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  1. Today had the same feel as April 29, when BLMN/MGM/DFS all rocketed but immediately started a two-week pullback the next day. I barely sold anything today, also like April 29, so I await another march to the slaughterhouse.
  2. Sold 2/3 of my BLMN at $12. Going to try and squeeze a little more out of the remaining shares.
  3. Even more tempting today with BUD and DFS up another 5 and 10 percent. Are you taking profits or sticking it out for more?
  4. (Back) in SE at 75.95. Let’s roll.
  5. After doing this dance over 20 times, I finally landed a neon console from Best Buy! It arrived this afternoon, downloading MarioKart as we speak.
  6. This is pretty funny: Brad Parscale @parscale Partnering with biased fake news ‘fact checkers’ is a smoke screen to lend Twitter’s obvious political tactics false credibility. There are many reasons we pulled all our advertising from Twitter months ago, and clear political bias is one of them. 5:54 PM · May 26, 2020 I’m guessing the biggest reason is that Twitter banned political ads in October.
  7. The date that worries me is August 1, when UI reverts to normal. I’m skeptical that the $600 bonuses will be extended even in the event of a second stimulus bill. I know there are a lot of politically charged takes out there regarding the enhanced benefits’ effect on labor supply and whatnot, but there are many jobs out there that have disappeared for good. Letting the floor fall out from under those people could be extremely bad. IMO it’s easy to imagine a situation in which 12% unemployment + standard UI results in a weaker economy than 30% unemployment + enhanced UI. (This hasn’t changed my buying/selling behavior, because stonks go up. But it concerns me.)
  8. Ugh, I had been trying not to look at SE for a while. Got in at $20 a while ago and sold at $35.
  9. Anyone here dabble in renewable energy stocks? I’m looking to make some long-term investments in the industry, currently looking into BEP, TPIC, VSLR, and REGI. Anyone have some other good names?
  10. Picked up a six pack of Mango Cart for the holiday weekend. Never had it before, but I’ll be buying again. Big fan.
  11. Democrats have supermajorities in both chambers of the MA legislature, so it’s likely they’d change the rules regarding Senate vacancies if Warren is picked. They’ve already done it twice in recent history — in 2004 to keep Gov. Mitt Romney from replacing John Kerry, and in 2009 so that Gov. Deval Patrick could temporarily replace Ted Kennedy with a Democrat who would vote for the ACA.
  12. These options, ranked: Warren Whitmer Harris Abrams Getting hit by a bus Klobuchar So it’ll probably be Klobuchar.
  13. Interestingly, Abrams’ relative success in 2018 was due to inroads with white voters. Her margins among nonwhite voters were actually worse than Hillary’s in 2016.