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  1. the lone star

    Should The Commissioner Have Nixed This Deal? (Dynasty League)

    Stay classy my friend.
  2. the lone star

    Should The Commissioner Have Nixed This Deal? (Dynasty League)

    Thanks for being so kind. Just to clarify, I'm not asking for it to be changed, let's not misconstrue the point. I am just asking if the deal should have been nixed or not.
  3. the lone star

    Which Of These Scenarios Are Examples Of Collusion?

    added two other scenarios just now.
  4. So my league doesn't have any hard anti-collusion rules, but I thought I would ask about these scenarios anyway. Please let me know which ones you think, if any, are examples of collusion. Scenario 1: Team A trades players to Team B and they agree to split any earnings. Scenario 2: Team C trades star players to Team D, but it is for what the league has determined as fair-market value. There is no agreement to split earnings, but Team C wants to trade to Team D because he dislikes the other owners in the league and wants to make things tougher for them. Scenario 3: Team E agrees to not enter into trade talks that Team F is involved in, because Teams E and F have a close personal bond. Likewise, Team F agrees to not enter into trade talks if Team E is involved, but Team G wants to hear bids from all interested teams. Scenario 4: Team H agrees to trade a certain package of draft picks to Team I, if Team I beats Team H in their matchup that week. The trade would still be for fair-market-value though. Also assume that teams have been able to make low-stakes bets like this in the past, but this particular instance definitely raises the stakes. No rule against bets though. Scenario 5: Team J makes a bid on a free agent. Team J cannot increase his own bid on the player, so he asks Team K to increase the bid, so that Team J can come in after him and bid the player up again to the price that he wants. Team J is successful in doing this. Scenario 6: The commissioner sends out mass texts to everyone in the league telling them to increase the bid on a star free agent. The commissioner is successful in doing this. Please discuss below. Thanks
  5. the lone star

    Who All Is Standing Pat Right Now In Redraft?

    No Sitting Bull references?
  6. the lone star

    Adrian Peterson Status Updates

    Someone told me to drop him in redraft, but don't think I can with the volume he's getting.
  7. Who All Is Standing Pat Right Now In Redraft? I ask because it's only been 2 games and most of my leagues have 4-5 person benches by design. I missed out on a few waiver targets, so now I'm standing pat. Anybody else in the same situation? If so, how do you think it will play out for you long-term?
  8. the lone star

    Should The Commissioner Have Nixed This Deal? (Dynasty League)

    Also, in regards to this, isn't it still his team until the season ends? He did pay dues after all, and no replacement owner had been found or announced just yet.
  9. Yeah, I like that idea. Did you all vote to include it, or was it always a part of the league's rules/operating procedures?
  10. Yeah, Not trolling at all. Just wondering.
  11. the lone star

    Chad Hansen, WR NYJ, Thread

    A lot of guys are spring standouts though.
  12. the lone star

    Chad Hansen, WR NYJ, Thread

    That ended quickly.
  13. And now he's gone. Been waived. I think Jags should consider. Maybe 49ers and Browns too.
  14. It never came up tbh.
  15. lol, nice name. But thanks for the response.