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  1. Trump tweeted that pic - Pelosi turned it into her Twitter banner. She's not my favorite politician, but man does she own Trump.
  2. I just wrote to the Washington Post and MSNBC to ask them to make sure to include questions about the environment, pollution, climate change on the agenda for the next debate. I doubt it goes anywhere as I couldn't find a really appropriate/directed way to make the request, I had to shoehorn it into their "contact us" forms. I also sent an email to the author of the MSNBC article announcing the November debate with the same request.
  3. Here's a transcript of the debate. Doing a quick find, the word "climate" was stated 10 times. Steyer 5 Klobuchar 1 Yang 1 Buttigiege 1 Sanders 2
  4. Didn't several of them bring up climate change in the course of their answers last night?
  5. I think he has a good take on economic concerns in general. I think he sees what's coming better than most of the other candidates, and definitely better than the current President, and isn't afraid to be creative in formulating solutions to the problems we'll have in that area. We need a more realistic approach than just saying "I'll create a bunch of jobs," which has been the standard political "solution" for quite some time.
  6. Good showing. I don't think he's ready for the Presidency yet, but I'd like him to stay in the mix, maybe get a place in the next administration and try again in a subsequent Presidential campaign.
  7. I thought Pete did the best in the first half of the debate, then kind of faded as things transitioned into domestic policy - I found his positions there uninspiring, and I don't think his appeal to half measures is a winner. I came out liking Yang a lot more than I had previously, to the extent I hope he ends up doing something in the next administration. I don't think he's quite ready to be President, but I like his takes on a lot of subjects and am really glad he almost completely abandoned the game show Presidency gimmicks he'd been hammering in earlier debates. I found Bernie mostly uninspiring last night, which I find troubling, but I'm still with him for now. The one thing I now know for sure after last night is - it's time for Obama to come out of the dugout and tap Joe on the shoulder. He's done.
  8. I think maybe your definitions of "Fans," "defend," "every turn," and "in here" need reconsideration.
  9. If the above is still basically in effect a year from now, Trump will win.
  10. What I'm saying is that what you wrote seems to open things up for reports of "fake news" beyond just made up quotes. You might want to clarify the scope of which fake news it is you want reported: The definition of "it" in this case - any fake news, or just fake quotes?
  11. Seems like you're opening up the mods to a miserable existence here.