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  1. How about a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State claiming a counter-coup to a Clinton lead coup? Not sure how this was missed earlier:
  2. Because of massive fraud at the Clinton Foundation and, quite possibly, information found on the Weiner/Abedin computer that is evidence of what Steve Pieczenik is claiming in the videos I linked above.
  3. Is @timschochet still backing Hillary? Wake up son. These videos by Dr. Steve Pieczenik are interesting: His bio: Also interesting that he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Kissinger. Have at it...
  4. Voter suppression in Puerto Rico was predictable and will be on a scale greater than we've seen yet in this election. This isn't surprising with our Congress about to pass a (not reported in the MSM) bill that will impose neocolonial control over Puerto Rico; what is surprising is that the guys responsible for closing the polling stations and suppressing the vote in additional ways are these dudes. Or perhaps not... Also not surprising that it's being tweeted that MSNBC is coming up with a story that the Sander's campaign requested the polling station cuts. I imagine this will end up like the mythological violence that took place in Nevada, which MSNBC lapped up in loving spoonfuls.
  5. It's not just the tweet, it's his podcast and his emotional appearance on On the Media. He's on the record as being upset with the NY Times and a former coworker that called him out. Was I emotional for expressing surprise at his outbursts? I don't see how, other than I like him and prefer he keeps it about his projections, and not calling out politicians.
  6. I actually think Garland is a solid choice, and could well be Obama's top choice. We have no evidence that he is not. I wouldn't want to put that much pressure on Hillary. She's got enough on her plate.
  7. Was he this irrational? I don't recall him missing so frequently on his projections, but I really don't recall him being this in love.
  8. This is probably not what happened, given the assumptions involved. Garland was on Obama's short list for both the Sotomayor and Kagen nominations. So, are we to assume that Obama was again playing multiple chess moves ahead of the Republicans, assume he knew they would withhold consent on the nominee and further assume that Obama somehow could predict a future, not yet revealed to us, that Hillary Clinton will be our next President? Or can we admit that the current President is simply doing his job, and the Rebublicans in Congress refuse to do theirs?
  9. You've really made no sense on this. But ok, I suppose there's a point here somewhere.
  10. It is interesting to see how Silver is holding onto this in an emotional manner. He knows, as does all of Washington, that it doesn't matter for the election. I didn't even vote in the primary and I'm cacuasing for Bernie at the state convention. Why does he have such a hardon for Clinton? Is he an official pollster for her regime?
  11. I worked for the campaign 8 years ago. We buried Clinton. Her campaign was a mess and it wasn't a secret. It's little surprise she's struggling against Sander's, for those that recall her 08 effort.