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  1. I kind of agree with you. In particular I think they've gone totally the wrong direction in allowing home runs to become the entirety of the game. They should go the other way, embrace low scoring, with each run being a big deal (like soccer does), which would also result in shorter, more tense games where most things matter, maybe a bit more activity on the base paths. I became a fan of the Herzog Cardinals because they played an exciting kind of baseball to watch as opposed to the Earl Weaver sit around and wait for home run style - which is basically all we have now. Ricky Henderson on the base baths was must see t.v. Baseball really doesn't have that anymore. Baseball as it stands now is unwatchable.
  2. Are they full up? For some reason I thought they had a ton of space still, but I haven't been following their moves very closely once they got jilted for the Nets by Durant and Irving. I know they signed Randle, but lost track after that. I suppose I'm giving them undue credit then for showing temperance in the Westbrook sweepstakes.
  3. Maybe there's something more to governance, society, life, etc. than accumulation of wealth?
  4. Wife and I were at the Hollywood Bowl last night celebrating our anniversary. It was a glorious evening. She's a transplant from the east coast and often goes on diatribes (usually when the cost of something here seems inordinately higher than how she remembered a thing like that costing back east) about how she just doesn't get what's so great about southern california. Last night was one that went into the "get it" column.
  5. Waiting for 2021 free agency isn't the worst of strategies if you're obviously not a contender right now. Of course what they do when it arrives is another story.
  6. That's probably the one for me too. His smugness seems to be an innate ability he's always had, and has played perfectly into the roles he's gotten. On a side note, I felt sure when I started watching BoJack Horseman that Mr. Peanutbutter was being voiced by Bateman - not only because it sounded like him both in terms of vocal signature but also in terms of cadence, phrasing, etc., but also because he and Arnett have a history of collaboration. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I actually watched the credits once (you know how you can skip that when binging on Netflix) and found Mr. Peanutbutter is actually voiced by Paul F. Tomkins.
  7. It's also interesting that the Knicks never got in the mix for Westbrook. Seems like a thing they'd have done in the recent past. Maybe they're actually figuring things out?
  8. Same time that "all" also became an acceptable replacement for "says" or "does". "He's all like <x>." Been around since I was a teen. I think it began surfacing in the 70's and really exploded in the 80's. I don't recall hearing/seeing it in media from prior to the 70's.
  9. An interesting thing to me is how the NBA is dominating sports talk right now. I realize NFL camps haven't opened yet, but usually NFL starts taking over the news cycle mid July. And MLB - they're in midseason and I hardly hear any baseball talk, pretty sad.
  10. Displays of excessive avarice, narcissism and/or ignorance.
  11. They're the Clippers. Any risk that puts them in the category of legitimate title contender, even for one season, is worth it to that franchise.
  12. Maybe not such a bad break for Caruso then. I guess Bradley is in the mix with KCP and Daniels. Wondering if present day Kobe wouldn't be an upgrade over some of those guys.