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  1. To no one’s surprise, leaked documents show that Kavanaugh believes Roe can be overturned.
  2. I have a relative who is one of these people (not working for Trump, to be clear), and he’s convinced it’s Dan Coates. Coates was good friends with McCain and works in an area where Trump has had a lot of destructive whims.
  3. One summer when I was in HS, my girlfriend went on a three week trip to Europe. Being the amazing boyfriend that I was, I had gotten her some welcome home gifts - a necklace, some flowers, this little cactus she wanted, things like that. The day she was due back, I went to her house and arranged all the gifts on her bed to surprise her when she got home. That night, I pick her up from the airport and bring her to her house. Her parents weren't home and we were both hormone crazed teenagers, so things got hot and heavy as soon as we got in the door. We finally make it up to her room and have been too busy to turn on any of the lights. We jump onto the bed, onto what I thought was an empty spot, but no - I fall directly on the ####### cactus. Spent the rest of the night extracting needles from my back.
  4. Duncan Hunter's campaign finance violations have been discussed a little bit in some other threads, but I think they deserve more attention due to how hilarious they are: MISUSE OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS: Family trip to Italy: $14,000 Family trip to Hawaii: $6,500 Costco items: $11,300 In-N-Out burgers: $3,300 Pet rabbit airline ticket ( ): $600 Gourmet steak and 30 tequila shots: $462 Steam video games: $1,400 "First congressman to be indicted for gaming" definitely deserves a spot in history textbooks, IMO.
  5. Larry Kudlow apparently hosted a publisher of white nationalists at his home. As far as Kudlow is concerned, this is a great time for that story to drop.
  6. I think this passage also does a good job of capturing why a lot of the INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB (lol) folks are so obsessed with live debate:
  7. She’s been on everybody’s radar for about 40 days and has failed to push the entire Democratic electorate leftward in that time, a clear failure on her part. Most congressional nominees could do it in a week.
  8. That’s the, uh, “beauty” of QAnon. Pizzagate’s narrow focus on one restaurant was its demise. I’m sure there are still believers, but things kinda fizzled after that CITIZEN INVESTIGATOR went in, shot up the store, and didn’t find anything. With QAnon, *everyone* is implicated (except prominent conservative figures, of course). Everything is an indication that the gears of justice are starting to turn. Just this morning, the news that Pepsi’s CEO was stepping down was met with lots of excitement on Reddit - Pepsi’s CEO was a Hillary donor, of course. It’s another sign that the cards are crashing down for the Hillary/Obama/Comey pedo ring, and any day now, it’ll all be made public. Any day now...
  9. Maxine Waters - “very low IQ” Don Lemon - “dumbest man on television” Lebron - “hard to make him look smart” I wonder what all these people have in common!
  10. Data shows a surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for their opinions
  11. Not only that, but current polls consistently show him to be the most popular politician in America. He would beat Trump like a drum in the general election.
  12. Not gonna believe it until I hear it from @sports_fan in four days.
  13. Trae Young was born in September of '98, which is three months after Carter was drafted.
  14. I imagine he could’ve gotten at least 20/year from a different team - hell, Jabari Parker got that much this year, in a much tighter market, averaging about 9 games played per season. Definitely wouldn’t have sniffed 4/120 though, so clearly a no-brainer on his part.
  15. Over 400 pages. And here I thought the Steele Dossier was all they had on him.