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  1. This is NOT the norm for me! I usually AM in front of the computer all the way up to kickoff but today it just couldn't be helped so I'm not picking up bad habits - I know the risk I took not changing my lineup - so don't chastise me too much! Gee...
  2. Well I didn't have time to change my lineup with Ben and Bell!! I had to be at work at 7 am this morning at the hospital and we are not allowed on the internet while working so I couldn't check the 90 minutes before the game to see what the status was. I should have just changed the damn thing! Oh well - I won $0.75! LOLOLOLOL!!!
  3. I appreciate the feedback. It may be the end of the season but it's not completely over and if I still have a chance to submit a lineup that will win, it's not a complete waste of time. Whether I get the information now or at the beginning of the season, it will still help me either way because next time I will have a better understanding and have even a better season.
  4. Thank you guys!! Don't know if Galileo was throwing shade at me but I am serious about playing this - I love it and not just to win. I have learned more about football playing fantasy than watching it on TV each week. It FORCES me to read about each individual player and when I know who they are on screen, makes it even better! My son and I have a great time together talking football now! So a little disclaimer here - I'm into this as much as the next sport fanatic and I aint goin nowhere!
  5. Trolling? Really? Just because I have been playing for 2 years does NOT mean that I understand everything there is to know. I have used my own strategies and ideas and they have not been working which is why I have reached out for help.
  6. Hoosier - one thing I have not really understood is 2nd tier. When you say getting a 2nd tier guy against a bad defense, what does that really mean. Do I not pick say Russell or Keenum? There is SO much to look at when choosing! Why would you scratch Gurley when he has racked up so many fantasy points in the last 2 games? Is it who they are playing? With that being said, when choosing a player, is it based on the defense of the other team? What is the MOST important factor to look at? Thanks for getting back to me!!
  7. Thank you SO much Karma!! I truly appreciate it and it has given me a lot to choose from so I will keep you posted as to how it's working on game day - if you're online. I mean - I look at how Todd Gurley has been performing and ask myself "How could I go wrong in choosing him in my lineup?" Then he chokes! It happens all the time and I guess my question is what makes a player do so well for a week or two and then BAM, it doesn't end well. Also, you were speaking of the low end players. When I look at them, I see how many games they have played, when the last time they have played and how well they did. I am REALLY hesitant to pick the lower end players because I don't know their record as well. IT IS ALL SO MUCH!!
  8. Understood!! Say if I do 4 lineups, I will maybe choose 2 QB's for those 4 contests, switch maybe 1 or 2 RB's, 1 or 2 WR's, and the remainder I will swap out with different players and a new DST for each contest. Don't get me wrong, I have won probably $200.00 over the last 2 years with the lineups I have generated but none that have really hit that top ten placement. Do you have the time to tell me a little about Dodds and where I would go on his page to generate a mock lineup to see if it's worthy?
  9. Okay - I don't want to come across like a complete idiot but that second paragraph - I don't understand what you are saying. I get that I need to plug in a few of the lower end players but what do you mean by "steady points from your core 6-7 guys then the last few to push you past everybody else." The other person who replied said something about Dodds. I see he is also on FootballGuys and would like to look into it. Thank you again for allowing me to pick your brain!!
  10. I get it and I SO appreciate your input!! I really want to understand your theory on choosing a lineup - further up in the thread about NO, NE, SF and Chargers. Are you saying that - hypothetically - if these were the top team to pick just from them?
  11. I do probably 3 to 5 contests a week and I choose a lot of the same players and just change a few here and there.
  12. Also, they have a free contest if you pick the best lineup you win $300k. This is who I chose for week 17 and I chose these players on what their overall stats are, how they did over the last several weeks, and the points they bring in. This is who I chose for that lineup and give me your honest answer please! QB - B. Rothlisberger RB - T. Gurley and L. Bell WR - R. Gronkowski and T. Kelce You only have to pick those positions in this contest.
  13. Let me make sure I understand. Just pick players from a handful of teams and pick key players from those teams? Also, did you see the lineup I posted and what do you think?
  14. How do I utilize Dodds information and is it free? Also, here is the lineup for one of the games for week 17 - you tell me what you think. QB - J. Goff RB - T. Gurley and A. Collins WR - J. Smith-Schuster, S. Watkins, and K. Cole who is now questionable TE - J. Doyle K - D. Hopkins D - Steelers
  15. They are the big tourneys. I need some strategy guys!!
  16. I enter the contests I can afford and they are anywhere from $0.25 to $7.00.
  17. I am just SO happy I'm actually conversing with ACTUAL people about this and I don't have to scream at my laptop!
  18. Well, I first look at the week the player did before, I look at injury reports, I compare how they did against the team they're playing before (if they played them prior), I read Rotoworld, SBNation, Sporting News, Fantasy Pros, and I look at the other lineups from the week before. I go cross-eyed I am reading so much. I have had ONE close call where I was in first place - for like ten minutes. I have had SO much advice and I take it and I just end up choking on it. Those are the best examples right now that I can give.
  19. Hey everyone!! I am befuddled beyond belief!! I have been playing FanDuel for 2 years and no matter how much research I do each week, comparisons, articles I read, etc., I cannot for the life of me get a good lineup - even with the ones that seem to bring in high fantasy points. One week I will have what I think is a stellar lineup and it ends up sucking. Then the next week I go a different route and the ones I picked the week before end up putting someone ELSE in first place!! What am I doing wrong? How do I go about picking a good lineup that will let me win JUST ONCE!!? Is anyone willing to give me pointers, suggestions, etc.? Thank you ALL for anything you can offer!!