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  1. It was a top IDP like Telvin Smith for mediocre at best receivers like Taywan Taylor and Trent Taylor.
  2. Finding loopholes? When do you think I have done that?
  3. Sorry, I actually meant to post this in the Assistant Coach Forum. I guess I hit backspace too many times. My apologies.
  4. So an owner in my league made a trade for a valuable player, and I didn't like how uneven the deal was, so I voiced my concern to the Commish. The Commish told me that the deal wasn't as bad as I think because the owner that received the star player was forced to pay dues quicker than everyone else in order to get a trade processed. This is a league with a substantial fee for dues, so we split them into 2 payments. Half before the season starts, and half again after week 8. Do you think the Commish should be able to violate this accepted standard/code and demand owners to pay up earlier if they want their trades to go through? Is it fair?
  5. In one of my dynasty leagues, we have been able to place players on IR and keep them there, even if the player returns from injury. We've done this for a few years now, and there have been no formal rule changes. Furthermore, a new rule that was disclose told us that we could activate a player returning from injury "if we want." However, this is not what the commissioner intended. He actually wanted all players returning from injury to be automatically activated and promoted to the active roster. He says that this rule was something he and the co-commish discussed, but never disclosed to the group, or disclosed incorrectly. He's saying that he will use his power as commish to unilaterally activate such players, and that if a team has to cut someone from the roster to make such a change, then he will either force them to cut someone, or cut the player that needs to be activated. What do you think of this? Is it fair for the commish to implement this rule immediately, or should have have to wait since he and the co-commish kinda messed up on how it was disclosed. Again, some players have already been placed on IR due to injuries that have occurred during the off-season and regular season. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  6. Should The Commish Be Able To Unilaterally Remove Owners, If It's Against The Bylaws?
  7. I want a larger sample size. But that does beg the question, did your response make you feel good about yourself? Hope all is well on your end buddy.
  8. So let's say we're like 9-10 weeks into the fantasy season, and Owner A has been able to make trades all season long. During Week 1 he told his opponent that he wants to go all-in this year because it is likely his last year in the league. The opponent thinks Owner A also told him this during the off-season, but isn't 100% sure. However, Owner A has now been eliminated from the playoffs and it does seem like he will not be coming back to the league next year. Sure, he might come back next season (the previous season he said the same thing, yet still returned), but odds are he won't. This is a dynasty league where, obviously, you can trade draft picks from future years to acquire players. Owner A has made these kinds of trades with the Commish and other owners all year, even after Week 1 when he told his opponent that he was leaving. There is no trade deadline and teams eliminated from the playoffs are not locked from making roster transactions. In fact, trades have been processed to teams in the championship right before kickoff for Week 16. So do you still allow Owner A to make trades, or do you shut him down completely? Assume that the league does not vote on trades, but that the trades he will make will be for fair-market-value (as determined by many previous deals made in the league). Also, keep in mind that somebody else will have to inherit his team, but the new owner has not been found just yet. However, also be sure to consider that Owner A has paid full dues for the league this season and that the team is still 100% his at the moment.
  9. Good Advice. Thanks.
  10. No, all of this honestly happened.
  11. SCENARIO 1: Team A put a star player on the trading block to help him rebuild (old team, lost many players to injuries, suspensions, and retirement). The commissioner entered into trade talks with Team A, and they went back and forth discussing a deal. Team A thought that the talks had hit a roadblock, so he told the commissioner he was going to talk to other teams, including the commissioner's two brothers, who were also in the league. The commissioner does not like this, so he sends angry text messages to his brothers, one of which (Team tells Team A that he is dropping out because of the text. The contents of the text are not known other than the fact that it was angry and hostile, but it is presumed that the commissioner was playing the "family card" in order to make sure that his brothers didn't compete with him, and vice versa. For what it is worth, the rules do not actually address this scenario. Should The Commissioner Have Been Able To Do This? SCENARIO 2: In a dynasty league, each dynasty owner has the right of last refusal for all of their free agents. That is, each free agent is actually a restricted free agent. Restricted free agency is an auction style bidding system, and how much money each person has is also visible on the site. The Commissioner saw that someone like Drew Brees had a super low bid on him and feared that someone would win him for that amount. He also wanted Brees' owner to pay more in free agency to keep him, so the commish sent out individual text messages to all the owners in the league, specifically telling them to increase the bid on Brees. The text message read "INCREASE THE BID ON BREES!!!" This tactic worked, as multiple owners began to increase the price on Brees. For what it is worth, the rules do not actually address this situation. Should The Commissioner Have Been Able To Do These Things?
  12. No vetos or trade committees in that league, so basically any deal went through.
  13. I honestly thought Russell Wilson would have liked Darboh though.