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  1. He better get on legislation that improves the state of psychological care in penitentiaries then.
  2. Then savor it. The man in the yellow hat thread wasn't built in a day.
  3. Jessup tries to relate an interesting weekend he had and half the people in here get hung up because he's not telling it fast enough or because he didn't rape his passed out friend. What a wonderful conclave we have here.
  4. I'll be that guy. I don't enjoy Van Morrison. I find his voice irritating and his music boring.
  5. I'm confused. I thought Russia was our friend. Why do we care about weaponizing space to counteract one of their satellites?
  6. So, its all about the pants. What about cargo shorts?
  7. What about gauchos equates to "man's man?"
  8. Reading the article (and that is one terrible website to read stuff from), it sounds like she didn't get the best treatment from the travel group she booked the trip with. While the "too many Spanish people" thing gets the headlines, she's got some legitimate gripes with how her vacation got screwed up. Buyer beware and all, particularly when you're an 81 year old with limited mobility.
  9. I find this an odd statement. What exactly is a man's man, and why has it been challenging for such people in some greater degree than non-man's men (whatever that means)? And why this country rather than Argentina, or Japan, or Nepal, or Ethiopia, or Austria, or any other country?
  10. Being a decent, functioning human being isn't gender specific. Glossing over swaths of behavioral problems with terms like "toxic masculinity" or "lack of masculinity" gets you off on the wrong foot from the start. Rather than focusing on what those terms mean, it'd be more productive if a person was specific about behaviors, actions, etc. they find undesirable.
  11. Yes. It's not super detailed either (i.e. they don't attempt realistic CGI), but you get used to it. Also, stay patient with the Ahsoka Tano character. She starts out somewhat annoying, but ends up being one of the best characters on the show by the end. Also don't look up Ahsoka Tano on the internet if you care about spoilers.
  12. My son and I finished The Clone Wars series last night. Really good - like better than most of the films. There are some throwaway episodes, and some weird ones that just felt off, but overall really good story telling and character development. I was surprised at just how dark it got at times - really dark. Also surprised at how underutilized Yoda was. Must see for Star Wars fans. It filled in a ton of gaps, and also gave a much more satisfactory back story for where Anakin ends up than what you get from just the films.
  13. I listen to him more than the Beatles, Elvis, Dylan and Michael Jackson combined. Of course I can say that of a quite a few other acts too.
  14. I'd take Bowie over Dylan or Michael Jackson.