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  1. I really hope this is the angle that the Trump camp takes with Warren - she’s just so dishonest! Hard to imagine that one backfiring.
  2. This post is nearly a year old, but did these work for you? I'm thinking that an effective mood stabilizer would help me out quite a bit. In stressful or confrontational situations I get flooded with way too much adrenaline and it can be pretty incapacitating at times. Super tense, aggressive shaking, followed by exhaustion afterwards. Doesn't really fit the description of "anxiety" so I never looked into taking anything for it. The description for deproloft seems promising but I'm hesitant to drop 50 bucks on something that isn't clinically proven.
  3. Deal is to suspend the Oct 15 tariff increase. Not expected to address the fundamental reasons for the trade war such as subsidies, IP theft, or forced tech transfer.
  4. Was waiting to sell until the deal was announced, bad choice. “We’ve reached a phase one deal, subject to getting it written” apparently isn’t very inspiring - Dow fell 150 points as soon as Trump spoke.
  5. WS is on quite the sugar rush after Trump's tweets this morning. Going to be lots of disappointment if he can't deliver some sort of limited deal soon.
  6. 2016: Democrats lost because Hillary didn’t spend any time in Michigan or Wisconsin. 2020: Democrats lost because Hillary spent way too much time in Michigan and Wisconsin.
  7. New national Quinnipaic poll: Warren 29% Biden 26% Sanders 16% Buttigieg 4% Harris 3% Yang 3% Booker 2% Klobuchar 2% All other candidates 1% or less With that, Warren has overtaken Biden in the RCP national average.
  8. Joe Tsai's statement was awful. Called the HK protests a "separatist movement," and equated western support for the protests to neocolonialism. Great start to the season, everyone.
  9. The WH participant on this call (which was meant to be criminal referral) was the same WH lawyer who helped hide the July 25 transcript on the codeword-level computer system.
  10. Gordon Sondland told Sen. Ron Johnson “that aid to Ukraine was tied to the desire by Mr. Trump and his allies to have Kyiv undertake investigations related to the 2016 U.S. elections,” per WSJ.
  11. CNN report yesterday said he "discussed" Warren with Xi, and the transcript got hidden in the same secret file that the Ukraine transcript did.
  12. The 150-200/day aren't documented so we don't know exactly what is being lost - a lot of it is done through computer modeling. Scientists' projections on this can vary quite a bit:
  13. My understanding is that it’s a press interview where Ukraine announces investigations into Biden / election interference.
  14. Also seems like they settled on the "no quid pro quo" defense before any of this even became public. They knew what they were doing was wrong.