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  1. FuriousD

    Jordan Matthews Value?

    They are offering me the 2.12
  2. FuriousD

    Jordan Matthews Value?

    What does everyone think about Jordan Matthews value moving forward? I know he's a free agent and depends on where he lands, but do you think his injuries are behind him and he will return to form from a couple seasons ago? I've got a trade offer for him, but am hesitating on pulling the trigger. Peace.
  3. I was offered the following trade in my dynasty league. I get: Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB, White, Kevin CHI WR, 1.06, 2.06 They Get: Freeman, Devonta I have Cook, McKinnon, L. Murray, Ty Montgomery, Smallwood, West. They also have Duke Johnson, thinking of countering with Johnson instead of Crowell. Thoughts?
  4. Title says it all. I’ve been in a redraft league for 8 years now and want to step up my game and have fantasy football in my life year round. New league or taking over an orphan league doesn’t matter to me. Looking for a buy-in of no more than $50/yr. Peace