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  1. Be your own President. That's really good. That's where we're at.
  2. Until they suffer directly from Trump's incessant failures and failings, they'll never acknowledge this - maybe not even then. There's a large element of society that refuses to contemplate the likelihood that they're being defrauded until the fraud costs them dearly, and Trump takes full advantage of that element continuously.
  3. He's really milking this tragedy for political gain. Glad to see the Dems are learning some lessons about how politics is played in the U.S. in 2020.
  4. Seems too low for this one - should have made Tim's (or anybody's) list.
  5. Depends on the particular political view/issue. Quibbling about tax policy, no biggie. Discrepancies about human rights, probably a deal breaker.
  6. Another seemingly obvious alias troll account goes on ignore...
  7. For this President, I'd prefer he spent all his time tweeting. Things go wrong when he gets involved.
  8. Disgusting, another example of how Trump is unfit for public office.
  9. It's also already happening in our social media - the twitter thread you posted is clear example of it.
  10. Their corrections don't negate the main point that Trump lied. The edit they made was to correct their assertion that Nebraska votes entirely by mail, Nebraska does not vote entirely by mail so they changed the language they used in that section to read: Trumps statement about rigged elections, election fraud etc. due to vote by mail are predominantly false, and intended to exert undue influence on opinion to give him unfair advantage in the next election. He needs to be held accountable for such dishonesty, better for Twitter to call him out on it, even if sloppily at first, than to let it go unchallenged.
  11. I like the song. I've heard it too many times to ever proactively play it again.