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  1. 530 am ? 6am ? get on apps ? didn't even think these parks opened until 9am. lol... I think this has solidified my decision to just go to Busch Gardens. Thanks guys for making this a no brainer.
  2. Staying in Tampa for WSOP circuit . But have 1 day to do park. No kids . Really want to do Star Wars but not sure worth it right now if over crowded due to being new still. But Busch Gardens seems like a good plan B . Just was wondering what could be expected at Star Wars this time of year on a weekday. Thanks Comish
  3. Will be in Tampa in February, I have 1 day I can do a theme park , can go on weekday as well. I hate lines and just assume not go if going to be bad but is the Star Wars park worth going to in February on a weekday without losing my mind of a wasted trip due to lines? If Star Wars going to be like that I might opt for Universal or Bush Gardens . Thanks in advanced for any insight. Just don't want to waste the 1 day I have is all .
  4. Thanks for all the great tips form everybody. Much appreciated. I guess to sum it up - don't waste my time right now with any Disney --wait until more Start Wars stuff opens up as that would be only reason for me to do Disney. Hammer the both Universal spots in my 2 days. Sounds like a plan to me. Only one more question since some of you appear to be experts there lol... if I go to Universal during the week (not weekend) and go say in fall while school is in, is there any reason to purchase a fast past to avoid lines? I don't mind paying for it but hate to waste the money if there are no crazy lines during the week. thanks again to all.
  5. Thanks- I actually didn't see that thread , not sure how I missed it. The one I was looking at had last post was from 2017 ….
  6. First off I did a search and found some threads but most were outdated. So figured would start new one for my question. I was considering doing a quick trip to Orlando maybe this fall or winter. I have no kids and me and my wife are middle aged but enjoy theme parks. So plan is to go in middle of the week while school is in and hope things not crowed. Interested in the new Star wars Disney thing and possibly Universal Studios. Only want 2 nights and can hit 2 parks in 2 days. HOWEVER after doing some searching Im not even sure how anybody can figure out where to go or where to stay without going broke. My head hurts from just looking at all the theme parks and trying to figure out what goes where and what has to have a separate admission ticket. Not to mention where to stay- I have no problem paying up for a few nights since only staying 2 nights but jeez these on site places are crazy. Anyways before I just can the hole idea and just go to Vegas I figured I would ask if anybody been around the block on this type of stuff and mention and quick and easy ideas or places ? I don't want to have to do all kind of home work and take out a loan to go to Disney for a few days. Not sure how you families with kids do this for a week at a time. Im exhausted and more confused now from 30 minutes of looking. Also I assume parks wont be too crowded in fall or winter during school ? I don't have patience to stand in line for a hour to ride a coaster. Thanks in advanced.
  7. I make line spreads for each match up. Then let other members wager on the games. Doesn't have to be for money ,can make it whatever you want. Money could get out of control very fast if you don't have limits- hehehe. Maybe person who picks the most games over the year wins something. Anyways, always is fun when there is actual line spreads on a fantasy game. That gets the trash talking for sure. Good Luck
  8. any update on rain in Tampa? basically need to know if pouring or if light playable rain .. as well as field conditions there if known... thanks