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  1. The way the seats in most airplanes are currently designed, my back starts aching after about 20 minutes in the upright position. Moving the to reclined position gives proper support and keeps my back from aching. So, I'll recline. And I've never really cared if the person in front of me reclines either. Unless you're 7ft. tall I don't see how the person in front of you impacts your leg room.
  2. Whole of The Moon is an all time favorite (any era). Brings tears to my eyes good.
  3. Blancmange is a favorite of mine from this era that doesn't get played much anymore. My top tunes from them are Game Above My Head (this is the 12" version, which I prefer, but here's the radio edit if you don't have time to listen to the longer version), and Living On The Ceiling, I like the video too because belly dancers. Lots of other good tunes too. They really made good use of synths IMO.
  4. After breakfast Before bed I also floss in the morning and use mouthwash. I use those GUM picks at night before I brush - those things are great for keeping plaque away.
  5. Inspired by Tim's thread to revisit some new wave stuff (that I think will likely not make his top 100 when he resumes).... White China - Ultravox
  6. I appeal to you to see this election as not Republican vs. Democrat but as someone who will do whatever is best for their own interest, regardless of taking an oath to uphold the Constitution vs. someone who will uphold the Constitution? Can't you vote for the latter even though you don't generally support all their policies/party?
  7. You're right, they post both kinds of odds (I just went there on my phone instead of through my work network). As mentioned before, In head to head Trump is -120, Sanders is EVEN. Yang and Bloomberg were the only D's to have better odds, -145 vs. Trump's +125. I don't know how much more stock I'd put in that as a prognostication vs. the other head to head polls. But either way I don't think it indicates Bernie has no chance head to head vs. Trump.
  8. That's what I figured, but @Maurile Tremblay says differently upthread. The site's blocked for me so I can't find out for myself.