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  1. Such a great groove (you might hear this type of beat referred to as a something like "pocket 16ths"), and Cheyrl Lynn's vocals are platinum. Love this tune.
  2. Love the song and the video. Paul's take on disco bass here is excellent. Also flamenco flavored guitar. And clave, lots of clave.
  3. Sometimes I'm not sure Tim has what it takes to fully appreciate the genius that is Makin' It, so I wouldn't be so certain if I were you.
  4. There are a lot of people in this country who've become very comfortable making assertions about things they are ignorant of. We all suffer as a result.
  5. I really do wonder. I think the fact that the people having the mindset expressed in the OP and similar posts aren't saying much right now indicates things may have registered, and lessons may have been learned. How much registration, how well learned remains to be seen. But I could be wrong, and in that case I wouldn't like that answer.
  6. This will pretty much be the Republican Party platform this go round, right?
  7. I wonder if the folks in line with the OP of the thread have learned anything, changed their opinions. They should have, if they're reason based, but that's not guaranteed. It's important, because if people can't learn from this, we're going to suffer the results of similar misguided thinking by this segment of the population again.
  8. Check out how South Korea handled it. That's what we should have done. We could still do that too, though it wouldn't correct damage that's already occurred. It'd probably get us back to normal more quickly.
  9. It hasn't been a conscious effort, but I've gone the other way. I don't think I've drunk any sort of alcohol since March. Just doesn't sound good to me in the moment for whatever reason.
  10. Not a fan. I knew it would have to appear on this list, was hoping it'd deep in the back half.
  11. We all will eventually. Better to get it when there are fewer active cases overall I figure. I know your experience has been different so far, but I don't want to be anywhere near a hospital right now.
  12. Sorry to hear that, hope she's avoided it.
  13. I saw a piece John Oliver did a few weeks back on evictions. Seems like a wave of newly homeless people may be on the horizon. And I'd think shortly after that, there'll be a wave of over-leveraged real estate related bankruptcies. Governments are going to have to step in to provide more relief to these people pretty soon or things could get really ugly. I just hope the money gets to those who need it the most.
  14. Even parliamentary governments with a strong Prime Minister are subject to this as well. Look at Israel for instance.
  15. Until the job becomes a complete figurehead like the monarchy in Britain, the role of President is to provide executive leadership for the Federal Government as our elected representative for that role. That's the job, leadership. If we don't need that, let's get rid of the office. I'm fine with that. I don't think our Federal Government is working as intended when it was initially conceived, maybe it's time for a more parliamentary approach.
  16. The problem isn't identifying that sending kids back to school at this time is a risk. The problem is identifying the risk and having no plan or consideration of providing resources for mitigation of the risk while attempting to force people to accept the risk. That is outrageous coming from the Federal government. Better to say nothing at all.
  17. @Bracie Smathers I'm assuming this will be the last Police entry on Tim's list, so I submit for your consideration Bring On The Night, Deathwish, Bed's Too Big Without You, and/or No Time This Time.
  18. The immediate solution to this is to temporarily expand and increase unemployment funding. An administration and congress that actually cared about all the citizens in this country would be working on solutions like this right now (really months ago, beyond the initial response). This country goes into significant debt for far less essential things than directly keeping people housed and fed. A parent's ability to provide for their children should not be a factor in whether or not we open up schools in the context of a pandemic. This is a massive failure on the part of the Trump administration and a great deal of Congress.
  19. I agree with what you're saying here overall. The time frame is a problem however, you can't reasonably expect to put all that into place in time to open things up Sept 1 (or thereabouts).
  20. Trump is pressuring schools to open for in person instruction in fall. Because the motivation for not opening for in person instruction is just political.
  21. From what I've read in here, I thought her claim is that Fred Sr. abused Fred Jr. (her father), Donald saw that and shaped his behavior to avoid being abused by Fred Sr. It's interesting, if true, as a partial explanation of how Donald got to be the way he is.