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  1. Yeah, that's the way I'm looking at it too.
  2. I'll go with Cowboys. Done it in many different decades and not dependent on just one coach or player.
  3. I just want to consider the 3 I named though.
  4. my bad, I meant all-time. Thanks for catching that.
  5. Out of the 3 listed, which of these is better than the other 2 as an all-time NFL franchise? Dallas Cowboys New England Patriots San Francisco 49ers
  6. I can get down with that. If there is some sort of agreement or understanding between two teams that will run to the detriment of another team, then I think that's collusion too.
  7. I was actually talking about UDFAs from 2018, so my bad on the wording. Nice pick though.
  8. I was actually talking about UDFAs from 2018, so my bad on the wording. Nice pick though.
  9. It depends. Like you will probably get more guys like Hurns, Cruz, and Robby Anderson as UDFA WRs, but you also wind up with a lot of Ogletrees, Lucky Whiteheads, etc.. In terms of RBs, you will probably get a guy that can play ST, return punt/kicks, and maybe even get a few snaps on offense. So maybe I should say they have a higher floor, but the ceiling is higher for WRs. Well, unless you luck out and get an Arian Foster type RB.
  10. I like that definition, but sometimes people say it's anytime teams make an agreement that involves exchanging money under the table. Other times people say its when teams make an agreement to collectively get around the rules, when one person himself cannot do so. I've heard A LOT of definitions, that's why I say it's hard to define. But I guess what I really mean is that it is hard to nail it down to something where everyone agrees. And yes, I do agree, it is hard to prove.
  11. Any other takers?
  12. Yeah, Fitz in the slot for now, and once he retires, move Kirk there. But I'm always a fan of mixing it up. Versatility is key.
  13. Yeah, I like Jones' athleticism and SPARQ attributes. Williams has good size, hands, etc., but I think Jones is the better player. Just that Williams is built more like a true 3 down back than the others on the team. Wider hips, stronger frame, tallest one, etc..
  14. I'm curious about Indy's RB battle.
  15. Yeah, I can see that.