play better.
  13. Fant is becoming a target hog, although in part likely due to necessity. He was wide open in the end zone on one early series when Allen tunnel-vision forced it to a covered receiver and they targeted him a few time at the end. Still looks like he needs some polish but trending in the right way as the season rolls on.
  14. How does Colin fit in with the Nike image of Just Do It? These actions run counter to the longstanding image of famous Nike athletes paying their dues, working hard and grinding out victory in their choice of sport and playing surface. It is a fair interpretation that he just now wants attention for all things outside of the game, he is the "M-E" in T-E-A-M, desiring more to throw together a propaganda video (waaaaah, that he couldn't shoot directly) under the guise of a workout that he sabotaged and that a lot of people made efforts to set up, support and attend. See you at the next Courage awards I guess.
  15. I do. I'm curious whether he just did it on TV when he was getting paid. Thanks for offering some insight.