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  1. Some more GA numbers, from Civiqs (B/C) this time: GA Regular Ossoff 48% Perdue 46% GA Special Warnock 38% Collins 25% Loeffler 21% Lieberman 5%
  2. Quinnipiac (B+): GA Regular Ossoff 49% Perdue 48% GA Special Warnock 31% Loeffler 23% Collins 22% Lieberman 9%
  3. New poll from Quinnipiac (B+): GEORGIA Biden 50% Trump 47%
  4. So this is actually pretty consistent with the graph I just posted, showing national polls getting about 1 point more accurate between labor day and election day. I hardly think this demonstrates the uselessness of pre-debate polling.
  5. Nationally, Hillary gained a couple points after the first debate in 2016. And while polls do get more accurate the closer we get to November, the difference between labor day polls and election day polls is smaller than you might think.
  6. Jan. 2019: “An Inherited Money Dude from Queens County”: How Unseen Candidate Characteristics Affect Voter Perceptions
  7. Biden's lead is now robust to a 2016-level polling error
  8. Last time the Ravens allowed 20+ points in the first half: Week 3 of last season against Kansas City.
  9. Darrell the Barrel, you don’t have the agility to try a cutback like that.
  10. The clock isn’t their friend at this point. Not much time to mount a comeback here.
  11. There used to be HC buzz surrounding Dave Toub because the Chiefs’ special teams were so dominant. Not sure what happened these last couple years.