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  1. Shams Charania‏ @ShamsCharania After the Golden State Warriors reviewed comments made in heated moments last night, Green is expected to sit tonight against the Atlanta Hawks to cool off.
  2. Seems kinda similar to Paul George's ugly broken leg a few years ago. Hopefully Caris can make a 100% recovery like he did.
  3. Dude is an incredibly hard worker, fought through three foot surgeries in college, and was just beginning to show the league what he could do. Absolutely devastating. The Nets are like zombies right now. Not sure how you go back onto the court and play another half of basketball after that.
  4. caustic

    Amy Klobuchar for President 2020

    I'm inclined to agree with this, I think Klobuchar would be a very strong general election candidate for a number of reasons. My main concern is her viability in the primary - will she succeed against more dynamic personalities such as Harris/Booker/Sanders? Could she gain any traction in the south? I don't love her odds, but it's hard to make a guess either way without knowing what the field looks like.
  5. They're not, and it's so disheartening. This should've been a stars-aligning year for them - finally getting their pick back, some world-beating NBA prospects tearing up college basketball...And this is the season they jump from horrible to mediocre.
  6. caustic

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    Compared to 2014. Young turnout is up over 500% while African-American and Latino turnout has roghly doubled: Georgia has seen a big surge as well, with 19-28 year old turnout up 476%, African American turnout up 165%, and Hispanic turnout up 571%.
  7. He is the epitome of "spoiled kid who thinks he can get away with everything because he's never faced any consequences." You'd think that being busted for securities fraud would be his wake-up call, but actually, he's just getting started! As @SaintsInDome2006 posted earlier today, being permanently banned from the financial industry has not discouraged Wohl from trying to get back into the financial industry. One afternoon - not even 18 months after receiving his lifetime ban - he waltzed into a large merchant bank asking for 25 million dollars of seed money to start a new hedge fund. When asked about his ban, he produced a forged letter from an "attorney" - wrong address on the letterhead and everything - explaining that he was not, in fact, banned from the financial industry. Tried to force the bank's hand by saying he had another offer waiting, which he obviously did not. Now, of course, he tried to prank Bob Mueller and is under investigation by the FBI. It's been a whirlwind couple years for Mr. Wohl.