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  1. It's free but I can provide a link.
  2. I own a 12 team league that allowed two keepers. There isn't much to the league other than that it is pretty fun and competitive. The keepers are due by July 31st and the draft is on the 25th. If you are interested in joining, lmk your email and I'll shoot you an invite.
  3. I own a twelve team dynasty league with and there are two spots left. Last year there were only 8 teams. Due to the expansion to 12 teams, four teams will be without keepers if they do not pick up anyone from waivers and keep them. So, these four teams will be the only teams drafting for nine rounds in the draft, meaning they get first access to rookies and free agents. At the completion of these 9 rounds, there will then be 7 rounds that follow in which all 12 teams participate in the draft in a snake like format to fill up the remainder of their team. If you are interested, lmk your email and i'll shoot you an invite.
  4. I own a league with 20 teams that use IDP (individual defensive players). Each team is allowed 3 keepers, meaning anyone currently on your team leftover from last year is able to be kept with the maximum being 3 players. The keepers are due on July 31st and the draft is on August 25th. If you are interested, leave me your email and ill make sure to drop you an invite.