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  1. I am a veteran, and easy going, player (and commish) and I am looking to join another league or two for next year. Happy to look at orphans or join a start up. Must be a dynasty or deep keeper IDP league, and must also be a money league but roughly $100 or less per yr. Email me if you have an opening: Cheers! Kent
  2. Hello all, I am just helping my Commish promote a new 2019 league in fantrax. I've never tried this concept before where we would use the actual NFL team roster, but sounds interesting so I signed up. I suspect there is room for input on many things from anyone who signs up as the league is still in the concept stage. Here is his description of the league, contact him if you have any questions: "Looking to make a NFL league this will be a set up for next year. Looking at doing a full 32 team league, rosters will be how they end come the end of this season. After the NFL draft (2019) we will have our own 7 round draft. defence will be individual players as well as kicker and punter. There will be a 10$ entrance fee (this is to cover the cost of the premier membership for the league). that will covers the teams first 3 years fee (this will be lowered to 2.5 after the 3 years are up). hopefully having to pay even a small fee will only get serious people and keep everyone active and on our toes. any questions feel free to email me. " Cheers
  3. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    League is now full
  4. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    last chance
  5. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    2 spots left
  6. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    4 spots left
  7. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    a few spots left
  8. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    League filling nicely, still 7 spots available.
  9. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    Scoring is now finalized: Top 30 breakdown: 3 QBs, 6 RBs, 9 WRs,(18 O) 3 DEs, 6 LBs, 3 CBs (12 D) So, 60%O, 40% D
  10. Steelers1313

    New IDP heavy Dynasty League forming, $60

    In response to some PMs: The draft will be a snake draft. Yes, we still have openings. Playing IDP is not hard, it's actually more fun! Kent
  11. Tired of re-draft and offense only leagues, or leagues where if you don't get a top RB you're out before October? Enjoy watching D play as much as O? Think you can spot talent, manage it and do you know your defense? Want to play in a league where everyone has a shot at the Bowl, not just the guys who got the first 5 picks? With this scoring model it's anybody's game and it's wicked exciting to play. This new league is based after another MFL league I currently commish where defense is a key component. Scoring is also balanced here such that if you have the best O, you won't win the Super Bowl without at least a good D as "defense wins Super Bowls" and this league is no exception! I am still tweaking the scoring ever so slightly to balance the model a bit more (will be done before the draft), but basically here's the top 30 breakdown based on the scoring using last years stats: Top 30 scoring placements by position: QBs-8, WR-8, RB-6, DE-1, LB-5, CB-2 Starting O lineup (6) is: QB, RB, 2xWR, TE, 1 O-flex (RB-WR-TE) Starting D lineup (9) is: 2 DL, 3LB, 2 CB, 2 D-flex (DL-CB) This reduces LB impact but still allows LBs to play big role as it should be. Kicker -1 So, starting rosters are 40% O, 60% D, but O outscores D roughly 70-30 (trying to get it to 60-40 O to offset). With more starting D players than O, but O still scoring higher PP, this model finds a good balance if you like defense intensive leagues. You get the gist. Here are the bylaws https://www67.myfant..._1528757500.pdf Here is the league link (MFL League # 53135) so you can see scoring ratios and other bylaws/settings: http://www67.myfanta...18/home/53135#0 I want my league owners to all enjoy themselves and be able to play in a harassment free zone. We can still rib each other (in a good nature), have fun, chat about all things NFL or otherwise, meet some new people and just enjoy some FFL in our down time. We all have wives, jobs, kids and other crap to contend with every day so we don't need any extra drama here in our spare time so leave that at the door. I am a very fair commissioner, and I believe that while I created the league and the general concepts are laid out, the league is run by the Owners and I just manage it as Commish for the most part. If a bunch of owners want a change, we change (unless it undermines the league concept itself). I also do lots of polls to ensure everyone has a chance for input when needed. If that sounds like a league you want to play in, below is some other info you will want to know: Cost is $60 per owner (we use League Safe) Top 8 teams make the playoffs each year starting in week 15 (1-8, 2-7,3-6,4-5) Pay outs are: I like to spread the wealth in my leagues so everyone feels they have a shot: Super Bowl Winner - $300, Super Bowl Loser - $100, team with most total points (O+D) $125, Conference Championship losers $60 each, League Offense and Defense MVP's (most points by O player) $60 each, Player of the Game (for non-playoff teams only up to week 15) most points by one player in a game all season $55. The league is NFL based so all teams must have an NFL, CFL or college team name, no exceptions. First come first serve. We use only MFL and email to communicate. No twitter, facebook, etc. I hope to run the draft as soon as we fill up. if you have any questions, feel free to post here or send an email to: . if you want in, shoot me an email, and just tell me a bit about yourself so I know something about you. Cheers. Kent
  12. Steelers1313

    New To Dynasty

    Hey, Niner Nate. If you want some free advice and thoughts, feel free to email me at and I would be glad to answer some of your questions. I run some leagues and they are are all full but I still like to help folks out. What goes around comes around. Cheers.
  13. Steelers1313

    New To Dynasty

    Where can we check it out? What is league ID?