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  1. Gr00vus

    My Mom Died Wednesday

    Condolences. It's a hard thing no matter how prepared you are or how much advance notice you get. You seem to be a great person, much credit to her in that.
  2. I appreciate you keeping an open mind, even if we don't always agree on stuff. I try to do the same, and I know how hard it can be to honestly challenge things you thought you knew.
  3. Just like the woman who has a history of cheating and absolutely destroying hearts, but is just sooooo attractive you can't stay away, you tell yourself - that'll never happen to me, I'm different. Then...
  4. Yet another instance of the Dems putting the Trumplicans in check again. We just need the approval rating to drop a few percentage points more before checkmate.
  5. I think it's the right argument. This is an abuse of the office, an inability to abide by the proper budgetary processes. Regardless of the item(s) the President (or parts of Congress) use as justification for shutting down the government, shutting down the government is not to be used as a tool to get measures passed that are rightfully passed by other mechanisms. And the country at large can not be held hostage because the President and Congress can't use proper channels to resolve their differences.
  6. Yep. Time and again Republicans throw these tantrums (that's what this amounts to) because they can't get their crummy agenda passed via the defined processes for budget resolution. So they hold the entire country hostage to force enactment of their minority supported, lousy ideas. It needs to stop and they need to be punished for it.
  7. With the young Lakers it's always about focus. They don't bring it every game. I'm sure on Sunday they thought all they had to do was show up and they'd beat Cleveland. They still need to learn that if you don't bring it as close to 100% as you can every game mentally, you'll lose against any NBA team. They're also still making way too many brain dead mistakes (even last night, they had 23 turnovers). Either these guys learn mental discipline or they'll never reach their potential. The thing that has surprised me is that LeBron has taken a few games off himself (not due to injury). Kobe would never do or permit that. On another note, Kuzma, if he hasn't already, should be calling up Kobe and absorbing as much from him as he can. Kuzma's game on offense strikes me as very similar to Kobe's (minus some refinement of course).
  8. You Know My Name started out good, but then it kind of lost me when they went to the pseudo-shuffle thing, then it got worse from there. I hadn't heard it prior to Krista listing it in this thread.
  9. With the number of songs you're trying to assess, it's even tougher to say one is misranked, particularly when you're listing them according to your preference. To me, everything you've posted so far seems like the individual rankings don't really matter all that much, they're in a tier or two quality wise and rightfully lower down than what lies ahead. Seems good enough, no need to quibble about why one is at 190 and another is at 188.
  10. Someone told me congress is still getting paid. Is that true?
  11. I can't figure this team out. Lose (and look really bad doing it) to Cleveland at home two games ago, then the baby Lakers beat the Thunder on the road. I guess that's the nature of young, non-playoff tested teams. Somehow, they're turning Zubac into a non-joke of an NBA player. His touch around the basket has really come around, and he's not completely glued to the floor on D.
  12. A lesson here is to do your whistle blowing after you're out of the country.
  13. Gr00vus

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Identifying a racist as a racist is not an example of arrogance - no matter how much you want that to be true.