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  1. I've been listening to Robert Palmer's catalog, starting with his first solo album and moving forward chronologically. I'm thinking he might be my favorite male vocalist of all time, haven't given it full thought, but man that guy could sing. Didn't matter what style he was working in - he'd own it.
  2. One of the best albums of all time. These guys were on another plane of existence in terms of writing and producing pop music. The "hidden gem" on this album is "Home At Last" - if you or anyone you know is ever wondering what the "Purdie Shuffle" is, play this song and pay attention to the drum track.
  3. Gr00vus

    Forgiving People - When, How, Why?

    Infidelity in particular has always been this way for me. Its a deal breaker - no coming back from that one. I may forgive it, but I won't forget it, and I definitely will not continue a relationship with someone who has been unfaithful to me.
  4. Seemed like the fans were reaching over the fence to me, but its not crystal clear. Doesn't make sense to get upset about it either way, it was a tough play to call. :
  5. Gr00vus

    The Trump Years

    In many ways they probably are. They probably don't have a lot of exposure to a broad, diverse demographic. I think that definitely alters their perception of things, and through that lens they aren't actively trying to engage in racism, even though racism may be a result of their actions, or their choices may unintentionally condone racism. I don't know if "unintentionally condone" is really a legitimate semantic construct. Hopefully you get the idea though.
  6. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    As an overall constituency you may be right. But in terms of top level leadership and donors, the Republicans are light years ahead of the Democrats. Obama was an anomaly. The Republicans conduct incredibly focused, coordinated and orchestrated propaganda campaigns from on high. The Democrats basically have a bunch of random grass roots level groups throwing dirty bombs around.
  7. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    Right. And the conversation I was having with @Slapdash was related to the lack of popularity. Where did that come from? Are there enough failures in actually doing her job as representative that lead to that, or is it mainly a result of an orchestrated character assassination by Republicans? Because if its the latter, getting rid of her isn't going to solve anything. That will just keep happening for her replacement, and their replacement, and their replacement, until Democrats figure out how to combat that effectively, while also probably costing you technically proficient public servants. And that was the nature of my response to you about propaganda - you may wish we didn't have to deal with it, but unless we do, we'll keep losing elections and public perception. That's not just a Nancy Pelosi problem.
  8. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    That's a major part of the context of the exchange between @Slapdash and me that you've interjected yourself into. Regardless, in this thread, its not clear to me what your problem with Pelosi is other than: Do you have other reasons you think she's not good at her job?
  9. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    I don't follow - Pelosi must go because that's what Republicans want? That's your mitigation strategy?
  10. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    I agree with this, as long as they're effective/skilled.
  11. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    I'm pretty sure giving in to that hatred isn't an effective counter. You're never going to appeal to (or change) those people. What you need to do is motivate everyone else to not be that way and make it generally unacceptable to behave that way.
  12. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    I wish I was 25 years old with a full head of hair. Deal with the things you can change, accept and mitigate those you can't.
  13. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    They need to master controlling narratives and news cycles the way the Republicans have, not kick effective public servants out because they fail at propaganda.
  14. Gr00vus

    I’m with Pelosi

    At some point you have to figure out how to respond to such an environment. I don't think bending over and taking it is a winning strategy. Keep it clean, but don't give in. Rewarding these tantrums just encourages more tantrums. Pelosi isn't perfect, but you don't kick her to the curb just because the Republican griefers are barking.