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  1. Please send me more information about your league. Thanks
  2. Please send me some information about this league. I am interested in joining. Thanks
  3. I am interested in joining this league. Please send me an invite. Thanks
  4. Yes I'm interested as well. Tell me more.
  5. I'm interested please tell me more about which team is left and how the dispersal draft works. Thanks,
  6. I have played in redraft leagues for many years and want the challenge & excitement that Dynasty leagues offer. Last year, I tried to start a dynasty league myself, but the other owners were scared of the commitment that is required of dynasty so it was stopped after the initial year. My ideal dynasty league would be superflex, PPR, IDP's (I had 5 IDP players in the starting lineup) with Taxi squad and IR. Also, I have played in leagues who have a week 17 championship and I am not interested in those leagues at all. I haven't ever dealt with player contracts so I'm not very interested in that at this time. Please contact me if you are interested in a dedicated owner for your dynasty league. Ideally I would like to pick my own players for my team, however I'm not adverse to taking over an existing dynasty team as long as it has a competitive roster already.